Meet The Modern Message Team: Nathan Zorn

Kayla McCain

What would you say you do at Modern Message? The short answer is software development for each of Modern Message’s products. The long answer is that Modern Message has a small development team and everyone has to contribute to all of the development process. I love this about Modern Message because I like to do a bit of everything.

What excites you most about working at Modern Message? The development team is one of the best. I have been developing software for a long time and it’s rare to find startups with such talent. This kind of talent always seems to bring success and that is exciting.

What do you do to relax? I love to surf. It requires me to only think about one thing, catching waves. In that way its very meditative. I also do a lot of yoga, running, and biking when the waves are flat or no good.

Share a guilty pleasure. Bad sci-fi/fantasy like The Arrow and Lost Girl. Yeah, I meant it when I said bad.

What is something on your bucket list? So many things to choose from. I think on the top is to learn how to fly a plane. Who wouldn’t want to just hop in their own plane and fly to the Bahamas in a few hours? I do have to overcome the answer to the next question.

What is your most irrational fear? Wide open spaces…specifically on the top of a mountain. Skiing/snowboarding/hiking on an open mountain peak just freaks me out.

What is your go-to song that gets you pumped up? Superchunk - Hyper Enough

What book are you currently reading? Ready Player One. It's old-school 80s tech, culture, and games along with futuristic virtual realities. This book is great!

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