I like that the dining hall is in the building and is available for all day also the pool and volleyball area are great. I dont have a car so having the bus right outside is good too

I love living at the Cambridge. Lots of friends and great experiences. Wifi could be better, but it't not terrible. Love studying around everyone else!

The cambridge is a good place to stay they have great food and they are very kind and they are willing to help you. You have free internet and printing. There washee and dryer could be better but this is a really nice place to stay at.

The facilities and amenities are generally great, but the wifi is very unreliable and housekeeping as well. Overall the food is good and there are lots of options

My experience at the Cambridge at college station is alright. The place is pretty clean and fairly well kept up. The internet is choppy in my room and often takes a while to connect but its better in other places in the building.

I enjoy living here but I think the cafe should be open later and the side door to the right of the lobby should work so that I don't have to walk through the lobby and get stared at everyday after class.

Good bus stop location, food is good but can get repetitive, wi-fi is poor, room design is solid. Off-campus, this is a good option. Overall, not a bad place to live.

I enjoy my room. The living room comes in handy a lot more thag what I expected, a lot of my friends that live on campus are jealous. The cafeteria staff isn't very friendly but the RA's definitely are. There's not much of a community here, even though they try had to make it one. Everyone that lives here just keeps to themselves and doesn't mingle with others often but that's a blessing and a curse.

My experience here has been wonderful!! The students who live are are extremely nice and the staff is so helpful and welcoming! I especially love the staff who works in the cafe. They are so great!

It is pretty good. Earning points is easy and convenient to where I can do it from my phone. I haven't encountered any problems so I'm giving a pretty good review. I'm just not a fan of all the sharing.

I really like cambridge! It has a lot of good amenities with being a resident. I really love how it feels like an apartment but still has dorm qualities.

Good place to transition from being at home to being on your own. Food is a little repetitive and dining staff doesn't always act like they want to be there. Overall a good freshman off campus dorm.

I love Cambridge!!! I have met a lot of new people here. Only issue I have is how strict the cafeteria rules are but I understand why they are so strict!!

Everyone is very friendly and the food is amazing! It has made the transition to college life much easier than I expected it to be. I'm looking forward to the upcoming year.

Cambridge is a great place to stay your freshman year. Lots of fun activities to take part in, plenty of ways to meet new friends. The staff is so nice and the food is good, too!

I have enjoyed my time. The staff and the people at the front desk are always very helpful. The meals are repetitive and sometimes the dining hall closes too early.

Great place to live, close to campus and is overall pretty cool. The staff is nice and the cooks are cool. There is a general vibe of being welcome everywhere.

I am very pleased with the Cambridge it's nice being able to wake up and just walk downstairs to get some decent food. The cafeteria is proably the best part about this place.

In general it is nice living here. The food down in the cafe is good, and they always have lots of options. Sometimes it is super slow to have maintenance requests filled.

I love everything about cambridge so far. The only down side is the awful wifi and bugs! I have had several crickets and other bugs in my room!

Well.......... I like that I do not have to cook whenever I am hungry. Unbelievably awesome location in College Station. I'm glad I don't have to pay for electricity.

It is conventiant for a freshman, also great not to have to cook for the first year. Love the people and great to make friends quickly. Laslty, love the computer lab and movie thearter for easy access whenever we need them.

Cambridge is a great place to live for students. It is a good mixture of dorm and apartment life, and would be great for freshman. There are lots of amenities and the rooms are spacious.

Great place to live!! They always have fun stuff planned throughout the year, study breaks, parties, and community service projects. Great administrators too.

Cambridge has done a good job. Some things need improve but most things are great! They have great good and fun activities to involve yourself in