Apartment is clean and decently sized. Office staff can be difficult to communicate with depending on who you get - notes are not transferred well or followed up on between shifts. Maintenance staff responded well to the only request I've had which was minor. Internet service could be better but you get what you pay for with that. Slight inconveniences like laundry only being available during business hours does not fit with my business schedule so I have to go off-site. But overall calm and a decent living space so far...we'll see once more students get in though.

Campus Heights is a really good choice to live. No problems whatsoever until now. Also, the management has kept the report going with conducting events every now and then. Eagerly waiting for the new clubhouse to get started.

Ive lived here since March. I can honestly say I’ve had my ups and down with the his company until Kayla Tyler started with the company. She has done nothing help me in anyway she can. I really appreciate the work she’s has done to get me back on track with payments and to make sure I’m able to continue living in our community.

It’s been decent but it could be so much better the staff is kind of rude. Other than rudeness staffing someone got chlorine burn from the pool.

its been great so far i love living there becasue its a great community with great people . ive been there for 3 years so far and i have had no problem

So far I have enjoyed talking with the people at campus heights. They have been very friendly and helpful throughout my experience or getting an appartment. I can’t wait to start living there and meeting new and amazing people

The apartments are nice, spacious, and furnished. But, my move-in experience was not handled well or professionally by staff which is why I decided to write this long review as it may help others. I moved from out of state and signed a lease over a month in advance of my move-in date and was told repeatedly by multiple staff members that moving in by that date was no problem. As the date arrived, I called the office to check everything was all set as I’d be travelling 6 hrs and my family already took days off of work to help me. They said a unit would be ready for me on the date I requested, I recieved an email confirming this, and spoke with a staff member via phone before leaving for Ohio and during my drive there. I was told I could move in that day if i arrived by 5pm and discussed that IF i dont make it by that time, I’d move in the next day instead. My moving truck was delayed but I still made it on time just to be told my unit wasn’t ready and keys hadn’t been made yet. They told me the staff member I spoke to that day claimed he told me I couldn’t move till the next day. I have an email stating i could move in on my requested date as proof but they insisted I had it wrong and one was rude about it. They didn’t take accountability for the issue or apologize and seemed to try to make me feel guilty for moving in earlier than usual by saying they had to “scramble” to get me a unit and they dont usually let people move in that early. I had to move in by a specific date for the school program I’m enrolled in which they knew far in advance. For more than a month multiple staff told me I could move in by that date but it seems after signing my lease no one took my move-in seriously or prepared a unit for me. When I arrived the staff were more concerned with ensuring I had the payment that’d be due the next day (which I did) and acted agressive about it. I ended up having to pay for a hotel that night and my parents schedule was delayed for getting home for work. Also, the early move-in fee was increased by $51 (with no explanation) from what I was initially told when i signed the lease. I finally moved in the next day but the apartment had dead bugs and cobwebs in every corner, a clogged sink, and broken window screens. I was told to submit maintenance requests but they haven’t fixed it after 4 days now. On day 3 the plumbers fixing the toilet in neighboring apartment had to cut a 12x12 hole in the wall under my sink to fix their issue and didn’t actually seal the wood back into place to block my cat from getting inside it, so I had to find a way to seal it on my own. I have only been here a few days and have experienced a lot of issues which is unfortunate because the apartment looks nice after I cleaned it, is spacious, and in a good location. Hopefully it get better from here.

If maintenance requests didn’t take months to get filled out it would be a lot better. Also if we could enforce a rule against blocking parking spots and the road it would be great! Half the time I cannot park near my apartment because of this. Great location and awesome amenities though!

Not consistent or professional.change management to much , lie to much, the only thing this place got going is the actual apartment for Athens there decent

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Good experience living here. Well connected by Athens public transport bus. Quiet and calm place. Prices are reasonable with furnished apartment.

Nice area that is close to campus and has a great staff. Allows dogs which is something different then most places. Has a laundry facilitate that has easy access for residents.

Staff is great, rooms are clean and nice, campus has a lot to offer, a lot of space outside for our dog and we cant wait until the community building is completed. We thi k it's going to be a great addition to the campus.

Everyone in the office is very helpful! Maintenance orders get done in a timely manner. The only problem I have is with the internet. It goes out very often in my building when I’m doing my homework.

It feels like the only thing the office cares about is the next best thing to attract a new client. I keep seeing all these amazing offers to rent with us, and wish some of that could go towards loyalty to residents staying here. It's kind of a slap in the face to stay here long term and see your money go toward having someone new come in and pay half what I do for a whole year. (No utilities promo/ free rent for x/months, etc)

It’s good but pool hours are horrible. Residents are nice and easy to get along with. Campus heights is pet friendly. Very close to a gas station and a few fast food restaurants.

My experience so far has been great. I love how quiet and safe the surroundings feel. My only concern is that when our apartment flooded with sewage water, they replaced the carpet in the hallway and it's a completely different color than the rest of the apartment.

Campus Heights is great place to live and not too far from town or college Campus. Plus there is not a lot sound from anybody up here at Campus Heights.

Neighbors have been great; have yet to have any issues in that regard. Power outages have been kind of frequent lately, and the internet has been less than optimal. Overall, decent.

I have not moved inlet, but I am anxious to see what apartment we will be moving into and have yet not received that information, and we are moving in soon.

It's in a quiet area of Athens, on a hill (so, good location I suppose) unless you prefer to ride a bike to places. I like that they're building a clubhouse now. That should be cool!

Great housing for students with a great location. I enjoy everything i do wish there was air conditioners in every room but other than that i love living in campus heights.

Had a very good experience so far. The only thing missing in Campus Heights is a washer and dryer. Never had any problems living here and the maintenance responds pretty quickly if you face any issues.

It's been a decent experience so far for both me and my little boy we are in month May and moved here in January and so far it's been nice we have had are faults but it's been alright

Campus Heights is great, especially for Athens. It's near OU and a short distance from Uptown Athens. It's a good value and quiet. I can't say enough nice things about the community.

Great staff. They made the whole leasing process very easy. They answered everything and were very helpful with everything. They have been very fast to answer emails when I have had questions as well.