I love the quiet peaceful environment here I don't have to worry about my vehicle being parked outside I feel really safe here and the as residents we all respect each other the fact we go to school and work

Everything has been great. The staff is very friendly and helped a lot. I am overall happy with my experience. There is a lot of amenities that I am very excited to use. Would recommend to friends.

Lovee Living Here It's A Joy Everybody Is Nice And Friendly Maintenance Is Always On Point Never Have To Wait To Long If Anything Is Wrong I'm Definitely Have To Recommend Cabana To All My Friends And Family

Great experience, maintenance is on top of things and will meet your needs when you have a problem. Nice people, and residents are quiet for the most part for a college town.

Good and affordable living is what you get at Cabana Beach Apartments. The bus route that runs through the complex is convenient and it is close to both the mall and Butler Plaza which is a plus.

I've enjoyed my experience here so far. The staffs are friendly. Although, I wish the follow-up for work orders could improve. It takes awhile for maintenance to come. Our AC has been broken and still hasn't been replaced.

I've enjoyed living here the people are great and the staff have always done their best to help me with issuies I've had. It is kept clean and nice.

I’ve really enjoyed living here. Great neighborhood. Safe to run at night. They gym is great. Mail is safe and the staff are well very nice .

Community is pretty nice and when I first moved in, my room was very clean however, sometimes I feel awkward at the front desk because they seemed annoyed.

I’m Already Loving It Here My Roomates Are Amazing Gym Is Awesome And The Computers And Pool Are to Die For I Love Cabana Beach This Is An Awesome Place to Live For A couple Of Years .

Well when I got here I was like wow this place is awesome, it looked so clean! My apartment was painted before I moved in, I love it, its peaceful and quiet here!

I enjoy my apartment a great deal. The rooms are much nicer than the last apartment that I lived in, and the floor plan allows me to feel as if I am living alone even with roommates.

The apartment being fully furnished comes with all utilities that are necessary for a smooth start for someone new in US like me. The common facilities of the compound are also very good.

overall a pretty good experience living here in cabana! their are many amenities that are available to residents which is something that is awesome!

Being a resident at cabana beach has been ok thus far. I haven’t had too much problems. Just a few problems that got resolved in no time. I recommend it

The apartment is great! Sometimes getting things fixed is a hassle but it’s a great deal for its amenities. The pool is beautiful and the gym is great!

Really easy to move in. The front desk staff was really helpful and polite. Thank you for setting me up with my room so quickly. Will recommend to my friends.

Living in Cabana Beach has been really awesome. I live its style, facilities and amenities. Going to UF is not too complicated, my friends live here and CB have many shops nearby.

It is very noisy. Especially at night. And also we got charged a fine for trash being out in the hallway that wasn’t even ours. It was the people across the hall.

It’s bean great at cabana because the wood flooring and the upgraded furniture so I’m very content here for sure. Thanks cabana, Love you. I’ll be signing here again.

I have lived at Cabana for almost 7 months now, and this is as honest and complete review as I can give: - Office staff: 6/10 The leasing agents and managers are fantastic people, but they seem to be very used to dealing with one particular kind of person and it shows when it comes to communicating negative information to the residents. On two occasions now, I have been accused of two things that were inaccurate and done without further investigation to confirm whether or not they were actually true. Seeking first to understand is a very difficult thing to do (especially with such a large property and 1,400 residents), but I strongly encourage you to put it more into practice. I do, however, want to give a special shout-out to Michael Hoehn who's done an excellent job at putting up with me in the last 7 months. He is definitely my go to manager whenever I need any help or have any questions. Overall, the staff is knowledgeable and professional and has been able to answer quick questions I've had. Also, the staff will have events every so often and offer food and good company. It's an awesome initiative and I love how they're always creative about the events the office hosts. - Maintenance: 9/10 The maintenance staff is professional and well put together and, from my experience, are amazing. I particularly want to single out Patrick and Eddie who have never been anything but respectful and professional. - The Property: 7/10 The property itself is beautiful (especially the pool area), and I don't have any major complaints about my apartment itself. When I moved in, I did notice it wasn't 100% ready for move in (some holes here and there), but it's overall okay. Taking into consideration that it's student housing, it's extremely quiet and easy to live in. - Security: 10/10 I've never had any issues coming in and out of my apartment after the gate has been activated, and I've never had any problems with the security officers. - Neighbors: 10/10 Maybe I'm just lucky, but all of my neighbors are amazing people, and I have no problem with any of them. Like any other place, it has its quirks and areas of improvement, but it's an overall decent place to live.

Very nice all around apartment complex, everything in my apartment was there, but I did sublease and had a few problems when I moved in, such as holes in the wall, and the lights not working in my room but maintenance will take care of all problems.

The houses are really good and the management is superb. The pool parties are awesome and the maintenance service is very efficient. We have tye best pool in town.

I have no complaints with the service in the apartment complex / clubhouse, sometimes the community can be loud and inconsiderate but that happens everywhere.

My experience has been super great. The office has been nothing but accommodating to my situation. I had a lot of issues with my last complex and I haven’t had a single problem whole living here since August except roommate trouble which they approved a transfer for. There are no hidden fees and the neighborhood is kept up nicely.