The all-around service is good. The floors/ceilings in the dorms are loud when people above or below are simply walking. Every fall, there is a cricket infestation. Cambridge has an exterminator visit once a week to help alleviate the situation. In the past year, there has been a major flood here were all residents had to evacuate in the night during a rainstorm. Water damage mostly affected the hallways. During heavy rain, reoccurring leakage from the ceiling in the hallways has warranted a moldy odor.

The overall experience at the apartment was good, the maintenance was quick whenever I would submit a request. The people that worked at the front would also greet me everytime I would leave or come back. Overall, it was a warm and nice apartment.

I really enjoy living here. The Latest Study Breaks Were The Best!! It is so convenient to be on the bus line and I can't wait to see what events they have planned for Spring!

Amazing events, nice people, helpful staff and more great things. Although noise policy could be enforced more, it’s still a great place to live.

I really enjoy the my stay at the cambridge staff is really outstanding to help us and make sure we have a awesome stay . amazing social events to get to know other residents .

3 stars because the food could improve. Overall decent experience, the apartment layout is nice but it does feel more like a dorm than an apartment without a full kitchen.

I like it but why did you havr to close the dining hall im very hungry. Also, it needs a bit more spirit and it requires everyone to contribute to that including myself

The people who work at the Cambridge are wonderful. I honestly haven’t had any problems. The food is really good, there’s a wide variety of options every day and throughout the day. Only thing is the internet can be rather spotty.

I like the cafeteria staff and cambrige staff and my roommate and my friends and my neighbor and the Cambridge is the best and the pool and Hamic’s

I have liked just about everything about my stay at Cambridge this semester. My only grievances are related to the cafeteria. It is really frustrating that the only lunch that I can take with me is a sandwich, especially considering the fact that I was always gone during the lunch hours. It would also be nice if the cafeteria opened a little earlier for breakfast or we could take breakfast to go, because due to my 8 AM lectures, I was rarely able to eat breakfast in the cafeteria, which considering we're paying for unlimited food seems like a waste of my money.

Nice place to live in! They got really nice RA’s as well! Plus every once in a while they do fun events for the students that live at Cambridge! It’s a 10 minute bus ride to campus which is also pretty good too! Not too far!

Cleaning service really helps. Management is responsive and appreciated! Still wish I had a kitchen! BUT all things considered it’s been a good experience.

The rooms are nice and the staff is friendly. The cafeteria food is good and there’s a large variety of options. The front desk staff is always ready to help with any needs and questions as well. Overall the Cambridge has been a wonderful place to live my first semester away from home.

This place is just wildin. There's always something going on. Whether that be a small hall event, or big Cambridge wide shin-dig, there's always an event coming down the pipes. Also, the guy who takes timelapses is really cool!

It took much longer than the lease agreement specified for me to receive the renewal bonus promised. The check that was sent from the owners of the Cambridge to community rewards was apparently lost during Hurricane Harvey. Unfortunate, but a contract is a contract. I wonder if they would have that much lenience if someone couldn't pay their lease for a couple of months.

I love it here! It’s very homey and the people are amazing! The food is good, and the housing is perfect. I see myself staying here all four years.

It’s been a fun time living at the Cambridge! I love the many resident events that the RA’s host. It’s such a loving and welcoming community.

I have enjoyed living here! All of the amenities have been amazing, and everyone here is so kind. It is very convenient being able to come home after a long day of class and have a good dinner, and always be greeted by someone!

Personally my experience has been great. I do however feel that management is almost too strict to the RA's on their duties and letting them go when they are already understaffed.

Overall, my experience at the Cambridge has been everything I needed it to be as a student. All of the staff are friendly and willing to help with whatever it is you may need. The food in the cafeteria is convenient and much better than most food you would find at on-campus locations. The rooms are well kept and maintenance on anything that may not be up to par is only a call or website visit away. I would recommend the Cambridge to anybody looking for housing in college.

Cafe hours are inconvenient and the cleaning service is in consistent. Overall the experience is nice, but services could be better for the price.

I really love it! The location is good & the fact that they cook us food is very convenient! The only thing I have a problem with is that after hours we can’t go in through the side doors in the front.

It good people and helping us with are problems and they will help us and try anf talked to us and if we need anything to have anything problem they will come and help us

The staff is very friendly and the food is not too bad. There are regular visits from crickets so that is not fun. The water pressure is also sucky.

The foods alright, nice place to live, good ammenities and still some I have yet to try. Probably my number one place to live for next year, dont expect that to change.