I am enjoying living at my apartment more than anywhere near in this city. I hope others find the same opinion and I would like to refer my friend to live here.

Its been pretty good. Apartment has great amenities and very prompt maintenance. In addition its location is very convenient. Being so close to a super market really helps

It ‘s a good appartment. I like there very much. If you activity room can open to the residents , it would be better. I will recommend to my friends

maintenance is slow: I reported maintenance issue during the first week and nobody ever came to fix that. Overall is good, freat facilities, good home decor

I think it's one of the best place to live in champaign. I myself have been living here for two years. I love the new renovations but I wish we had free printing in the study lounges.

There are a lot of diversy people who are very friendly. Meet a lot of different people from riding the elevators! Burnham is a pretty bice place

Great environment, nice fitness room, game room and movie room. The public area is clean and tidy. The higher floor has beautiful view for the entire champaign.

This place is pretty great. We got study rooms in each floor ,good internet connection and petty fine gyms too. The location is really good which is next to the county market

The staff here are really nice, helpful and patient. Timely repair, convenient location(CountyMarket!!!), maybe lower rent will be better haha.

Location is convenient,service not very good. I don't think they clean the apartment thoroughly. They do hold some events every week. The rent is a little bit high.

People in the office are really nice. They helped me moving in early and buy the insurance through the assurant website. However I think getting the delivery system is inconvenient since we have to literally go through all the boxes to see which one is ours.

The apartment facilities are very new and can be checked in. The gate needs access control. The facilities in the room are very complete and there is no smell. The corridor is clean and tidy. The courier is placed in a safe, dedicated room and requires code to enterThe apartment facilities are very new and can be checked in. The gate needs access control. The facilities in the room are very complete and there is no smell. The corridor is clean and tidy. The courier is placed in a safe, dedicated room and requires code to enter.

I have stayed at Burnham about two years. I am so exciting to start my third year here. Like a home and so convenient. Nice view from top and comfortable.

The overall is good while the gym could be a little bit larger. The location is also nice to have county market nearby and not far away from green street.

I lived here for 2 yours and renewed one more year. It got recently renovated. Staffs here are kind and very helpful. Price is a bit expansive but it worth.

Good overall and getting better. Staffs are friendly. Pets friendly, my dog loves here. I like the new study room and game room. Wish we have off hour access to the gaming room stuff like the pingpang racks.

The newly furbished building looks great and the staff is really nice here. However, some of the neighbors make a lot of noises at night, too many houses throw parties even on weekdays.

I love the location of this place and the staff are absolutely heartwarming. the events created in the building really creates a welcoming environment for all and makes me feel like living in a very student-frinedly place.

Still new to the place and starting to explore the apartment community. It’ll be nice if the social events are in the evening after 6 or 6:30 when people generally hangout.

I like living here overall. I really like the friendliness of the staff, as well as the amenities such as the gym, garbage shoot, and having my own bathroom. One thing I wish was different is the available space to take dogs out. I see dogs peeing on the sidewalk or in the parking lot since there isn’t really a fenced in grassy area that they can take advantage of. There is a good space in front of the building where it’s just a big square of cement, that would be a great place to put some grass down. One more thing I wish was different is the maintenance. Our trash room and directly outside of it is a mess and has been since day one. I also have had a maintenance request to fix my door since the first week and haven’t gotten any word on it. Other than these few things, I really like living here.

Though I heard some complaints about maintenance speed and within the first two weeks two water shut have occurred due to water pipe construction, generally speaking it is comfortable and nice to leave here.

Absence of furniture, terrible smell of painting, frequent brokenness of water and bad speed of WiFi. Despite of those, it could be good apartment

The main reason why I choose this apartment is that burnham 310 is safe and convenient. It near by a market and the green street. And the apartment is really big.

This apartment is very nice. Not only because it is new and clean, but also because it has friendly staff. The location is great, as it is close to a supermarket. We can easily take whatever we what in a few miniutes.

Good environment. Convenient location and transportation. But the manager is inresponsive to my requests to solve the noise problem in my room.