I have been living at Brick row apartments for 5 years. The modern facilities and location make brick row one of the best place to live close to dart station and 635 and 75 highways. Great staff and excelente facilities !! Great neighborhood!!

Everything is exceeding my expectations. I'm impressed how everything in the complex is organized and clean. I'm really happy leaving here and definitely I will recommend .

Great place, very safe, modern, clean, like a hotel. The design of the apartment is very good, there are garage parking for everyone, which is very important for Texas residents.

I have really enjoyed the great events that Cynthia and Leo have been putting together. Keep up the good work guys! And I would definitely recommend people to stay here

I really like it here! I love how it's quiet and I don't have to worry about much when I am away on business. I receive more crime notices than I would like, but at least I receive something. I would love for there to be a few more amenities, but overall....definitely happy with my choice to move here!

It’s been awesome! I’m really enjoying my new home here at Brick Row. The neighbors are friendly and the staff has been super wonderful. I want allll my friends to move here!

It’s been a wonderful experience so far. I am able to be close to my family and see them from time to time. I am excited and happy to live here.

Everything was good except when I saw a cockroach in my apt. I like how they aren active in activity. Also make sure you sign up for their parcel pending box

I love living here! It’s nice, quiet, and friendly! I’m looking forward to learning more about the area and getting to know more people! This please is great!

Living here is fantastic, great people that work here and are on top of it!! We really enjoy living here and where it is in the city and the amenities and convience

It's a very lively community with a very close proximity to Local DART commute which is very helpful for those who want to commute to their offices in Downtown without even breaking a sweat.

I love the peace and quiet. The neighbors are very respectful and I really like having so many amenities! We are planning to use the clubhouse to have a family get together. It's perfect because it has a full kitchen so that we can cook a family dinner.

It's very easy living here and I'm glad I moved in. Were close to many things and I'm very happy . I live that you can take the elevator if you park on the first level because it's so much easier especially when you need to get up quickly

Living in Brick Row is an awesome experience. The apartment that we reside in is a spacious, modern and has pool view. It has kind of a warm look that gives a sense of HOME like feel, My kids love spending time in the pool. I wish that the pool should be cleaned more often specially i.e. every Monday right after of the weekends.

It’s really amazing place to live Me and the whole family really like Brick Row apartment. We are very exited to talk about it. It’s better to go and ck

I love this place. The staff, my neighbors, the area, the amenities! It’s clean, quiet and homey. I guess the only disappointment is during the summertime that the complex has no hot tub and the pool only gets about 2 hours of sun a day, so the water is always cold. BUT everything else is great value for the money!

Management and staff are always eager and ready to assist with any issues that may arise within your apartment and or the complex at large. They helped me resolved many water, electricity and other maintenance issues in a timely manner which I really appreciate.

Clean and safe community with wonderful staff and good maintenance staff. Noises have been increasing recently, and some break-ins in parking, which needs to be taken better care of by having some surveillance.

It has been a great experience so far! Being greeted by your first name even after you're moved in shows how much the agents are dedicated to their positions. So happy I am finally moved in.

This has been a great experience overall! I enjoy how quiet it is, and how nice the pool and gym is! Being a new resident here! I have to say this has been a pretty amazing move into these apartments!

It is a great community and super friendly neighborhood. Everything is in close by distance and easy to get to. The park is great for kids and pets.

Great apartment, many friendly neighbors and beautiful park. Only negative is that it’s a long walk to get out of the building from my apartment.

The community is in a great location and community is quiet. The hallway carpets could be cleaner or maybe replaced, but otherwise awesome place to live

Good apartments to live, great service and management. The pool is well managed, the park inside makes the community special. Near to transportation.

I have been living here for 2 months now and love how convenient it is to take DART in a minute. It has great location and you can take 75 easily.