It is a nice environment. I enjoy being in front of the pool and the staff are very nice people. If anything, a gate will be a good investment.

The apartment complex is a good first complex. You definitely get what you paid for. Personally my unit is not the best but the maintenance crew has been very helpful and for the most part responsive.

I have enjoyed my experience so far at Cabana Beach. I LOVE the screened-in patios and the new updates that are starting in the units. All apartments are raising in price in San Marcos, but I feel that with the increase in price, the new amenities helped me decide to resign here at Cabana. I also must be on the bus loop to campus and Cabana being on the Texas State bus route makes it one of the best places to live for a college student. It is a little further from campus, but I feel the location is still convenient to get to places around town and to campus. The area is pretty quiet and the apartment grounds are kept up nicely. The maintenance staff is also courteous and respond to work orders in a reasonable time. I love Cabana Beach!

Affordability, big windows, nice staff, and screened patios are why I've been renewing since 2013. I've seen many changes over the years, but they've been improvements

Friendly staff that are always respectful, work orders get fixed on time and good facilities that are well maintained. Happy to lease again for another year.

Cabana Beach is a good place to live at with friendly people who work in the office. The pool area, basketball court, and the gym are all areas I spend a lot of time in and absolutely love.

Everything here has been great since I’ve been living here (3 years now almost). The office workers are great, the apartments are nice, we have no bugs, and the amenities are awesome. Only complaint now is the internet... CBSM please look into fixing it! It’s becoming almost unusable at night.

I live in a two bedroom apartment with my dog. The space is nice, bedrooms are carpet, the rest is vinyl wood floors. The carpet is somewhat old but they did just replace the kitchen counter tops and appliances.

it is close to campus which is very convenient and the bus stop here is great because it is the first stop so I always get a seat on the bus.

Great amenities that are open 24/4 I use the gym and printer on a regular basis! One of the best parts about Cabana is also being the first stop on the TXST bus route

I’m loving this apartment complex already the staff is so nice. The apartments are absolutely gorgeous and I would recommend everyone I know to live here I can’t wait to move in!!

Cabana’s got a great location with several amenities walking distance such as the movies, marble slab, Petsmart, Ross, Marshall’s and Dollar Tree so it’s very easy to get around if transportations an issue.

It’s a nice quiet place with fun activities. Only thing I don’t like is that out AC kept breaking down since the first semester we’ve been here but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Everything is all good.

Cabana Beach is a quiet and safe living area which has been a delight to live at the past 3 years. The staff make it super easy when you have problems and are always there to help. The surrounding areas make it easy to walk to get food, go to the cinema or have a shop at Ross and Marshal. Beach is best!!

I submitted a work order on Monday because our A/C unit hadn’t been working. Within 24 hours, we had someone come in and fix the problem in less than an hour! Maintenance workers always gets everything fixed within 24 hours!

Friendly staff and work orders are completed ASAP. Always give away free items which is a bonus especially the bingos since they give great goodies.

A really really really really really really really great place to live for a really great price!!!! it’s a great and affordable place to live!!

Quiet place to live and most residents are nice. Located on the TXST bus route which makes getting to campus easy. It’s dog friendly and they have a dog park.

So content with management response time. Thank you for providing a safe, and college worthy experience. Will stay here for all of 4 years, unlike other places, they cannot compare to cabana.

Excellent student living with easy to ride school route. The utilities services that are provided are completed in a timely manner. Staff keeps us updated with inspections and what’s coming up!

The community has been good! Everyone around me is cool and I got a random roomate and he has slowly turned into one of my closest friends and service orders here happen really fast and efficient so that’s cool

I love living at Cabana. The proximity to campus as well as shopping and eating areas is awesome. Very pet friendly which is something me and my dog both enjoy!

I love Cabana Beach, they’re super cute and spacious! I love that I have a walk in closet, and that I can have my cat with me. I also love the dog park for when my boyfriends comes over with his dog!

Cabana beach is awesome! The amenities are nice, the staff of helpful, and it’s a better price than a lot of the apartments in San Marcos! Would recommend :)

Nice apartment. I feel very comfortable living here. To me, it is my second home. Although walls are thin, I recommend that people live here.