It is like a home away from home. I feel very comfortable here, and it is super close to campus. I think it is awesome that Campus Court does daily activities for their residents to make it the best place to live.

So far so good, not around enough to really get to know many people around. Room mates are good we keep to ourselves which is really nice a peacaefull!

Best place to stay if you're in Western. So far the best amenities as well with a well equipped gym and amazing staff. The maintanence team is very efficient and quick too!

Everyone is so nice. They really care about the residents. They want to make sure we live with people who have the same likes as us. I love staying at campus court.

I love living at Campus Court! It’s close to everything and the office staff is great. It is pricey but you pay for what you get. Great amenities (gym, tanning, pool, fun office events)

The experience I've had at campus court is one that could not be matched anywhere else. Since the day I've moved in I have enjoyed living here and I look forward to living here next year.

Campus court has been a great place to live during college especially. I have been there for almost two years now and it has not disappointed me

Wonderful place to live , lovely environment. And nice people . Great prices , dog friendly and great amenities! Wouldn't want to live anywhere else but here:)

Very good management and fun stuff to do. There are some technical issues with the apartment though, including over half the outlets in the kitchen being broken, the stove and fridge are on a tilt, and the dishwasher doesn't clean dishes.

I like it, I am so happy to he here, I recommend this place to ky friends, I wish there are some changes happen such as the rent , deposit, also, the water should be clean.

Campus Court is a nice place to stay. It’s very close to school and very to convient stores such as cvs. The experience here has been good so far.

Very helpful and was able to answer any questions I had. I really enjoyed how the employees made it feel like a friendly environment would definitely recommend Campus Court to a friend.

I love living at campus court. It has been a really good experience living her, the only complaint that I have is that the price is crazy expensive.

The community events have been awesome this year. I do wish maintenance was more professional and did things in a timely matter, which they don't. Everyone in the office is lovely and always enjoyable to work with.

The community and residents here at campus court are great. The office is always offering up some type of food or giveaways at the clubhouse on a weekly basis.

The apartment complex is very close to campus and has a lot of amenities. It's about a 10 minute walk from the farthest apartment to any part on campus. The amenities included are wifi, cable (HBO and Showtime), workout facility, tanning, pool, Kureig machine in the office, and some special treats here and there in the office. The wifi gets spotty at points and the maintenance isn't too great.

I like it a lot. My neighbors are great and I get along with my roommates the only thing I hate is all the poop in the court yards. Overall it's great.

I love campus court it is a great place to live all around. The workers are great along with the poeple who live here. The atmosphere is great and very lively with all the dogs walking around.

I have now lived in Campus Court for 3 years in 3 different apartments and each and every one has been clean, newer, and well maintained. Everything about this place makes me feel safe and want to continue to live here and to recommend to my friends.

I currently love living in campus court at knollwood its a great place to live the people are friendly and soo is the staff everyone is geniunely happy to live here so it seems.

living here is very worth it. i love how close i am to westerns campus and how clean everything always is. everyone in the office is very nice and always helpful.

I really love living here with my dog! The staff is super friendly when you are in the office! Free coffee in the office is awesome and super convenient.

Straight up, awesome. Great management, great staff. Maintenance is on par. Absolute only downside is people don’t pick up after their dogs. Not the apartments fault, however.

Great neighbors. Every accent to Campus. Neighbors pick up there dogs poop. Neighbors at loud at night when I’m trying to sleep. Great staff.

I love my courtyard and how friendly the people are. My favorite part is the amount of dogs I get to see daily. I would highly recommend any of my friends to live here.