I like the ways you guys try to make better living condition including all the renovation. However, the way you guys managing those renovation made us quite inconvinient. Different timeline, too noisy without noticing.

I think the staff is nice, I really like the extended mailroom hours so I can pick up packages. I wish you guys can take care of the smell from the trash room.

Great maintainence staff, also loved living here because it is per friendly. Great amenities and the building is pretty much always clean. Would live here again but it is a little pricey

the office clients are very friendly and the community overall facilities and environment are good. If the community can organize some interesting activities or events for residents. It will be better.

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You're doing perfect. I really like this application for rewards. I like Burnham 310 too, I have been living here for three year. I think this is a good step.

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Great Job. Absolutely love the place and have not experienced any problems yet. Amazing facilities and great services. Can't wait to spend the next year here!

The community is well kept and well managed. The amenities are well worth the rent and the living experience here at Burnham has been spectacular

18층에 살고 있는데, 나쁘지 않습니다... 높아서 view가 좋습니다..투베드 이지만 혼자 살고 있습니다.... 추천 합니다..!!! Not bad. I recommend. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The Burnham 310 staff is very friendly and helpful. They promptly and appropriately respond to any concerns I have. They ensure that everyone has a good experience.

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Really great apartments. Luxurious, lots of space, very efficient maintenance staff, very helpful office staff. They have a game room , a huge TV room, a big gym. I love the view outside my window. It's always quiet on my floor and the common room has a fantastic view. The appliances provided are amazing. I really love my stay here.

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Great service and cleaning and friendly environment. The place is always being cleaned frequently which makes the apartment welcome and I feel safe living here.

Amazing apartments, great location. Close to county market, restaurants, bus tops, campus. The apartments are luxurious and the experience in all is really great. Hope some of the maintenance difficulties were taken care of before I took up residence. But they were cleared up within two days. Would really recommend it.

It's alright. They really do take care of us residents but there are too many rude and disrespectful residents who cause disturbance within the community.

I really enjoy the apartment and its amenities. The only problem I have is with the timelines of maintenance. I've had to submit multiple request and wait weeks for someone to solve any apartment issues I have.

The package room is always closed which is inconvenient. Besides, it would be better to make the utility bill statement available (like the usage breakdown) so that we can know on which section we use too much power and how can we avoid the overuse.

Internet could be faster. The unfinished cement on some walls could be way enhanced by the Burnham faculty and stuff to re-paint the walls that have too obvious holes in them.

Most of the staffs are experienced, nice and friendly. Although there have been some unhappy incidents, but they got resolved eventually. ^^

Great but house is very old. Some stuff are broken and they still haven't fixed it. Carpets sucks but living experience is fun. Lots of events going on and location is perfect.

Minor occasional inconveniences, however, excellent staff and very nice apartments. Some of the inconveniences were like the elevators, our key suddenly stopped working after I came home late at night.

The employees are very nice and helpful. They always patiently answer my questions. The package room is also very helpful since they will help us recieve and sign the package.

I love where I live! I think the elevators are extremely slow and break down way too often. Also, there needs to be better clean up in the stairwells. The cigarettes are a HUGE problem.

Rates are high. Electricity rates are stingy. Community is dull. Building is nice though and the view is good. Workers are friendly but there can be a lot of problems at times

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you guys are amazing at your jobs! love living here! Not just because it is close to county market, but also it is close to green street yet still has a relatively quite neighborhood.