Haven't been to events yet, but like that they're consistently happening/available! Hopefully will be able to attend one in the next few weeks.

Love living here at the BullHouse, wonderful amentities and community social events. Staff is awesome, responsive and professional! So glad I chose to live here.

The events are frequent and very fun. The community in the building is very welcoming and the organizers do a great job creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Great place to live while in walking distance to lots of shops and restaurants downtown. Brand new, very nice appliances, and weekly events. Will be nice in the summer when it's warm enough to use the pool again.

It's great to get free stuff and meet other residents. I wish they were a little later in the night because I get home from work late sometimes!!

Great living here so far. Just moved in. Everyone is friendly and easy to get along with. Any maintenance items are quickly resolved. There's also a good number of community events. Facilities are clean and very up to date (everything is new!).

I move in March, but I am already looking forward to all of the events offered in the community. The staff is very warm and communicative, and the atmosphere seems to be one of friendliness and acceptance.

I feel that everybody works hard, but also that things are behind the promised schedule, and especially when the building was new, a lot of foreseeable mistakes were made. We are still waiting for the gym and yoga studio to be in their promised condition, the pool to be heated, and other amenities that were promised months ago. It was quite insulting that the owners of the building were able to throw a party in the pool area before we were able to use it, and at this seem to be a higher priority than preparing services for the pain residents to use. Additionally, this party was loud and disruptive into the night. I'm very glad that management was able to find a solution to the mail issue, and happy to report that there have been very few issues with this recently.

I have LOVED living in the Mark. I love the community, and the staff are so friendly and helpful. The amenities could not be nicer. The location is also perfect, walkable to downtown but so close to the highway.

Love it! The space is beautiful and the area is convenient. I can walk to Bull City Cider works. The apartments are beautiful! I really enjoy it here

Great staff and amenities. - noise is louder than I was led to believe.Train is very loud and their is a constant clacking noise in the outside drain pipe next to my window

I am giving the community these stars, not the apartment. I am still rather dissatisfied with the apartment at the number of amenities unavailable to me. Our pool is still not heated, which I was told would occur in October, it is nearly December.

very friendly community. housing is quite nice. plenty of floor space, love the community events. wish the construction was done, but that will soon be complete.

Great experience thus far! Only issues have been with getting mail/having the address recognized by the DMV for address change, and issues with Spectrum service. The promised plan by the apartment is no longer accurate, as Spectrum doesn't offer the boxes anymore. We now have to pay additional fees to Spectrum to have three TVs in our 2 bedroom apt.

Love living here all the staff is friendly and helpful. From signing lease to moving in it was a very snooth process. I like the area and all the amenities.

It's a great community and a lovely place to live in! me and my family have enjoyed living here so far, thank you for everyone in the leasing office that made our move so easy and comfortable !

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