It’s been great living at campus evolution. I’ve lived here for two years now and I’ve resigned so going on three. The maintenance has always been prompt and that’s something I really like.

The people here are very nice. A lot of great improvements are being made. Anything that needed fixed has been fixed quickly. For the price this is a very nice place to live.

This past year has been good at CEV and I’m extremely excited for the new management and look forward to the improvements that are being made!

I truly like the price. I like my apartment location. Usually everything I need done gets fixed, but not always. I will be living here again.

Worst place to live for students, Had my apartment broken into, got moved to a new one, that one flooded from the poor plumbing and overall it’s not worth the money you pay

Campus Evolution villages has everything you need. The housing includes all amenities including a shuttle service to the university. It's been a pleasure to live here.

Gym is not well taken care of. Half of the treadmills don’t work, TVs in room missing a lot of channels. Lost a few channels on our TVs in my apartment that haven’t come back. Utilities bills are late and never in time with rent payment now.

I’ve always liked living at CEV! The amenities are great, the units are pretty nice, and I have had good roommates. I wanted something away from downtown and this is perfect!

It was a good place. The apartments are really clean and the management people are really helpful. I have been staying here for more than a year and I totally love it.

The workers are always super friendly and attentive. Also the amenities are well kept and easily available. I love the location of the apartments away from downtown.

It’s been good, there’s some stuff that could be improved to make this place much better. Everyone is friendly and officiant, and the maintenance is fast and does the job correctly

CEV has been a great place to live. They are very nice apartments for the price that you pay, especially considering all of the amenities. I have enjoyed my time here.

I think it’s good CEV is getting new management. Potential to be a really awesome place and was plagued with bad management. CEV has competitive pricing which I like

Awesome community, great pool and gym! Mailbox & package concierge is very convinient and trustworthy, it is great that they are extending the hours as well.

This is a really decent place to live. Other than some rare maintenance issues, it’s a really nice place. They are very lax and helpful in the process of moving into an apartment.

It's been good. They are willing to work with u as long as u are upfront with them. Decent place to live. I have no complaints everything has been ok for me

Everything is good here, but they have a slow internet and the building are not clean, especially the stairwell and entrance. Nice place to live but needs some improvement!

I really like living at CEV. The price is super affordable and there is quite a good list of amenities to choose from. My favorite is the pool, when that is open in the summer. I wish it was open to later times at night than just 8, as the sun doesn't set until nearly 9 during the summer. The management does the best they can sometimes, but when I had a conflict with one of my roommates, it seemed like they didn't care about the specifics, they just wanted us to stop calling the office. This might not be true, but that is what it felt like. Other than that, I really do enjoy living at CEV.

I haven't really experienced any issues with the place while I've been living here, though sometimes work orders can take a while; other times they happen in 24hrs or less.

When I first moved in in January of 2016, this complex did a lot for its residents. Things have been rough lately, but I'm hopeful about the new management.

Good residential village with a good apartment except for the kitchen in two bedroom. It is a bit small. Another issue is that there is no storage room. I still love it!

No one has broken into the apartment or stolen anything. Maintenance is timely. Staff are nice. They cleaned the hallways and stairs so it’s a lot nicer to walk through.

Such a good and friendly environment. Great and helpful staff whenever you need! I have never had an issue with my apartment and love my roommates!

Could be better, but my experience has been pretty good. I would love it if they found a way to make payments easier but I guess that wont happen anytime soon.

pretty good overall but def improvements can be made. this year has been better with bus schedule and giving notice before only one bus will be running. when I moved in the apartment was a mess but no further issues.