The Cambridge creates a very friendly environment in which they go out of their way to get to know you and make your experience the best they can.

Friendly, fun, and loving environment! Would definately reccomend this place to friends and family. I couldn’t have chose a better place to live.

Living at the Cambridge has been everything I've dreamed of and more! The amenities are endless and the food is delicious! Don't hesitate to sign because they fill up quickly!

The staff here is great and the amenities made it feel like home during my transition to college. If I ever had a problem, I just told the front desk, qnd it was taken care of in a reasonable time range. The Cambridge at College Station is really a great place for any student looking for a home during college.

Good service all around! Always kept beautiful. Just wish the wash machines were included in rent instead of having to worry about putting cash into the card and then walking all the way to the washers and then when you forget to put in detergent you have to wait a whole cycle because the wash machines lock... if we could replace that with regular wash machines that you don't have to swipe or pay for that would be awesome!

it was easy and when i needed help all i had to do was call and they walked me though it step by step. even later on when i needed help getting the right roommate all i had to do was call

When I toured they were super sweet so I was fully convinced that I wanted to stay there. The people there are so sweet and the place looks nice and safe.

Living here at Cambridge has been really great because of the many amenities, as well as the convenient food and events that are held often.

Although I haven't lived here yet, the customer service I've received has been amazing. When I have a question, I always get an email or phone call within a day or less. They've made my first leasing experience really easy. Super excited!

A great community and super friendly staff! The RA's give very thourough and detailed tours, including important information. I'm very excited to live here in the fall!

I love the Cambridge! It is so beautiful and it looks like a great place to live. The study rooms are great, and the exercise rooms look awesome!

It is a very nice and interesting community. The staff is great, they are just doing all they are supposed to do. I’m glad to be able to be apart of the Cambridge community this August. I can’t wait for the same great experience I hear from others.

So far it's been great! The people and staff are very kind and helpful. I love it! The view is absolutely astounding and it's not a bad location either. I find getting to class is easy, especially with the transit that stops by.

the apartments look very lovely and very homey in the picture I have seen. I am looking forward to spending my first year in college here. gig em'

It was eye catching from the very beginning. The people at the front desk were very nice and thoughtful. They have not only me a T-shirt but my mom and boyfriend. I love it there.

So far it’s been perfect. Everybphone call question answered not a single person hasn’t been perfectly helpful. I’m glad I made the choice to live here so far!

I love the people here at Cambridge they a lot of fun and we do a lot of fun stuff. I love the cafe to they have a lot of food to chose from them.

Loving living here. The people are nice and the events are fun. Having an all you can eat café is really nice for someone of my appetite. Rooms are nice, especially the 4 bed 2 bath.

Love it so much it is amazing living in such a great community of people. Also the cafe has amazing food too it is soooooooioooooo good. I love it.

The front desr is very nice and helpful, whenever I call they pick up and answer all my questions. The place is wonderful and the amenities are perfect for what I need to do.

I really enjoyed seeing Cambridge and I’m super excited to live there. The best part to me is probably the study room and the unlimited printing because I feel that they will help me the most.

I have no moved in yet but from how the staff has treated me, and made sure i signed the lease, so far this will be a community that I will love.

The Cambridge is a one-of-a-kind living experience, especially for those living on their own for the first time of their life. They make going to school and taking care of life easy to do as one.

I love Living at Cambridge! Great amenities and people! Worth every dollar! The staff is always there to help you out and to put a smile on your face.

The Cambridge truly motivated me to really pick Texas A&M as my home. I would love you to be apart of this community and I haven’t even gone to visit. The Cambridge community looks so beautiful and comfortable, perfect for a first year student.