It’s a pretty nice community away from home. I like the that’s they give snacks/ food to the community some times it’s nice cuz sometimes I’m to busy to make food or eat so that’s nice the staff is cool Jackie is the best though!!

I like living here so far. Everyone is really nice and I like our apartment a lot. The pool was really nice when it was open and I like the gym too.

It is a little pricey but I love all of the amenities like the fitness center and pool. Really nice clubhouse that has the computer lab with free printing, study rooms, fitness center, and tanning.

I have enjoyed my stay at Campus Pointe, but I find it not being up to the standards it once was. I think that they used to care more about the cleanliness of the community prior to this year.

One of the best communities I have been apart of, good people all around.. just an overall great place to live. Good workers and never anything loud going on!

It has been convenient because of its nearness to campus. The bus also helps with this. The management has always worked with me when needed

Everyone that I've met has been really nice and helpful. It's close to campus and on the bus line. Because it came fully furnished I didn't have to spend money on items that were already provided.

The apartment units are awesome. I love the fact that they are fully furnished. That helped a lot knowing that I’m only going to be in Kent for 4 years, not having to stress about buying furniture. The best part about these apartments is the fact that we all have our own private bathrooms.

Campus Pointe is in a great location and I enjoy living here. The maintenance comes in a timely manner and all the worker are very helpful..

Very good space to live in and the rooms come with their own bathrroms but the only downfall was that some of our appliances needed fixed when we moved in.

I love living here. It is defiantly like home the parking is great. the atmosphere here is comfortable. The free printing and pool is amazing.

I’ve only been here a couple of months and I love it! The staff is very welcoming and friendly. All the amenities are there, as promised. Campus pointe is a wonderful place to live.

Campus pointe is awesome! I love the kind staff and atmosphere. I love the way that the apartments look and the fact that there’s a washer and dryer in unit!

Living here is great! Everything is always well maintained and the room is really nice! I will definately be living here the rest of college

The staff of Campus Pointe is always very friendly, welcoming, and informative when going into the clubhouse. The ammenities are great! The only negative thing is that the stairwell and outside of all of the apartments are VERY dirty and have never been cleaned throughout my 2 years of living here.

I love the environment and assistance from the leasing office staff but the apartment isn’t well kept. If the price was a little lower i could understand but not for the price we pay. They make it up in all other areas though

The rooms and apartments are nice and big but the tanning bed maintenance needs to be better!! I also don't think that the staff is as friendly as it could be!

I have random roommates they don’t really match with my preferences. Apartments were filthy when I moved in, they should’ve been cleaned before any new resident moved in. Parking is great. Walls are very thin

I love the furnished apartment and community atmosphere. It's nice to be able to do your own laundry without leaving your apartment! And having a dishwasher is a major plus!

Overall the apartments are pretty nice. The clubhouse is great and it’s nice that it’s open late to print. I like that it’s only a short drive to campus.

Very friendly staff and lots of activities to do around the campus pointe! I especially love the 24 hour gym and the cute snacks that are set out each day in the club house. Love it here :)

I like campus pointe so far, I’ve been here a month so far and other than some minor fixes needed when I moved in it has been great! I enjoy that the Kent state bus route includes campus pointe for those who do not have car. It provides students their own space while still allowing them to feel like a student

My experience has been nothing but great. Anytime we have any issue, the maintenance crew is always available to come help us out. The staff is friendly and willing to work with us. The apartments are beautiful and large. We love the complex

It has been ok so far. When I first moved in there were dead flies everywhere. And I had to clean them up but they kept coming back and finally maintenance fixed the problem and it went away. But other than that, its been cool. The gym, and clubhouse in general is cool and fun.

So far my resident experience has been about a 3 out of 5. I love my apartment and the ammenties offered have been very helpful. On the other hand, there are a few things I am unhappy with. When I arrived my apartment had not been cleaned at all and it took 4 hours for my family to get the apartment to a point I was comfortable with. Then moving forward, I was very unhappy when the parking lot in front of my complex was closed for a week without any reasoning or notice given. Notice was given for the other parking lot being closed, but neither my roommates or myself received any notice of our parking lot being closed.