Nice. Only problem is the meal plan does not start until the first day of school, so all during Howdy week you are on your own. Other than that great so far.

Everyone is so welcoming! The facilities are great and it feels like home away from home! Parking is very close to the Cambridge and safe to walk to my car.

The Cambridge at College Station is a very nice and appealing place to live. The staff is friendly and the rooms are very nice. I cannot wait to move in a week!

I can't wait for this fall to be at Cambridge. I'm so excited for to see all my new friends back again. we're going to have fun and talk more and socialize. I'm just so excited.

I will be living at the Cambridge this Fall and I CAN NOT WAIT! It is beautiful and I know I will have a blast. There is no where else I'd rather be living!

Perfect place to live and has everything I need to relax and live! Cambridge has plenty of activities to do and has many cool features including a theatre room, workout room, cafeteria, ping pong, video game room, and pool tables, and much more!

The Cambridge Apartment faculty give you quick responses to your questions and are also extremely nice. They do their best to meet every personal need and want.

i love it so far!!! it's so fun meeting new people on the facebook page i can't wait until the school year starts! i love my roomates they are awesome!!

Cambridge is a great complex for college students because not only is it close to school and offers transportation, but it also offers other great amenities like study rooms, free printing, and even a dining area for its residents. I highly recommend it for students new to the area!

Very nice community, lots of friendly people who are always willing to help a person out. Always clean, and the food is really good and always available.

You guys are doing great. I was hesitant at first but i know for sure that I've made the right choice and thats the reason why I am staying there my second year

I enjoy living at cambridge!! I am looking forward to staying there again in 2017-2018. The staff is always so helpful and friendly. It is also very convenient to go to and from the A&M campus.

I love living at the Cambridge because everyone that lives there is so friendly and kind and the staff members that work there they do their best to help us with things

The cambridge is a good place to stay they have great food and they are very kind and they are willing to help you. You have free internet and printing. There washee and dryer could be better but this is a really nice place to stay at.

There is so much to do and is the best place to live! I would recommend it to anyone! Most definitely the best choice I have made so far, so glad I chose Cambridge!

Although I have yet to move in, I can already tell the community is super friendly and helpful. I can't wait to be a part of everything next year.

This apartment complex is great! my brother stayed there for 1 year and became an RA for the next two years! it is a great facility and I hope to follow my brother's footsteps.

I think living here has been great! I love the convenience of the laundry faclilites and cafe. I wish there were more study spaces and shaded facilities outside.

The apartment community is very clean and neat and inviting. I look forward to staying at the Cambridge. When I went for my apartment tour the RAs were extremely helpful. I can not wait to be a part of the Cambridge Community.

Great, so far everything has been nice. All the RAs are nice and give great tours. The only problem is the laundry costs extra, but that's about it.

This was a great place to live as a freshman. Had bug and water heating problems but these problems were addressed quickly. I loved the hammock additions.

Great start for a freshman! The food and location is great. Having a bus route is really handy. The only 2 things I really don't like is the fact we don't have a full kitchen, and that the walls are paper thin.

The Cambridge is a very nice dorm and has helped me a lot with the application process and I hope will continue to help me with my roommates and moving in.

I think that y'all are great in every aspect of living. This is probably the best choice of living. I would recommend this to everyone I know that will be attending Texas A&M University.

The community is great, very friendly. There are always things to do and be involved in. The staff is kind and they do a good job of helping you if need help.