It’s been so much fun being here. There’s good food and good friends ra are always so nice and everyone is always helping. The cafeteria is my favorite even there everyone is so nice. I just like that everyone is always smiling. Printing for free is amazing too

Good place overall, but there are some issues such as the water heater breaking multiple times, and the cafeteria getting shut down for over a week. But they did provide us food so that was good.

I like that the dining hall is in the building and is available for all day also the pool and volleyball area are great. I dont have a car so having the bus right outside is good too

I love staying at the Cambridge! It is a great college living environment. We have had big problems but they are very good about getting an exterminator here to fix it, also we have great maid service and the food is awesome!

I have met so many awesome people living here my freshman year! I would recommend this place to any incoming freshman, you'll meet so many friends!

The Cambridge is a fun place to live! With the swimming pools, game room, movie theatre, and extra activities that happen monthly there’s always something fun to do!

Nice place to live your freshmen year. Location is a bit far from campus, therefor you cannot walk. Meal plan times are not the best, but food is good. Mostly clean always overall, and free unlimited printing is awesome!

I absolutely love it here. The food is delicious. I appreciate the cleaning. All of the staff are nice. I just wish my RA would do better events.

This place helps make life easier. The staff is always friendly and very helpful. There is always someone you can get help from. Its a down to earth but yet simple kind of atmosphere here.

I really like cambridge! It has a lot of good amenities with being a resident. I really love how it feels like an apartment but still has dorm qualities.

Living here is great! I love having my own room, and having the dining hall downstairs! It's great that they have their own bus stop to go to Texas A&M. The RA's and staff are super friendly! I would definitely recommend this place to a freshman coming into Texas A&M.

Cambridge has been a great place to live so far for my freashmen year. There are some fixes that could be made to make it a better overall experience though.

I love getting to hang out with my RA Bailey. She's awesome! She came to pick me and my friends up when my car broke down at Post Oaks Mall. She's super friendly and always there when you need her!

Great and fun place to live! Plenty to do, wonderful staff, great pool and theater room. Close to campus, food places, the mall, and other many other places!

The RA’s are super helpful and it is a great environment! I would highly suggest living here especially your freshman year it has helped tremendously!

This is a really great place to live especially for incoming freshman. It provides lots of good opportunities to meet other freshman and have a really easy transition into college.

The community is great. All of the other residents are very nice and make it a great environment. The staff here is great also if there is a problem they will do their best to fix it!

So far my experience in the Cambridge has been exceptionally well. I had sent for a maintenance request in the past and quickly received effective services. The service truly shows how much they care about my satisfaction. Besides the wonderful services received from the maintenance staff, the personnel and Residential Advisers are friendly and social. They make me feel like a friend and not just a customer (or client), which is just great. In addition, the community was ideal for anyone looking for a social and friendly community in which introducing yourself and making friends is easy and great. I got to meet many new people who I talk every now and then. The last thing is the food, it's not the best, but it is definitely worth it and convenient for anyone like me who sometimes like to study and do work at his apartments. My experience here has been great and I would definitely recommend it to any of my friends and family members looking for apartments. The only thing I would recommend is modifying the gym a bit with a bit more equipment for weights possibly like a bar and ab roller. However, honestly the apartments for me have been perfect for me so far.

My time being a resident has been great. I love the staff and everybody is very nice and accommodating. The only thing that I dislike is no access to a kitchen.

This is my second year at the Cambridge. Everyone is always kind and helpful. It truly feels like home to me. I even named the blue jay that squawks outside of my window each morning "Rooster'". I love him!

The Cambridge is a wonderful place to stay! The location is great, not too far from everything there is to do around here, and the staff are so friendly! The food is great too!

It's been great here! Friendly staff and great amenities. The food is decent and the sack lunch option is nice and I would recommend taking advantage of it!

My experience so far at the Cambridge has been an enjoyable one. From the cafeteria food, to the community within the Cambridge everything is close to me and super easy to access. I believe my stay here will continue to be a positive one

Living at the cambridge has been amazing! The staff is super friendly and the rooms are awesome! Not only is the food great but the things you can do on site are amazing!

My RA is the absolute best, and i am so glad that I was put into her hall. She has helped me out so much, and im so lucky to have a friend like her!