Since moving in I’ve had a toilet break which they fixed immediately for no charge. Moving in was super easy and all the front desk employees are super sweet!!!!

Me and my roommate really enjoy living here. There is always something going on. The space in the apartments is great and gives everyone room.

The staff is very patient and COMPLETELY understanding of any situation as long as you communicate with you they will work it out with you. Great place to live as long as you take care of what's yours.

Overall, it’s a good choice for new, upcoming, students who are joining the ECU community. There really isn’t anything bad to say, as I haven’t had a bad experience so far.

Really nice apartments for a great price! And the staff is always helpful. I love the fact that everything comes fully furnished & you can tell they try to keep everything up to date.

My time here at campus pointe has been overall great. The employees all do a spectacular job of keeping in touch with residents, are punctual with check-ins and maintenance and keeping the environment as welcoming as possible.

Nice, clean apartments. The floors are really nice, but the carpets look like they're from a school/office building? Utilities are included though, which is really nice.

It's ok. The staff is very friendly rent it to expensive. The jacuzzi doesn't work. The bus rides are only every 45 mins. The maintenance is very responsive l

Living at campus pointe was a wonderful experience. Choosing Campus Pointe as my first off-campus housing was the best decision I feel like I could’ve made.

Campus Pointe is a great place to live. It is all-inclusive so you do not have to pay for utilities or furniture. The clubhouse also has useful amenities, such as the gym and computer lab.

Somewhat noisy location being on the corner of 10th street and Greenville Blvd considering it’s within a mile of the fire and police department otherwise it’s an okay place to live.

Campus Pointe has been a really great place to live. The people are nice and its a friendly community. The only thing I would say is in the future maybe hire another maintenance man so you can cover work orders faster. But other than that this place is amazing.

The living situation is pretty good, the staff are nice and the neighborhood is well placed. I like the restaurants in the surrounding area and I'd recommend people go out to eat at all the local places!

Best student living apartments, I’ve been in NC for about 6 years and campus pointe is on the top of my list. You have a pool and a hot tub...on site gym and tanning bed don’t forget the clubhouse which has pool tables and tv and it’s always something there for you to snack on!!

I love living in Campus Pointe - the apartments are nice, maintenance is quick, and all the ladies in the front office are amazing! I feel like I'm at home because I am! :)

My experience here as a resident is humbling. This was my first apartment, and it helped give me a sense of independence as well as something I can call my own. I'm beyond grateful for this experience, but my only complaint would be how the complex is situated. Leaving the complex is such a pain most of the time due to traffic and limited outlets.

I really enjoy the area and how quiet the apartment complex is. It’s not a far drive and the proximity to food, stores and pharmacies are a nice bonus. The gym is nice. Getting packages is pretty easy, although I feel like there should be a way for packages to be dropped off after hours because I’ve had many failed delivery attempts which delays me getting packages I need like textbooks. The issue for me was the amount of broken things in my apartment. I feel like it has been nonstop with maintenance. While they are pretty quick about fixing things, I feel like many shouldn’t have been issues in the first place. For example, when I moved in our couch and chairs in the living room were stuffed with trash from the previous tenants, and that should have been cleaned prior to our move in. We also didn’t have any smoke alarm batteries, and didn’t come to offer us any for at least a week so I had to install some myself. Not a perfect apartment by far, but for the price I’m ok with it.

Everything has been pretty great so far. First year, there was a bit of an issue with noisy dogs, but that went away with the wave of residents, so all in all, I would say everything is pretty good.

Everything has been great. Maintenance has been fast for the issues that I needed. The front desk people are always helpful. Safe feeling in the community as well

I love living at Campus Pointe! The apartments are nice, everyone is super friendly, and I can get to camlus easily using the busses. Life is good at Campus Pointe, 10/10 would recommend 👍

I’ve been at Campus Pointe for a and 2 months and I absolutely love it! Everyone’s nice and understanding. I also have a walk in closet, a nice size room and my own bathroom in my room.

I have been a tenant here almost a year now. It's a nice quaint place close to every necessity. I haven't met any rude neighbors or had a conflict with crime. Staff is friendly and maintenance always checks in to make sure the job was done correctly.

The atmosphere is wonderful, the staff is helpful, the system for keeping everything clean and up to date is efficient. I really enjoy this place!

Everyone is friendly, the amenities are nice and maintenance is reliable when called upon. Though our last move-in was a bit rocky, any problems we had were solved before they became too much of an issue.

I love living at Campus Pointe! Great location that is very convenient for grocery shopping, eating out, commuting to campus and even the North Rec Complex.