Horrible. People came into my locked room while I was sleeping for no reason. Cashed multiple checks of mine that they said they would shred.

Nothing ever gets fixed. The person that runs this is never helpful and couldn’t even fix our keys because she didn’t come in for 3 days. We had to leave our apartment unlocked for a total of 5 days. The parking lots are solid ice in the winter. There is no salting here.

The CAs are nice, the managers not so much. I've had to go back and forth with management over the same issues too many times, I feel they should've been resolved the first time. Looking forward to moving out and never looking back.

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I haven’t been happy with the service by any means since Jackie and Bill left. Poor service! Rushed off the phone every time I call. I find it rude and unprofessional.

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I won't recommend anybody to live here. It's terrible. I had bugs in my bed and windowsill when i first moved here. I signed a lease in march/april and my apartment wasn't ready for june. Never again.

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a very bad experience Ihope the rime go fast to get out of the Campus pointe. when i first came here my experience was really nice, but after the manger has been changed i got all the bad experience your new manger and policy make me want to leave as soon as possible.

We have had cockroaches in our apartment for a good two months now and they're still not gone. It's absolutely disgusting and do not want to bring them to my family's house. I enjoy the free tanning, but I'm honestly upset I renewed my lease. If I would've known we would get cockroaches and not have anyone get rid of them, I would have not renewed my lease.

Too expensive for the quality of the apartment we get. Nice neighborhood and close to school but need better management and staff. Also, Raising Canes being right in front of the apartments is inconvenient and odd.

It's an alright place to live due to location, but it has poor management and if you have a problem in your room it takes a while for it to get fixed.

I am still waiting for my window after two and half weeks. It is very very very very cold in my room and i can't keep turning the heater up.

Campus Pointe, Kent Ohio. They lost me lease upon me moving into the summer. Placed me in the incorrect style room I signed for and did not inform me of this or the up-charge it was costing me. I still have yet to receive any copy of my original lease signed. They have attempted to make minimal compensation for the stress and financial inconvenience they’re office caused me.

Always something wrong with the appliances. They never properly fix it. Except for Brandon, he is exceptional. Multiple people have came to fix my toilet, and dish washer, however Brandon fixed it on his first time visiting the apartment.

Signed a lease way too fast, my actual apartment doesn't look like the model. I feel trapped I feel like as soon as you sign a lease they could care less about you.

My rating is low for this review due to a number of reasons ranging from the construction and inability to use clubhouse facilities to be cleanliness of the property. Form day one, my roommates and parents when helping me move in complained of how dirty the stairwells are and each floor outside of the doors. Most importantly, it was absolutely ridiculous that we had to pay full price and not receive a discount when the clubhouse was being renovated and the amenities were shut down. I remember being in the gym and inhaling fumes form the construction; bathroom was shut down; roommates complained that tanning was closed. Absolutely ridiculous for the price we pay each month. Staff is generally very welcoming and helpful, but every other week there is something wrong with our apartment. Fans in the bathrooms are extremely loud along with the washer, dishwasher, and vent in our living room. Garbage disposal has broken twice and we complained about marijuana fumes coming from the apartment below us and they said there is nothing they can do.

Customer service is not the best. There have been multiple issues from the day I signed the lease but they’ve corrected them. Living conditions are nice and I haven’t had any real issues with my roommates or neighbors.

The maintenance members at the campus point in Kent are awful. They extremely rude. The dishwasher was leaking and instead of helping they left a note for my roommate saying "didn't fix it, 'maybe next time don't use dawn dish soap (:" very sarcasticly on the paper. It is super unnecessary when my roommate is smart enough not to use dish soap.

Not bad but expensive, it should be way less than that. I could find a place cheaper than campus pointe, but it’s my last semester and I don’t have the time to move out.

Overall pretty good. I have had some issues though. Our dishwasher has broken at least 3 times and when maintenance comes it fix it they just walk in unannounced which isn't okay. Also during warmer weather people don't clean up after their dogs.

the rooms are wonderful but the staff is incredibly rude and not willing to help you what so ever. would love to re sign if that was even a little different.

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Overal the living experience is decent. A lot of problems within the apartment. Need better equipment such as microwaves, stoves, washer/dryers.

great facilities including tanning, gym, printer, computers and of course the swimming pool. *although it required a wristband*. the team worked hard to fix all issues in the apartment

I appreciate that the apartment comes with furniture and all the appliances work pretty well. What I do not like though is the kitchen appliances and their quality. I feel like we pay a lot so they could be better. Other than that its not too bad.

The apartments themselves are clean and spacious, however the actual apartment community is loud and plagued with too many disruptive parties. I’ve been kept up past midnight a few times because of flashing cop cars with bullhorns trying to settle large groups of students who flock to the apartment community.

It's good so far. Sometimes the staff are confusing and say things that confuse me but other than that the house and everything is good. I like living here.

When I first moved in I noticed a few problems. As days go on I would find a new peoblem. I think after calling maintenance a few times I'm finally settled. The worst problem for me would have to be the bugs outside & inside the apartment.