Very excellent staff and lots of amenities. Apartments are well kept after and it is a very pleasant experience living here. Snow removal takes longer than it should

Nice place to live. I really like the apartment set up. Unlimited electric for 50 dollars a month is nice as well. The community area is very cool. All around pretty nice

So far this place feels lie a second home to me, making new fridns getting to know my roommate its so much fun, and the office people are so nice and friendly its a lot of fun talking to them.

my experience so far has been great and I love the community and I'm excited about the club house. There are a lot of perks with the free printing and the nice work out space

I enjoy living here at campus pointe, but management is sometimes rude and difficult to communicate with or get ahold of. Other than that I genuinely enjoy the atmosphere and community here at campus pointe!

Two men from the maintenance team unexpectedly let themselves into my locked apartment after knocking once. I heard a knock but I was in the bathroom, they gave me no time to get dressed and when I came out in my robe to see who it was I saw that there were two guys walking around my apartment. I didn’t receive an email or a flyer stating they were doing inspections. I didn’t feel I had privacy if the staff can just let themselves in whenever. This isn’t the first time they’ve just let themselves in without my notice. There was another time when a man let himself in with a mattress for the other bedroom saying he needed to swap them. The mattress he brought was dirty and had stains on both sides, the one he took had a much cleaner appearance than the “new” one, which I found weird.

Campus Pointe has great apartment layouts and amenities as incentives to live here. The staff is attentive and always attempting to help us out to the best of their ability. The only things that need attention are the walkways needing power washed as they are constantly covered in caked on food/ dirty greasy spots. The cable also needs attention as it does not provide a clear picture and stations go in and out constantly, making it seem as if we don’t even have access to basic news stations.

The internet service is not working as well and the printer never works during the night. Rooms are not clean. The staff are friendly and answer any questions you need help with.

I love Campus Pointe apartments very much. It is extremely cozy and is my home, away from home. I can’t wait to live here next year and hopefully more years after that!!

So far, I've loved everything about Campus Pointe. The process of signing a lease is streamline, everyone I've contacted is nice, and the rooms are immaculate!

Everyone is extremely friendly and my living space is very comfortable. I am happy with my roommate as we both listen to the same music and play the same games

It’s awesome and the living conditions are great. I love where I live and I’m glad I chose Campus Pointe as my home while I’m at Kent. Overall it’s great

I love living at Campus Pointe. It gives me the privacy I prefer without draining my wallet, and the number of community events is wonderful for making friends with other residents.

I love almost everything about Campus Pointe. Everything is nicely updated, there are a lot of perks, and the community is nice. The only thing I wish I could change is that when we first moved in, the apartment wasn’t ever cleaned before hand. My roommate and I did a lot of cleaning, finding old socks and shirts from the last resident, having to mop, clean the carpets, scrub out the microwave, among many other things.

Living at Campus Pointe has been a great apartment experience! My favorite thing about my semester here was the amenities. Free printing, a pretty good tanning bed, and snacks/ coffee! the only downside was when they were out of supplies

It’s great living here ! I love it wonderful staff easy going great service great building definitely talked about it with my friend they are interested in movy

The experience is ok so far. The rent needs to be lowered for my renewal tho. They want me to renew but still want me to pay the same amount.

It was nice to find a shelter in campus pointe . Room was nice and well arranged for individuals. Staffing team is too supportive to address the concerns of residents . I would certainly suggest this place for others .

The walls are super thin but I love my apartment . I like having my own restroom in my bedroom. There are a few bug problems but overall great apartment.

A very nice place to live. I feel safe and comfortable. A few things could be better. But it is nothing that is an inconvenience. It is all tolerable. I look forward to the rest of the my time living here.

Although I love campus pointe, my apartment was the room beside the girl who shot off a gun. So. I’m still a little uncomfortable around my apartment room sometimes but it’s been taken care of so it’s a little bit better. (Apartment 1831; Room 78 is mine and the one across the hall shot the gun awhile ago, it’s been taken care of through campus pointe tho). Also, the grass area in front of our building is always full of dog poop so if theres a way to remind residents to pick up their dogs poop so I could take out my trash without worrying about it, that would be great.

That apartments are pretty nice, I dont know about how expensive though, but I guess they're cheaper than other places. Staff is nice, loud parties occasionally, but nice place.

Love living here, it has great ammenities and perks. I like the way the clubhouse is set up and how the community leaders are there to help right away.

Pleasant place to live. Can be noises due to the majority of residents being college kids but that’s to be expected. Staff is always very nice and helpful.

I would say that it is really good , but some of the materials used for the apparent itself aren’t the best. However , the safety and parking and club house is great.