Been a great experience here. Everything was well maintained upon moving in and having a pool is great for when it gets hot. I really have enjoyed my stay here.

You definitely get what you pay for. Campus court is getting older and needs to be renovated since new apartments are being built. Activities are fun but are getting cheap

I love the ammendities and location. Safety is pretty good. Some of the apartment units are not updated and have damages which is why I knocked it down a star.

I really enjoy living here. It is a great place for a college student. Close to campus and great amenities. Other residents are also very respectful for the most part.

My apartment community is great. Staff and maintenance are amazing, very polite and respectful. The area is well kept and a positive environment overall.

great staff, always lend a helping hand and also very nice! The amenities are awesome along with their gym and tanning bed that allows you to stay in peak shape.

I need to write for the 4,000 points but I am not currently a resident I have my lease signed for next year and am very excited as I have visited many times and love the area

This is my second year living in Campus Court and I love living here! So cool how pet-friendly the complex is. Matinence helped us lots this year- thank you!!

I'm really impressed about the safety of this facility and the quality of rooms! They are so stylish and perfect for meeting other students and making friends.

Living in campus court for the past two years has always been good, the staff is great and the maintenance is always on top of things. Its great living here

Campus Court is the perfect place to live as a college student! It’s the most convenient place to live with the main campus right across the street making it an easy commute to classes. I love it here! Great amenities and a great staff!

I have not move in yet, however, the attention I've gotten for everything I need has been great. I live outside the US, and they've made everything easier for me. I can't wait to move in and see what all the reviews say!

So far, just with working with the leasing office to get my sublease and renewal information figured out I have had the most amazing experience. They have consistently kept me updated with my application and acceptance and have answered any questions I had along the way!

I have not moved in yet but from the moment I stepped into the offices to decide where to live. I knew campus court would be the best place to live for my last year.

Everything is good at Campus Court besides giving me less than 24 hour notice about new roommates. The maintenance responses very fast and fixes things in a timely fashion.

Campus Courts @ Knollwood is a great place to live! They have excellent front office staff, timely maintenance, & awesome amenities. The community environment is also really cool! There is always something to do and a good environment to live in.

My experience thus far has been fantastic. The staff is more than happy to help in any situation. The perks to living at Campus court are awesome!

Pretty amazing! Honestly, very accommodating, great staff, and adamant maintanence makes this place significantly worth the money. Would stay here again if I had to do it all over!

A good community to stay in kalamazoo . I would highly recommend people to stay here in campus court at knollwood. Walking distance to western michigan.

overall good experiences, nice and friendly office stuffs, provide free coffee at the leasing office, complete amenities, provide free foods frequently

The housing is extremely expensive and is not affordable. I was only able to get a decent price because I locked my apartment down a little bit less then a year away from when I moved it. Price was decent, but as I talk to everyone else and they increases the prices I think otherwise. Won't be recommending this place to other people ever.

Great place to live. Loud place to live but always had something goin on. If anything needs to be fixed then Campus courts takes care of it in a speedy manner.

Great place to live, have been a resident for 5 years. Great renovations to the clubhouse including the gym. Office staff and maintenance are great.

My apartment community is great. Everyone outside is friendly and respectable of each other. There hasn't been any loud noises or anything to complain about.

Love living here especially with a pet, the courtyard is a good space for them to run around. I enjoy having a personal washer and dryer to use as well.