It’s a really nice community and the workers are extremely professional and helpful with everything you need. The apartment complex is the best in the area.

The community is nice and close to multiple shopping areas. You can easily walk to the Summit or the Fayette Mall rather easily. The community also has nice amenities.

Clean environment, all stores are really close. You have Walmart, Whole Foods, Meijer And Kroger nearby. Apartments are fairly roomy and service requests are fast

Basic apartment. Nothing super nice or anything. Over priced. Traffic is absolutely horrible. Probably my biggest issue with the location is the bad traffic jams all the time. Convenient for walkers

The apartment hunting experience was great at Bridle Creek. It was simple and easy. The apartments are nice and everyone has been pleasant to deal with at office. Thanks.

Perfect location and staff have been amazing! Good price for Lexington apartment and having a pet won’t cost an arm or leg here! Would recommend to anyone!

So far good, I have just moved in only a couple days ago. I have had no big issues so far. Do have a loud dog in unit above me but it's to be expected sometimes in apartment communities.

Best apartment community in Lexington! Carla and her staff rock! Very friendly, attentive, helpful and caring. The location can’t be beat. We are close to everything you need from shopping and restaurants to parks and gyms. Easy to call Bridle Creek “Home Sweet Home.”

Living here so far is amazing. The apartment is so beautiful I love it. The gym is really nice and the pool is amazing. The staff is very friendly and made me and my daughter feel very welcome here. It's a great place to live.

Bridle Creek is a pleasant and peaceful community to live in. They have all the amenities that you need and the staff and maintenance crew are very friendly and accommodating.

I really love this community and I’m very excited to live here. I was only slightly disappointed when moving in because the unit we looked at during our walkthrough seemed more updated and spacious. I know not every apartment is exactly the same and we toured a 2 bed and we are renting a 3 bed, but I was still really sad because I was expecting things a certain way and was let down. The apartment also has very limited lighting in each room and the bedroom light switches don’t actually work to turn on the ceiling lights in the bedrooms which is bizarre and pretty inconvenient. I hope everything else gets better from this point and we can work around the little discomforts and disappointments.

Getting in was not the most enjoyable experience, now that we’re here, we’re loving the place. Beautiful place, excellent location, very friendly staff.

The grounds are nice. Repairs are prompt. Staff are friendly. The dumpster/ compactor is usually full / non operational. The pool and sauna are nice. Great location.

My move in was absolutely smooth. Staff were very helpful. Apartment is very quiet, very clean and just what I expected. The property is very well kept.

Bridle Creek is phenomenal all around! Wonderful place to live. Did I mention the wonderful pricing for what’s included for the Bridle Creek community? Love it here.

Mrs. Voth has made my move in process so smooth and easy. She has been extremely flexible and understanding of how much I was juggling prior to move in. Any and everything that required written and photo documentation or any form of prior coordinations, she did far in advance to ensure I could make it back to work without much delay upon my move in date. She has certainly played an import role in my reasons for selecting Bridle Creek as my permanent residence here in Lexington. I am happy to be a part of this community. Someone give this woman a raise!

My biggest issue is the pricing. It’s silly the two bedroom apts are only about $100 more than a one bed apt. Community is okay. But definitely will be looking for somewhere away from all the recent shootings.

Great space for the money. Quiet community for the most part. Nice amenities and friendly staff. Maintenance around the property isn’t always taken care of in a timely manner.

Loving living here so far!!! Moved in with no problems, Blake was very helpful. Dishwasher initially did not work but was promptly fixed the day after I submitted the request. Very clean complex, and a wonderful place to live!

People are polite! I’m loving the location .The staff was very attentive to our needs. The maintenance is awesome. I’m happy with our choice.

I would def recommend living here! The location is phenomenal. You can get downtown in minutes, shopping and restaurants also are all close by!

The community as a whole is really nice. The apartments are well set up and taken care of as well. I just wish the office had better hours for us. I am always rushing to get to the office to either pay rent or pick up packages. If there was a secure drop box, like with an ATM, for the rent that would make things way easier. Same with the mail room; if we had our mail keys also open up the room to get our packages that would be ideal. Other than that, I really enjoy living here.

Bridle Creek overall is not a bad place to live. The buildings are a pretty color, there’s room for parking most of the time, and the pool is great. Bridle Creek does employ the least involved management I’ve ever experienced in apartment living, but the maintenance team is awesome!!!

The staff and grounds are great but the neighbors are incredibly noisy during typical hours and the trash dumpster builds up way too fast leaving bagged trash out in the open. the use of the gate for the community would be comforting. overall would recommend to friends and family to stay.

After a full year here, I can definitely say that it has been a good experience living here. Maintenance are very efficient and it’s a clean quiet community.