I enjoy living here. The staff is friendly, amenities are nice. The new additions to the gym are great. The only thing is that there is someone in my building who does not clean up after their dog and now the grass is like a minefield.

Cabana Beach apartment has a great ambience!! Extremely friendly and responsive staff. Parking is an issue during the week but it's tolerable.

At first when I got here, maintenance was pretty bad and took weeks to get the service requests fulfilled. However throughout my time here, I’ve really enjoyed how peaceful it is and how welcoming everybody is. I have renewed too and excited to say I did.

This apartment complex is the best one that I have lived at in San Marcos. The staff is awesome and the complex always has cool events so you can mingle.

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It's first on the shuttle route. The gym is nice. Maintenance takes quite a while to fulfill orders. Also, utilities is through another service, practically everything is through another service, so talking directly to the front office would be futile.

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Beautiful apartments, excellent amenities, courteous staff! Just difficult to have our dishwasher serviced after months of trying to get it repaired

This is a great place to call home for my first apartment! The room size is perfect, floor plan has a nice flow and amenities like the pool and gym are awesome!

The apartments are nicely sized and the A/C works great. However, of you like to keep a lot of food in the kitchen, it won't be all that much space for it especially with 3 other roommates.

Cabana has a great community feel. They try to keep that by promoting community events at the clubhouse as much as possible. Very quiet area.

The amenities are nice here. I have had a few matientence problems but they have been address very quickly which is great. The staff is super friendly and I have had no problems with them

Everyone is welcoming and the bus stops are close by no matter where your apartment is. I like how it is near a lot of the places I like to go to.

Cabana beach is nice in all. But the emails are definitely a bit rude and the maintenance is slow. If there can be more events with animals that would be cool.

Everything at awesome at Cabana. Although I would like to see more involvement in the office with the residents. Also the emails that are sent out are sometimes a bit vulgar, I think a more relaxed approach would be a huge help.

The apartments are fairly nice. I do like that we are the first stop on the Texas State bus route, and that there are several amenities. But it is hard to afford living here.

The apartment community is very good. It has it perks at times and other times not so. My roommate had a terrible mold problem and it took months for the aprtment to do something about it.

Cabana Beach Apartments is a great place to live and is only minutes away from the Texas State University campus! In addition, there are several vicinities where college students can get what they both want and need!

It’s great! Very quiet and the staff is great! I love some of the things they have for us in the front! Maintenance is really quick and you don’t have to wait for a long time.

Has been a great place to stay for the past couple years! I would, and have recommended Cabana Beach to many of my friends and their furry friends.

I have been living at cabana beach for one year now and I haven't had any issues that were not solved immediately! I am extremely happy with the service and help I have received from every worker here!

I love the apartment complex, my only complain is the poop that doesn’t get picked up and garbage that gets left in the hallways. Other then that, i love the community and the employees. Very friendly

This apartment has been fairly nice for the most part. However staff at the desk could be nicer. And there are constant emails about check ups in the apartments which is very inconvenient.

Really good place to live at! They’re animal friendly and such friendly staff!! They are very helpful with the move in process and maintenance arrives quickly!!

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Great place to live, I have lived over 2 yrs now, I can’t say enough how many accommodations cabana made for me. Great Staff and Great place to live.

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I love living at Cabana beach. The apartment is very nice and it is in a very good location. Really close to the Starplex and it's the first stop on the bus route.

The staff this year is way better than last year when I first moved in, maintenance is pretty good, and I love the location of this complex. Bus route to campus typically doesn’t take too long.