Great. Always a pleasure. I wish they had more paper to print rather than just bringing your own it would make things a whole lot easier and having more shuttles

Everyone was very friendly. Such a beautiful place ! I’m extremely excited for move in day . Big thankyou to those Great staff members , always willing to help with whatever you need

Everyone is super nice! The mailing situation can get pretty annoying and the walls are thin but otherwise it's been a good experience. If you can play white noise to cancel out some partying you are all good.

A great environment to live at, great people everywhere lease was easy to set up and website is easy to understand honestly I have no complaints about this place!

I really enjoyed living here! The amenities are great! Everyone is so welcoming and makes you feel at home. If I was staying in cstat I would renew my lease!

Always have a great time at the pool here at campus village. The lazy river is my favorite part and my friends also love it. Will always recommend these apartments to others.

Great community nice and quiet where I’m located at. I really like the fact that the landscaper is kept clean and appealing. I also like the people at the main office. Really nice.

The apartments were very nice. They were roomy and definitely have enough space for the average person to live in. As well as the accommodations are easily accesable

Campus village Is a wonderful place to live. The maintenance staff is very responsive and very effective. The main office is also very helpful if you have any questions!

I love how at home I feel. Everyone is so welcoming. My favorite part is hanging out by the pool and playing volleyball. I love when there is something on the screen to watch and I can hangout with my friends.

There should not be reserved parking. I am already paying hundreds of dollars a month to live here and I should not be needing to pay additional money just to park near my home.

Living at Campus Village at College Station is great. It is nice to be on not one but two bus stops and right next to a whataburger. There are always plenty of events to stay busy put on by Campus Village.

Overall good staff and nice accommodations. Maintenance always completes work orders in a timely manner and work hard to keep the community clean. Not enough guest parking within the community though.

I loved the tour, it was a great experience and everyone was so pleasant there. I really liked seeing the clubhouse, because it had a really nice pool area and gym. The apartment was also a very nice size with great accommodations.

Campus Village is a great place to live. I’m going on my third year living here so it shows that we are a tight knit community here. The amenities are great and so is the customer service

I don’t live here yet, but I already love this place! The staff is very friendly and the property is well maintained. I absolutely can’t wait to move in!

Living at campus village has been a great experience. The apartments are nice and the amenities are even better. The clubhouse and pool are so nice and well kept and the maintenance team always get their work down fast.

Would recommend 10/10. Great homes, even greater community. Staff are always willing to help and they provide many accommodations to help you succeed as a student. You won’t regret living here!

Staff and maintenance have been great in my two year here. Parking is still a big issue, but the WiFi has improved. Stepped in dog poop agin the other day, so that is still an issue. The summer is here, and with it usually comes the drug problem and many uninvited guest at the pool. Campus village- is sadly down grading.

Where very helpful at the front desk, and overall provided amazing service with not only the tour, but afterwards helping me out with any questions I had on the lease.

I have absolutely loved my time living at Campus Village. The staff is always so friendly, maintenance is TOP notch and overall, I haven’t had a problem in the two years of living here!

I’m not a resident yet but I have leased for the upcoming year and the experience already is good. The customer service at the front desk was good and the amenities are great.

Everything is awesome so far, location is just too far away from campus. The clubhouse and the amenities are so convenient and cool! My friends love the lazy river and I can’t wait to use it more.

Haven't started living here yet but it seems like everyone is happy living here. The common areas like the computer lab and stuff can come in handy in case of an emergency.

campus village has been great. nice people and easy to reach front desk. willing to work with you in order to get you into an apartment. fun