Title: Client Service Executive Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana What’s your role at Modern Message? To establish and maintain great working relationships with the accounts I will be managing and hopefully create new relationships to bring on new clients. What excites you most about... Read more
We’ve been busy this past month, and if you’ve been on your dashboard or checked out Community Rewards today, you may have noticed a few updates. If not, we’re here to keep you in the loop on the new updates that are fresh off the press! Simplified Community Rewards User Interface That’s... Read more
Are you attending AIM 2017? If so, make sure to put “Becoming a Data-Obsessed Marketer” session on your schedule! John Hinckley, Modern Message CEO, will be moderating a panel of some of the best apartment marketing minds as they discuss how you can use data in reputation, social... Read more
Snapchat. Have you heard of it? You know, that platform that allows you to “snap” time-sensitive, self-destructing content that will evaporate into cyberspace with no physical remains left for you to use to your benefit. Okay, maybe that’s what marketers thought in 2011 when Snapchat... Read more
Title: Social Media Ads Coordinator Hometown: Grapevine, TX What’s your role at Modern Message? I will be working with the marketing team to create social media ads for clients along with some budget management. What excites you most about working at Modern Message? That I get the... Read more
We created Community Rewards to not only help you identify your resident advocates but to reward your residents for their experience they are having at your property. And if you use our platform, you know that we do this through challenges incorporating your social media channels as we get... Read more
Title: Executive Assistant/Office Manager Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan What’s your role at Modern Message? I assist with daily operations and executive support. What excites you most about working at Modern Message? I’m excited to get to know everyone on the team, and I’m... Read more
By partnering with EdR and implementing an automated gift card program, both companies were recognized as Best Vendor and Operator Solution. Modern Message CEO, John Hinckley, and EdR senior vice president of strategic business development and CTO, Scott Casey accepting the Best Vendor and... Read more