I am so excited to start this new journey with my husband, we are excited to get to know our community as well as making our space feel more and more like home!

I've been to a lot of apartments but this had to be my favorite because it's a nice quite community. The staff is nice, the neighbors are sweet and the place is very spacious for s good price. Can't say anything wrong about it

I’ve asked for my home to be sprayed for roaches several times and it hasn’t happened. Raccoons and Opossums are always tearing up and spreading trash people leave outside. Neighbors are always screaming and fighting. The pool is tiny and overcrowded.

Brandon Oaks isn't the Grand Hotel or a Luxury Community, but it is a community that has decent residents more than the average apartment community. The company that owns this apartment community has invested in major yearly upgrades every year that I have lived at Brandon Oaks. The staff are always pleasant to communicate with and are the nicest apartment community staff that I have ever meet. As for my overall experience, I am still living here and haven't thought to move because of any unpleasant situations and/or experiences.

First month in living here is absolutely peaceful. It’s always quite. There’s always a close parking spot to my apartment so I don’t have to walk far. I’m in a Great location close to everything and I love the people in the office they are amazing when it comes to handling something for you!

I love my apartment and the staff is great!! They worked with us closely and answered any questions we had this will be our home for a while.

It was far and away the best experience I’ve had . Everyone was helpful and took the time to meet me after work and explain and go over every part of the process. I worked with Miss Samantha, and I feel like she went above and beyond to help me and keep me up dated throughout the process. I’m very satisfied with my experience at Brandon Oaks Apartments.

Everyone is nice . Just working and living.their Life! Its been an experience you see people walking their dogs and picking up mail. It's a great starting place.

We’ve had an excellent experience with Brandon Oaks thus far. Very informative and responsive. Thank you for all of your help as we’ve prepared and gotten settled.

I have had a couple unhappy experiences in the first couple months. Though my experience is not completely bad. So I am in the middle, not fully happy and not fully disappointed.

So serene and peaceful! I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I love it here! Everyone speaks and mind their own business. I don’t have any complaints at all. :-)

Love our pool view, spacious Bedrooms rooms, large closets and the spacious kitchen. Enjoying our new home and love every minute of it so far.

Every person and places has its issues. There are things I that I can not stand about this place but that is partly because I am not a fan of living in an apparent .

Samantha Kiersten and the manager are very professional. They where very nice and seemed understanding I would definitely recommend anybody here . Apartments are very clean and quiet

staff was very friendly and apartment was clean.there is plenty of parking spaces . i see maintence staff always out working and is friendly aways say hello when they see you

The apartments are nice. Employees are friendly. The play area could be better. I’d say if you are young and a college student or someone looking to save money live here

Great and quiet community and perfect for kids. Close to so many grocery stores and other shopping centers. I will definitely be renewing my lease.

So far I love it here! Huge closets and balconies/patios, quiet community, great for kids and all the grocery stores are near by. Great apartments

The people in the office are very friendly and professional.My apartment and the whole complex is very clean and quiet,so far the only thing I don't like is the traffic on Jones Road.

Very quite and safe place to live, friendly staff. Service calls are taken care in a timely manner. Common areas cleaned and very well kept.

So for so good everything has be nice!! Its very Quiet. Don't see much of my neighbors I work a lot. But I'm really enjoying my apartment it does feel like home now

I have been here for only a month now, it is just me and my two children. I was worried because we are on a busy street that it would be loud and busy at night but it is really quiet. I am enjoying my new home.

Very nice and quite place to live in. Couple service calls have fallen to the crack but when going to the office is getting taken care right away.

Haven't had the best experience but I look forward to having a better experience here. Really like the improvements that have been done to improve the apartments.

Brandon Oaks is quiet, enjoyable, up-kept, and comfortable. Maintenance is timely and friendly. Only downfall would be the foundation issues.