I give Campus Pointe a five star rating overall. Our apartment is a great size and very well kept. We had maintenance work done on our sink and the response work was fast and the worker was super friendly and worked very efficiently.

I love living at Campus Pointe. The apartment is amazing and I love that we each get our own bedroom and bathroom. The only complaint I have is that the rent is very expensive.

This is my second year here, and it's been a lot better than the first. The first year was filled with many bugs. My only complaint this year is that the dishwasher has malfunctioned a couple of times.

Good location. Perfect distance from campus, not too close not too far. Friendly and fast maitence :) friendly staff at the office. Easy parking and visitor parking.

I really like living here. The staff has always been really helpful, and whenever anything isn’t running smoothly maintainance has always been very helpful.

Nice apartment complex, excellent staff and like the individual lease concept. Not to far from Kent State University and also on the bus route

Amenities are great! I appreciate the guest parking for my guests. Wish my key worked for the clubhouse after hours so I could workout at and early in the morning. My toilet also clogs easily.

Residence experience has been fine. No complaints in general. There is not a lot of interaction within the area in which I live, but I can see a sense of community.

People are not noisy and there is never trash laying around. The grass is always cut and dogs are on their leash safe. Very aesthetically pleasing.

Community is great. Apartment is great. I wish the bathroom had locks on the doors though. The pool is a great asset and the gym area is also great.

My experience has been great at campus point. I have lived hear for two years and have enjoyed using the pool, gym and clubhouse. The staff is very friendly and I like being able to have my own bathroom in the apartment

I very much enjoy living at campus pointe! It is a great community. My favorite amenity is the clubhouse and printer access. The only downside has been loud upstairs neighbors.

I have really enjoyed living at Campus Pointe, the staff is super friendly and are always on top of maintenance requests! I also really love the clubhouse and amenities

Very nice apartments and I like the pool along with the fact that it is completely furnished and that utilities are included. The bedrooms and bathrooms are a good size

Its a great place to live but the walls can be thin and with this being a college place there are a lot of parties. It can get to be a bit much but you can call security to make them be quieter

i love this place, but the work out room is full of running around children and take up all the equipment. will not be working out there anymore.

The residential buildings are relatively clean, however the other residents can be very loud and cause disturbances. Weekend nights are where most of the troubles lie.

I love living at Campus Pointe the apartments are wonderful and the workers help us with anything we need. The amenities put us a step above the surrounding complexes!

Last year I was at campus pointe frequently since my friends lived up here. But one can't fully appreciate the apartment complex until you actually live there. The apartments are spacious and clean, and the complex offers so many amenities.

There are some Maintenence issues that were "fixed" but then immediately went back to how they initially were. It's stressful to have to worry about stuff like that while trying to focus on grad school.

Campus Pointe is the perfect place for Kent State Univeristy Students! The staff is attentive and always on top of things. I'm so glad I found a place to feel at home.

The staff is super helpful and accommodating. The apartment is clean and nice. Maintenance has been prompt and helpful when needed. Loving it so far!

Overall I’ve had a good experience. The atmosphere is nice. There’s transportation that makes it easy to get to class and the store. I appreciate the staff.

I like living here a lot, the amenities are great and the unit is very nice. Any time I needed something fixed someone was here very promptly!

Great besides one neighbor who leaves there dog cage outside with dog feces in at and does not clean it. other than that it is an amazing place for STUDENTS to live I emphasize students because I see little kids running around and this should not be where little kids grow up!!!!