I think my favorite part of living at campus vue over other places having dogs everywhere. I dont have any pets, but i like that i have the option to get one in the future. I know theres issues with having dogs everywhere, like the flea epidemic, but it looks like yall have that issue under control now.

Nice place to live in. Come on down and enjoy staying at campus vue. Got cool amenities to pass your free time. They got tv with HBO so you know where to go if you wanna watch awesome tv shows

The game room. Is absolutely amazing great games great couches for the giant TV next to are you for refrigerator with great countertops. You’ll love it.

I love the rooms and the layout of the apartments. The hallways are usually always clean which I also appreciate, but I think that my favorite thing is that Campus Vue is close to campus.

It is a nice apartment and close to campus, It has good wifi, cool game room, and lots of activities to do every week. It is very big and has lots of room

the dogs i see from my apartment window.i also like my roommates and how much space the apartments have, you can do a lot and achieve a lot.

Close to school. Try to have weekly fun activities. Give out prizes sometimes and have challenges which can be interesting. Not a bad place to live

Great for anyone whom desires comfort, privacy, and literally just the most independence you can get in college. Better than dorms and better than regular apartments because it’s close to campus

Nice location and great amenities. Very close to the medical district and downtown area. Also close to restaurants and you can go wherever you need to in a few minutes!

Amazing place to live! Great staff, they're helpful and listens to complains and genuinely tries to fix them. Maintenance fixes problems quick and with ease.

I like that it's close to campus. It's a nice and roomy apartment that's within walking distance of campus and the building is relatively lean except for the stairs. I also wish rent wasn't so expensive.

My favorite thing about campus vue would have to be the location. It’s close enough to where i can walk to all of my classes. I am also in a fraternity so it’s convenient to be able to just walk across the street to the house.

My favorite thing is the location and my roommates. I always have a great time here. Also, the staff is so nice and helpful and I feel like they know me.

I like my apartment but it’s just I’m on the first floor but other than that i like it’s close to the train when i go to school and it’s a safe and quiet place.

The service here is amzing. Through the valet service and everything i truly love this place. The workout facility is fit for what i need to be working on and i love it.

My favorite thing about campus vue is the view and all the different types of people I’ve gotten to meet. Also I like the fact that the staff is nice.

I feel very good about my apartment. The air conditioner works well. Everything in th apartment is new. And my roommates are all very awesome.

The location relative to campus is actually super convenient. I can easily walk to my classes which allows me to wake up later and really savor the mornings

Management does its best to help resolve problems when issues arise and they are working on keeping up with the upkeep of the building and hopefully the parking soon.

I loved being able to walk to class and staying immersed in the college life. It was a great place to meet new people and have fun. I think the only downside was the neighborhood, but that's more about UH rather than Campus Vue's fault.

My favorite things about campus vue is the environment, the weight room, the game room. The wifi could be better because I can’t connect on my devices.

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My favorite thing about campus vue is the friendly staff and the very convenient location the apartment is in. The pool is also really nice.

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They are always on time with everything you need to know what to do with the dentist appointment at least one of the dentist appointment at least one of the most popular in the United States

size and location of apartment. the only issue is that the internet in never consistent and when you call and tell them it is not working. they will just give you a number to call

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I have a few favorite things about campus view that i am pleased with. One thing is the pool that is behind my building and also the fact we have valet trash

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