Move in was honestly the worst experience I’ve ever had moving in my life. However, Sam was very accommodating and got us into a new apartment and since then things have been going well.

The maintenance and overall customer service is relatively poor. I’ve had to visit the office several times to resolve issues with my rent, for example, and every time they said they’d handle it, they haven’t. The apartments themselves are high quality for the price though. If they got better about handling issues we take to them, it’d be a 5 star easy.

I love it so far! Very cheap & great room space & closet space & bathroom space. The tub is a nice size ! The water gets really really hot which if FANTASTIC!

I like it here. The apartment could’ve been a lot cleaner when we moved in. I know that some people had trouble with getting their rent and insurance adjusted but I didn’t.

Just needs a little faster maintenance responses, but I’m sure they are doing their best and are working hard to make sure everything is in order!

The apartments have the opportunity to be really nice, but having problems (in the apartments or the community in general) that seem to never get fixed due to high management turn over. Having residents work the desk/office also can be problematic if management is not in. They sometimes don't know how to help or seem as though they don't care.

The staff is always very helpful and understanding and whenever something breaks or needs replaced in the apartment, it doesn't ever take long for maintenance to take care of it. The complex always has a fun and welcoming atmosphere and there's plenty to do with all of the amenities and events. It's also never too noisy and the neighbors are usually very nice and respectful despite usually being college students.

The apartment is nice enough but it was pretty dirty when we arrived. Additionally, there was a lot wrong and maintenance hasn’t been responsive. I’ve been here 1 month and no one has come to fix anything other than the A/C, which itself took 1 week.

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When i arrived the apartment look overall clean. The Room is decent sized and so is the bathroom. The closet is a decent size as well. Would definitely recommend!

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I love CEV! The apartments are clean and the maintenance is so helpful!The shuttle system is so nice, and it is awesome having a gym and a pool to go to!

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Every year, if you have an empty space to be filled in your apartment, management asks you to fill in a roommate preference survey. This is to establish personality types, but also denotes whether or not you want pets. My current roommate and I filled these out on paper saying we wanted a student with no pets at all. Two days before mass move in, after ignoring our various emails inquiring about whether or not we would be getting a roommate, CEV told us we would be getting a nonstudent with a dog. Obviously, we were confused and upset. It turns out that the management had lost our papers saying we didn't want pets, and were going off of last year's paperwork! They said without our current paperwork, and because mass move-in was in two days, that they couldn't do anything about the situation. So we had to meet this girl and her dog that were now living in our apartment. The dog was an untrained, unfixed male pitbull that the girl had only had for 2 months, and who had come from an abusive background. Because she wasn't a student, she worked a full time job and a part time job. She also admitted that she enjoyed going downtown frequently. When we met the dog, she had to hold him on a tight leash, and he had a muzzle on his face. Every time we saw him afterwards, it was the same situation. He was very aggressive, and was not getting the attention or training he needed. During the day, she would lock the dog in her room, or on the hot porch. If we were home while she wasn't, the dog would bark, howl, and whine consistently and loudly. We reported all of this to management, who insisted that they would do something after mass move-in weekend. The weekend came and went. Management said the dog would be removed by Wednesday, whether by them or animal services. The manager who promised that quit on Tuesday, so when Wednesday rolled around, the agreement was void. It took two weeks of this aggressive dog and the girl who kept leaving lights on and doors unlocked before the office finally put her in a new apartment. At least CEV is cheap though.

The apartment had issues and it took forever for them to fix it. There’s very bad lack of communication when you need something and no one replies to messages like stated. Also fake advertisement “sign your lease and get a 300$ gift card” yet I have yet to get it and when asked about it - they ignore you

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Nicer to see him and his wife or no more friends than me to be with him but he doesn’t know anything else to do that anymore and he will not answer

Very bad move in day and apartment was not in “move in condition.” Our rent was not prorated, thus we had to pay $500 to live here for 15 days then pay another $500 the first of the next month.

This place overall is not good at all! It took 4 hours to just get my key to move in. Then got into my apartment and it was disgusting and we had to clean the whole apartment ourselves and there is some kind of animal hair all over our apartment! There is so many things wrong or broken in our apartment and the AC didn’t work! It took them over 2 weeks to fix our AC and the only reason they did it so quickly was because I went down to the office at least twice a week to ask them to fix it and then emailed the manager of CEV! Also when I signed my lease I got a promotion to get one month free and they said I didn’t get it when I signed the same time as my roommates and they got it. CEV keep saying they will “look into it” and it’s been almost 3 weeks and I still haven’t heard anything despite me going to the office at least once a week to see what’s going on with this. Overall this place sucks, but at least I have my own room and bathroom.

Could of used a clean before moving in along with fixing issues with ceiling and kitchen sink. Our internet set up was a bit of an issue setting up as well. Along with no information at all about cable or internet.

Apartment quantity is OK. Def not the best place I’ve lived in Morgantown. My room was not move in ready, and I had to ask staff multiple times to fix it because I simply could not live there. However, once I spoke to the general manager they got the job done!

I recommend this complex to all of my friends looking for places to live at. I have really enjoyed living at CEV. My favorite thing about CEV has been the apartments itself.

CEV has been great. I have been living here for 3 years now, and I would recommend it to anyone. Maintenance is always quick and I never have to worry about anything.

Upkeep of the apartments and buildings needs improvement. Communication is not great. The potholes near the cev sign at the entrance and the one at the exit need fixed.

Staff is friendly and apartment is relatively clean! I enjoy the close proximity to campus so I can take classes and work close by! There was a hole in my wall though.

This place is the definition of you get what you pay for. I got a special for signing and the rent is a really good price, but my room was full of spiders had a clogged toilet and sink and had a broken window. The move in process is horrible and so is maintenance. I would not recommend signing a lease here.

Our apartment was dirty but still livable, unlike others who arrived to unlivable conditions. Management seems nonexistent, as well as maintenance if there is an issue with the apartment.

Door has been broken since I moved in. Have placed several work orders. Can’t lock the door when we leave, sometimes the knob gets stuck and we can’t get the door open.

My experience at CEV had a bad first impression, but has been improving steadily since. Move-in day was terribly coordinated and could have been better organized by children but since then, I have started living comfortably and have pleasant encounters with CEV staff. I give 4.5 stars instead of 5 due to move-in day and the slow response time of maintenance.