Nice apartments Payment needs to add credit card Gym is neat The added cap is probably the best part about the deal . Not a bad plAce to live overall

I love the unit I live in! The space is attractive, the community is inviting, and the accommodations are truly pleasing. The staff at the main office are always friendly and my randomly-assigned roommates are a great match. I would recommend my peers to live at Campus Lodge.

I really love the different amenities you provide. I didn't have a lap top the first semester of school so the fact that you had a computer lab really helped me out.

Apartments have an old and dirty feeling and the quantity of speed bumps is really excessive. The only other complaint is the bathroom fan being so loud and the laundry machines not working very well.

Campus lodge is a good place to live. They do a good job keeping up the apartments and you can meet a lot of new friends. Its just been great living at campus lodge.

It's been pretty fair. the apartment it's self is pretty nice. I really enjoy everything in the year I've been here. I'm glad I decided to resign

I love living here at Campus Lodge. The all-inclusive community makes me feel at home! With utilities, parking, furniture, shuttle, and amenities all included, how could you say no?

It's preety cool living here. Minor problems but nothing too horrible. I've been living here for 2 years and the things that I dislike about campus lodge are the fact that the shuttle doesn't run longer, the Internet messes up sometimes and sometimes there are some questionable overages, but other than that, campus lodge is pretty good.

I love it. You really get what you pay for and its a better deal than other places in town. It's also a great location and has lots to do. Some other places make you go to another complex to use a pool or gym facilities. Campus Lodge has got it all.

They are great and you get what you paid for and they have nice amenities. You don't have to go anywhere else to do anything. The location is perfect!

It's a good first apartment in college. Good amenities and rent includes everything which is nice. Nice sized rooms and living room. Kitchen was small though

Had a good shuttle system that has yet to fail me. The apartment is pretty nice as well I enjoy having my own bathroom and washer and dryer. Although the I do wish that the pool was open more. And I wish they had a recycle system but everything just goes into the trash

It's not bad, but it hasn't been great either. You get a lot for the price, but the kitchen is small for 4 people and there always seems to be something new that's broken. That being said, the maintenance has been really quick about fixing everything that breaks.

I've lived here for 2 years, & it's been mostly a great experience. Some things need to be updated but it was a good 1st apartment. Some other apartments similar in price range seem to have nicer amenities.

I love campus lodge! It's perfect for the college experience and it feels like home. All the workers are wonderful and helpful and always have a smile on.

You get your monies worth, but would be better if the shuttle ran longer and there was earlier/convenient notice when management/maintenance will be entering.

pretty good. Maintanence is in time. Staff are friendly. However the apartment room got pretty old over years.. And NO we didn't get renew last year.

Maintenance is very good- fast response time which is awesome. Great amenities. When we first moved in, the downgraded apartment was a bi of a shock- ugly tiles and it wasn't clean at all. Crappy internet and TV provider. But has a great location and shuttle.

I've lived at Campus Lodge for two years now and its been a great home away from home! The amenities, bus and distance from campus are great.

Management is super nice, but the tour is highly misleading of the non-upgraded units. Plus, the non-upgraded units have faulty, old equipment (my stove caught fire over Winter Break). Plus, it takes a while for maintenance to respond, if the work order gets written up. I think my biggest problem is my neighbors, though. I've had to deal with everything from broken beer bottles and busted, rotten pumpkins, as well as partying for any reason. It's better than living on campus, but only barely.

Not really impressed with the facility, and everything is all ways breaking down. When we moved in it was filthy and a lot was broken. We have called about our broken fridge and they have come in to try to "fix" it so many times and it just breaks again in a few weeks.

It has been a good experience. I have minimal issues with the apartment, and it is a good environment. I like to work out in the rec, and lay in the hammocks

They have a nice facility, and they have cool events for students. They really make it fun to live there! There were just a few little things wrong with the apartment like the ice maker wasn't working. The maintenance came several times and it finally started working.

Upgraded apartments are super nice but I have to put in frequent maintenance requests for things like the smoke detector, bugs, my sink, etc. The parking lot is HORRIBLE! I drive a low car and there are huge sink holes in the parking lot that management just now "fixed" by barely even filling them in half way. If they were going to start the job they might as well do it right. The management needs some work too, they are always entering my apartment with as little as a days notice and I've had TWO separate issues with clerical errors that then took ages to fix. I do love having my own bathroom and the actual apartment though.

I like it so far except for the parking. I almost wish we had labeled parking because if i live at the last apartment i don't want to walk half a mile to get to it because i can't find a spot. Other than that i don't have any complaints so far.