The stuffs here are very good. It is comfortable to live here. But I am a little confused of the payment of utilities using simple bill. It is too expensive for the extra charge of simple bill.

Campus View has been a good place to live for the low price I am paying each month. We have had some maintenance issues, but they have all been corrected fairly quickly.

The staff is kind and attentive. I feel comfortable asking them any dumb questions I may have. And the my room is a great size for the price. Plus, all the amenities are amazing.

Living here at Campus View has been amazing!! I love the low-key atmosphere and the friendly vibe that radiates from all the employees. I would definitely recommend!!

Enjoy living here! I love the apartment and how friendly the front office always is. Having the shuttle to campus is really nice as well. There is also plenty of space for my dog.

Great amenities, comfortable environment, and it comes with a good price. Everyone in the office is nice and kind. One thing to improve maybe, is to add more hours to the shuttle to campus. I would suggest until 9PM. Great job campusview, I enjoy living here :)

Prior to living on campus view I live with a couple my friends on the north side. My landlord over there her and I really didn't get along very well, and when I decided to move out of there ben just took me in. I had to move in about a month before all the other residents and there was no problems whatsoever. I got to move then I got to just be a resident early because I didn't have anywhere else to go. So my stay has been great. I have a home I've made new friends. And the amenities are great

So far so good. Not too much to complain about. I like how quiet is is and how I can come and go I in peace. Keep the activities going for community

The staff is friendly and the maintenance is very responsive. The neighborhood is great and there is no noise problem. The bills, rent and utilities, are fair priced.

Just moving in.paired with a lady who is my excited to move in this awesome place! I know I'm going to love it here! close to everywhere in Columbia!

Living at Campusview Apartments has been a great experience so far. The staff are friendly and very helpful, and they always address maintenance issues promptly. They really make an effort to create a fun, interactive community to live in.

It has been a blast to be here. Just a fun time, with cooperative and friendly roommates. The amenities are quite useful when needed for assistance with any problems that occur with school.

Campus view community is great, people seem very friendly. No complaints about noisy neighbors like other places I've lived. Lots of stuff to do here.

Campus View apartments are close to campus, well furnished, and have lots of great amenities that make it an amazing place to live while going to college. The shuttle bus runs every 30 minutes so it's super easy to get to class even without a car. I highly recommend.

It started out kindof rocky when I subleased but have had a great experience since signing my current lease! Will be staying here as long as I can.

I love living here! Everyone is so nice and willing to help you out with whatever situation. There are so many activities that campus view throws and you can invite anyone you like.

The staff is really welcoming and nice, promptly responding to resident needs. The apartments are nice but I would note that the prices are pretty high for 2 bedroom residents in my opinion.

The appliances were very subpar to what we were expecting, especially from the mode apartment we viewed when we visited. But the shuttle is great and pool is great.

Pretty great so far. I have only lived here for a few weeks and the only problem I have had is when we got here the fridge and air conditioning did not work.

its a very friendly and clean community. i enjoy staying here. Everything that i use gym, bank, stores etc. is in walking or short drive distance.

doing well, There are few things that can be improve. I would like if the shuffle ran until 9 0 clock. Give me more time to finish things instead of rushing

You guys are doing great. I believe that there needs to be more fun activities on the campus view property. Maybe have a party every week at the club house.

Cool office crew, cool maintenance crew, cool amenities, attractive neighbors, and best of all a great price. Don't sleep on campusview. It's lit fam!

It's been a year I spent my grad life in Columbia, Missouri. Thank you campus view for giving me such a cozy place to live. The place is beautiful and the staff very helpful.

I have enjoyed my time here at campus view. I like the free shuttle, community events, and the free coffee. The apartments are in a great location