I enjoy living here other than the noise and how dirty some of the other residents are. The location is perfect for class and nightlife. The boundary does need more guest parking.

The Boundary is a wonderful place to live. The community atmosphere is always so welcoming and pleasant. Both the people who live here and work here are always so nice!

I enjoyed my time at The Boundary, but there were many downfalls. It seemed like there was almost always something broken and needing to be fixed in our apartment. We had problem after problem. The location and convenience was nice, but I could not recommend living here to anyone.

Good location, nice amenities, nice staff. However it can be very noisy because the walls are paper thin, there's always trash from drunk people in the hallways and at the pool, the doors often break and takes days to fix

Awesome community with one of the shortest walks to campus. You can literally leave the building and be in class in under 10 minutes! The staff is super helpful too.

It’s absolutely amazing here! The staff is so friendly and helpful! I love being so close to downtown and campus!! And I feel so safe living here!

Love love love living at the Boundary! Everyone is so friendly, it’s always kept so clean, and it’s so close to everything! Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!!

I've lived at the Boundary for a few years now and stayed mostly for the convenience of being right across campus and having courtyards for my dog.

Overall, I really love living here. The location and amenities are amazing. Also, the management team is always kind and they give us a lot of free goodies. The only thing I can think of that we really need is: visitor parking. The parking garage is never full, even if it's just one row at the bottom of the garage, I think everyone would really appreciate it.

The office and maintenance staff are always friendly and helpful! The courtyard is also really nice to have for my dog to run around and play in!

I love living here with my best friends! Love the location, pool, gym and friendly staff! I resigned early because I would not want to live anywhere else in Greenville!

Awesome. I love where I live. It’s beautiful and right down town. Everything is included and manitnce is great. It’s right next to campus and the student rec center

i love living so close to downtown and being right next to campus. the staff is so nice and whenever something is wrong, there is someone to fix our appliances quickly

It’s awesome being a resident here at the boundary at west end. I literally can’t wait to stay here next year, since I already renewed. I plan to also continue my education at ECU, so it’s super close and I love that!

The best place in Greenville, Highly recommend to all students or people looking to move into the Greenville area. Excellent services, and staff!

The Boundary is an awesome place to live! I love how close to campus it is and how friendly the staff is. There is no where else I would want to stay!!

I love living at the boundary! This is my second year living here and I’ve signed a lease for next year as well. I hope to continue to live here until I leave Greenville. The perks are just amazing: close to campus, downtown, has a gym, a pool, grills, etc. The boundary forever has my heart.

I have loved my time at the boundary! The staff are super nice and helpful and the location of the building is perfect! The boundary provides great amenities also!

Everything has been great so far living at the boundary. I look forward to another year living here as do many other people I have spoken to! Very clean and well maintained.

Great location, great sized rooms, great amenities, love the hardwood floors. Walls in the unit are a little thin, but overall a great place to live.

I started out loving this apartment complex, but then I came to realization that I pay way too much for all the issues I have! Doors are never working to the point where I have to walk to the other side of the building just to get it! “Dog friendly courtyard” but there is absolutely no grass! It smells like marijuana on every hall. It took maintenance almost two months to replace our light bulbs in our kitchen. Our couch is broken but we are expected to pay $600 for a new one?? If I would’ve known it was going to be this bad, I definitely wouldn’t have resigned! As soon as my next lease is up, I WILL NOT be returning!

I would never have resigned my lease if I didn’t have to do it so early. None of the doors work, it took maintenance 2 months to replace our lights, it smells like marijuana in all of the hallways, the walls are SO thin-it is very loud. Our couch broke and we are expected to pay for a new one?? The lint trap to our dryer is disconnected and we have contacted maintence twice and nothing has been done. Not only are the doors always broken, when they do work, they are just opened or unlocked and that is not safe or good security in any way. I pay way too much to live here for this. As soon as my lease ends I will not be returning.

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The Boundary is by far the best student living option in Greenville. The convenience of the location is unbeatable and the staff is friendly. I won't live anywhere else as long as I'm a student at ECU.

I love living at the Boundary! The ammenities are phenomenal, the people are nice, maintenance responds quickly and effectively, and it’s the best place to live in Greenville! I recommend to anyone looking somewhere to live!

The Boundary at West End is perfect for me and the staff is very supportive. It provides many resources that makes being a full time student very convenient.