Just moved in so far am enjoying it but had some down falls compared to the room I was shown including old furniture, broken fridge and dim lights

Amazing service! I’ve lived here for 2 years now and I can’t complain about anything. The staff is super friendly and they always looks out for you.

I love the community here and the friendly staff! They have all been very helpful to me and my roommates. We had a big falling out and the office was extremely helpful in getting us in a better environment.

Campus Pointe is amazing. Won’t find a better apartment in Greenville. Awesome staff, very helpful and understanding, very quiet and safe place to live.

Was able to sublease quickly. Chose to sign a lease for 2019-2020 because of my amazing friends! I was able to help my friend get a roommate.

It was subpar at best, something was always broken. Our apartment door lock was even broken when we moved in. I got robbed once here and am glad to be moving out

Overall, it is a good community. The office is always hosting events for free giveaways, food, and other items which is nice! I like the gym and parking is always available for residents.

I love my experience here. It’s a very chill, quiet environment but when it’s time to have fun people will show up & show out on a good pool day. The staff is great as well. They’re always extra helpful & take care of their residents the best way possible. Thank you Campus Pointe!

So far I’m really liking living here. It’s quiet and my roommates are really cool. I have no complaints. I met the maintenance guy Travis when I was moving in. He asked me about the room and said he did the work on it himself and made sure everything was okay. That was really nice.

Across two years at Campus Pointe, my experience has only been positive. The community and amenities are nice, and maintenance teams have been both understanding and responsive of my requests.

Affordable rent in a very practical location with average amenities and great staff. The appliances, carpeting, and other features of the apartments are what you would expect based on the price.

This complex has been really great so far. Had a few appliances and things that needed to be fixed upon first moving in, however, these things got fixed rather quickly.

Great people, Great Staff. I have really enjoyed my stay at Campus Pointe. My roommates have been awesome and they did a really good job at matching us.

I’ve enjoyed living here so far. It’s been very peaceful & all the people in the office are friendly which also makes it that much better. The occasional community events at the office also shows that the Campus Pointe’s appreciation for their people.

Really awesome living spaces especially for students. There have been very few issues and all are resolved quickly. I️ just wish that recycling was available.

I’ve lived here for 5 months with my two sons. It’s at a very convenient location with more amenities than I imagined for a smaller apartment complex. Having acces to a pool, hot tub, fitness center and tanning bed for free are all perks I enjoy. The bus for ECU comes right to the complex every 30 min on schedule. I haven’t had any issues with neighbors or maintenance. I love it.

Its been a wonderful experience moving to campus pointe. So far everything has been more than great. It’s spacious, affordable and a great location near work and anywhere I need to be.

Me and my roomies love this place feels like home and just love the people around us. It brought us a new friend who is our new roommate also

Real good service. Only downside so far is just the little things from the last tenants. Besides that, the gym is my favorite part of the place.

Good apartment complex. Staff is nice. Maintenance sometimes takes awhile for larger issues. Highly recommend for anyone looking to come to Greenville for school I would love to live here again

The main light in my room doesn’t work since I have moved in. Other than that I enjoy living here with the spacious room and outdoor environment to walk the dog.

It has been very nice living here for the past year and a half. The area is very nice and quiet with very useful amenities that I appreciate. The staff is also very kind and helpful.

Great place to live... nice people and friendly staff. Big closet place and homely apartments. Quiet and nice neighborhood. Everything you need to make it a home.

It is good , the carpet could be replaced after every two years though that would help with some smells in the rooms , the maintence is great though Mr.Travis is very quick to assist me with my issues with the apartment

My resident experience has been great so far. The people who live around me are awesome, the front office people are always there to help if I need it. They even know me by my first name!