I've had nothing but good experiences with Briarcrest Apartments. Both the complex itself and the staff have been awesome. If there is an issue with anything the staff is sure it is handled quickly and thoroughly. I would absolutely recommend this complex to anyone.

Living at briarcrest apartments is an overall pretty great opportunity for an new renter so glad my brother and I got this apartment. Highly recommend this plave for you guys

I love it here and wish to stay here as long as possible! Quiet nights and respectful neighbors make for easy living, and the upkeep of the apartments keeps them looking clean. Maintenance is also polite and get the work done considerably fast.

I love your apartment office people are nice very helpful every time call they done complain very fast.i love this area I m to use this area because Walmart is near.

I have been living in the Briarcrest Apartment for 4 months and till now I have not faced any major issues. Also, the maintenance service is good.

I am very satisfied with my last two work order requests. The first one was a plumbing issue and it was already a few minutes after the office's closing time. The service guy, Jovanni, showed up within 30 minutes and in a few minutes he fixed the problem. He was also very professional and courteous. The second work order request was yesterday. When I called the office in the morning I wasn't sure what they will be able to send someone and to my surprise the service guy, Jordan, showed up and was able to stop the ceiling or AC leakage and said he will come back with the new part later. He was also professional and friendly. Overall I enjoy living in this community because my neighbors are all very kind and we all look out for one another. The office staff have also worked very hard to re-establish the policy and enforce them. I also seen many community improvement such as newly fixed pothole and now the new roof and new lines for the parking lot. The only reason I gave it a 4.5 stars and not a five because my countertop and my kitchen appliances are very old. I think maybe they are the original from the 1980's when they built this apartment. I didn't call for any replacement or fixing is because I'm afraid by asking for newer appliances my renewal rate in June will increase and I also prefer to be here when someone is working in my apartment but with my work schedule that would be nearly impossible.

quiet ,friendly people always looking out for everyone property if you are not around,i have been here awhile I like the place.office staff are helpful

The briarcrest apartments are a nice place to live. The availability of a dog park and lots of grassy areas makes it a wonderful place for those who own dogs. It’s always nice to see people walking around.

I’ve enjoyed living here. I am happy with this location and the nearby restaurants and groceries stores. The apartment is quiet & spacious, at a great price.

The apartment size is incredible for the 3 people living here, management is phenomenal and is always incredibly helpful. I couldn't have picked a better place to call home.

The complex is usually pretty calm and quiet. Usually decently clean. Common areas leave much to be desired such as regular cleaning and replacement of things such as propane for the community grills. Many people and unsupervised children roam the parking lots in the afternoons and after dark. A neighbor had mentioned his car was broken into a few months ago and things were stolen. I've heard from management they hired security but I've never seen a guard on site.

This has been the BEST apartment I’ve lived in since I first moved out of my parents house in 2014. No bugs is the BEST part. Also, I never feel harassed and the office is always in communication about anything going on on the property. I LOVE it here.

I absolutely love my apartment. This complex fosters a safe community with a reasonable cost for living. It’s located in a nice area with great schools. The staff is extremely helpful and responsive especially Abbey and Chloe, they are very thoughtful and kind. You can tell they have a true passion and care about the community and the residents. I have a 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit and I am really satisfied with what I have. I recently had an issue with my air conditioner and the maintenance guys were fast on the maintenance request, they did a great job, and they were able to resolve the issue in a timely manner. I will say it is a great place to live.

Best management ever ...very hard working maintainence guys... good job.. takes action on my one fone call.. I’m very lucky to have an apartment in such a loving community

We love the apartment we are in right now! It's beautiful and the price is reasonable. The office people are very friendly and helpful. Whenever we put in a maintenance request they have someone come in within 24 hours. Would definitely referral friends and family to Briarcrest Apartment!

I am really happy living here in Briarcrest, the personal is really nice and always trying to help. The apartment are bigger than other I know and the location is great.

Convenient as it is near Walmart and other shopping places like H-Mart..... .. Been living here more than 15 plus years and truly loved it. Super maintenance service!

I've lived here for 15 years I believe. I've enjoyed this apartment and its location. The management has been very good except for a small period of time during a ownership change.