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the dirty cloth couch you promised to change to a leather one, it hasn't been changed for a total month has passed. pls change it as soon as possible!!!!

I was bitten by a dog here. My dog was bitten by the same dog. Management has done nothing suitable (in my opinion) to aid the situation. Used to like this place, thought it was okay; not anymore. In my opinion, not a good place to live and won't be recommending to anyone.

But they didn’t give what they promised rooms are good but gym sucks, game room is crappy...it says its non smoking a lot of people smoke. So it is not that good

It's okay living here. The staff are nice, but when I first moved in my room was filthy and there was pet hair all over the place and I have an allergy to cats so I called maintenance about the issue and they didn't even call me back. My poor mother had to clean the entire room. It took 3 days.. I had to buy an air purifier. The carpet still smells like cat pee. I also had to buy my own mattress because the mattress they provided to me smelled like vomit and urine. There is also a huge smoking problem. People smoke in th stairwell and their rooms, which causes my room to reek of smoke... Kind of a dangerous thing they are allowing to occur in their building..makes me wonder what else is going on.

When i first moved into this complex, I had to switch rooms. My room was dirty, the paint was incomplete and had lighter splotches all over it. There was dirt under and food wrappers under my bed when I moved in. The bathroom was not clean, specifically the tub. I was so dissatisfied with the unit i was given, I requested to break the lease. They moved me into a different which was a lot better, I am more satisfied now. They moved me to a premium floor without the extra fee, good customer service when dissatisfied.

This is coming from a resident that only lived here for a semester, and I cannot be happier that I will not be returning in the spring. I usually don’t write reviews, but I believe this review truly benefit future residents to come. In this review, I’m going to chronologically list out all the things that went wrong throughout the semester as well as fundamental flaws with this apartment. I live in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom that currently goes for $829. 1. I found Burnham 310 as I was looking for apartments to sublease for the fall semester. My first encounter with management during the sublease process was a very rude guy who answered the phone and could not sound any less happy to be talking to me. I understand that I was trying to complete the sublease during their move-in period, but anytime I would call the office to move my sublease process along, the rude guy would pick up and tell me to call back the next day because the one person who could officiate my sublease was busy for the entire day. This lasted for about 2.5 days before I was finally assisted the day before I had to move into the apartment. 2. When I arrived at the apartment the next day I was given a room that smelled like dog pee. The management at Burnham 310 kept insisting that they had the room vacuumed already so there was nothing more they could do about the smell. I would later find out that the previous owner of the room had two cats and 1 dog, and they have tried to give this room to another resident who chose to pay double the price for a studio instead of staying in the room I was assigned to because they couldn’t stand the smell either. My mom and I kept complaining to management that there was no way I could move my stuff into the room because it was impossible to breathe, and Burnham 310 insisted they had nowhere else to put me. My mom and I ended up staying in a hotel that night because we weren’t left with much of a choice. The next morning, we went to management again and they were finally able to “find” me a more suitable apartment. 3. Burnham 310 also promises a lot that they do not fully deliver on. For example, the promise free printing but they have one printer in their office that is only accessible during office hours. (you also have to bring your own paper) They have a game room, but they keep all the equipment in the office, so once again you can only really use the game room when the office is open. Additionally, the showroom they have is nothing like what most of the apartments look like. Things like the color of the rooms and the fact that there’s no TV included in most units are some of the big differences I’ve noticed. 4. Midway through the semester, as I was getting back to my apartment around 4 am after studying for an exam all night, I get to my apartment door just to find out that the battery in the lock was dead and that I was locked out of my apartment. I called the only number that I could find anywhere for after office hour emergencies. It’s important to note that is it the same number as their regular office phone. So, when I called the “emergency number” it went to voicemail because the office was closed, and apparently, I was expected to listen to the entire voicemail, leave a voicemail for the maintenance guy to then return my call whenever he gets to it. This method seems extremely impractical and proved so when I had to wait till the next morning when the office was open to get my lock fixed. All I received for the incident was a simple apology from management. 5. Additionally, the apartment comes with two main elevators and at some point, during the semester, one of the elevators stopped working. It took Burnham 310 over a week to fix the elevator and the elevator continues to break every so often. At one point, both elevators were broken. Keep in mind that the apartment has 18 floors, so this has been the most inconvenient thing to encounter throughout the semester. 6. To make matter worse, I was trapped in one of the broken elevators for about 10 minutes. They manually dropped the elevator I was stuck in on the first floor to the basement, it was one of the scariest experiences I’ve encountered. Nothing was said to me or done about that situation. 7. Also, let’s not forget that I primarily only had hot water for the entirety of the semester even though I put in a maintenance request to fix it, and the maintenance man supposedly did. I would literally have to wait 5 minutes before every shower for my water to warm up. My kitchen also mostly only ever had hot water. 8. To prove how truly ridiculous this whole situation was before I moved out, I went ahead and voiced every concerned/incident listed in this review to someone on the management team and I was given an excuse for each incident and no sort of apology was offered. That was the last straw for me. Overall, for the price point at which the lowest priced room is $799, I would highly not recommend staying at Burnham 310. Most of the rooms are outdated, the showroom only resembles those on the tops floors because they started modeling from the top down. Most rooms also don’t come with a TV, despite what they might tell. The quality and the lack of empathy from the management team is not worth the price point at all. I felt like I was promised a lot that would’ve made this worth being an $800 apartment, but they fell short in every aspect. The few good things I took away from my experience at Burnham 310 were the convenient location and the staff’s effort to create activities for the residents (lots of free food/prizes). I must add, although management sucked, most of the other staff members were extremely nice.

