Overall a very good place to live. As a student, it is nice to be so close to campus. The leasing office overs 24 hour access to computers as well as printers. I also enjoy the pool in the summer.

Campus Pointe is a very nice place to live for a Kent State University student. It’s usually quiet, with occasional noisy evenings, but maintenance is usually pretty quick.

While the clubhouse was under construction, amenities were limited. Amenities are something included in our rent and we did not get money off of our rent during this time. A LOT of things have broken in our apartment. The breezeway has not be cleaned a single time since August and it is disgusting. The apartments and rooms are nice. However the cleanliness and treatment during the clubhouse reconstruction is not ideal. I do enjoy living here, the rooms are nice, maintenance is fast when you need repairs and the amenities are nice when you can use them.

Great place to live, but there's been a lot of construction around here lately that disrupt the peace and make the landscape look dirty. However, the clubhouse remodel looks awesome!

My time at Campus Pointe has been a very fun and enjoyable experience. The staff in the office and maintenance staff are very nice and efficient. Great place to live!

This community wasn’t bad but they take it very serious and I wish the amenities were better. Things are half done and things should be a lot better.

Very good living space. I feel at home. The amenities are awesome! I’m happy to have a place to feel like I am at home when I am awa at college.

I love my place. It’s nice rooming with friends. When something goes wrong they are quick to help. Everyone is very nice at the office and I have gotten to know the staff.

i love living here! staff is very friendly and maintenance always does a great job. although there is problems with the wifi, overall a great place

I like living at campus pointe. Everything is clean and the proximity to campus is great. The office has many events and make me feel at home with all the free food!

I really like living here. Maintence is great with fixing things, and staff always is super nice and helpful. The clubhouse looks awesome too so far. Good community overall

I love the environment and the apartments are really nice. My only complaint is not enough visitor parking and my neighbors are really loud.

These apartments are obviously nice, maintenance always comes same day or next day to fix a problem. There are always open parking spots, it is only noisy in the weekends. There can be trash outside but it’s usually gone by the end of the week. Printing is free and that’s a big deal, wish the office was open for longer hours. Great place, would love more for lower rent of course lol!

Need to reinforce the trash rule! Neighbors leave trash outside their door :( SO GROSS! Should also get a recycling bin! So we can recycle!!

I think Campus Pointe is a nice community. I feel safe, however I will be ready when construction is done.. everywhere. The assistants are helpful, I wish I would’ve gotten the job.

Would be a lot better if you guys didnt switch cable providers three times already this year. Would also be great if the wifi didnt go down once a week

Nice apartments, love the pool, love that it’s furnished when moving in, enjoy that it is off campus but not too far from campus, love having own bedroom and bathroom

I love living here. No only is the staff fantastic, but also understanding. I want campus pointe to know that if I was living in Kent again, there is no doubt I’d chose here

Living in the actual apartment is nice but construction as been going on with our “amenities” for a semester and a half even though they told us it would be done before we moved in. Several calls and emails have been placed but with no response. Also I have posted on the apartment complex Facebook page and my comments were deleted. They advertise 24/7 maintenance but that actually only means maintenance from 9-5 Monday through Friday. Hopefully nothing breaks on the weekend for you because you’d be out of luck! Also the girls who work at the clubhouse are without fail, rude.

I have been a resident here for multiple years. All around The best place to live in Kent. Great management, all around great living experience.

I really love the apartment itself. Of course all of the construction is annoying but should be completed soon. My roommates and I had a problem and met with management and everything was settled. Great customer service!

There needs to be a recycling bin. The noise can be a bit much at times, especially at night. I’ve only lived here two weeks, but the staff so far has been nice and welcoming.

It’s nice to have people to live with only thing I don’t like is that the gym is very outdated but has very good technical support and work orders are completed quickly

This apartment complex is very well kept. The keep the outside very nice. The clubhouse is currently being renovate and it is very modern looking. They also have a nice pool. Near the pool there are nice grills. The apartments are also very nicely furnished. I love the furniture that we have here.

okay time here.things are clean i like my roommates. although getting spectrum is slot extra on my part when i already have a tv cord plugged in