Burnham is okay except theres no noise canceling and the water temperature is hard to control. I’ve asked the office about it for months now but its still out of control

The apartment is perfect. The scenery on the 18th floor is very beautiful. There are only a few minor problems. I hope the apartment can handle it. For example, the air conditioner sounds louder. I hope the apartment can handle it. In short, living in burnham310 is a good experience

The apartment need new treadmills. There is only one that is working properly. Maintenance people are really nice though. They are always so polite and helpful.

Reply from Burnham 310


Location is convenient,service not very good. I don't think they clean the apartment thoroughly. They do hold some events every week. The rent is a little bit high.

Still new to the place and starting to explore the apartment community. It’ll be nice if the social events are in the evening after 6 or 6:30 when people generally hangout.

Absence of furniture, terrible smell of painting, frequent brokenness of water and bad speed of WiFi. Despite of those, it could be good apartment

It is clean and convenient because it has a gym and study lounge. Also, there is County Market right next to the apartment and it is for 24/7 so you can just go there if you need something.

Overall my experience has been pretty okay. Nothing really blows me out of the water about living here though. Our rent is high considering the kitchen isn't updated and unlike other places we don't get a tv with the apartment. Maintenance has been good the few times we've needed them though.

Living here is great most of the time; however there are a few things I don't like. First, the hours the office is open are very limited and inconvient for any one that has a full time job; I leave before the office opens and get home after it closes. This applies to recieving packages as well. In addition, I feel that the staff are not all always on the same page. There have been multiple times where one staff member tells me one thing, and someone else tells me a completely different thing in regards to an issue that has come up. Finally, I wish the fitness center had more weight lifting materials instead of 20 treadmills that never get used.

It seems as if only 2 elevators cannot accomidate 18 floors of people. Also it gets really hot in the public spaces, if they are ro be used there woukd havw to be nd controlled heating in lounges

faster maintenance than before. but I still want office staff to be more organized. When I came back from the break, the doorlock system was changed and my new key was not working. It was after office hour and I had to call for emergency. It was really inconvenient.

The location of the burnham 310 is pretty good. I also like the amenities. However the model and the real apartments are not the same. Also we’re told that we can stay on the south side before we signed the lease but then we learned that there’s no 3b/b apartment on the south side. So we’re ended up staying on west!

Good environment. Convenient location and transportation. But the manager is inresponsive to my requests to solve the noise problem in my room.

I have been having a few issues with in my apartment lately. Management is working on the problems, however I would like to see more done. Thank you.

The building is nice. It’s been very difficult to pay my rent and utilities which has been frustrating. Also, I don’t know why the front stairs of the building keep getting repainted and are closed off all the time.

Well, the management isn't that bad, but you guys tend to not keep your promises on the deals. I was promised $250 for early decision and $250 for my roommate's referral. I got nothing.

Maintenance - 10 out of 10. Always friendly, always prompt, always helpful. Office - terrible service, almost always unpleasant when going into solve a problem they had messed up with. lazy, rude, inaccurate. Chewing gum and staying on facetime while assisting a resident. That's their job, no? assisting. not facetiming. When I ask one of the girls there for help, she sighs so loud as If I am taking time out of her precious day, when she is working her shift at this apartment office. What kind of customer service is that?This is not the service I expect when I pay more than $1,500 to live here at Burnham. I only renewed in 2017 hoping that it would get better but I am not renewing for 2018.

Rates are high. Electricity rates are stingy. Community is dull. Building is nice though and the view is good. Workers are friendly but there can be a lot of problems at times