Moving in my apartment was filthy. When i brought it to a staff members attention I was told ”I would just clean it up myself.” I had a rat on my outside balcony, and Iv’e been dealing with roaches the entire time I’ve lived here.

Nice and friendly apartment office. Having lived here more than a year, and still my best choice. So close to campus for ten minutes walking distance.

Living here in the beginning was very stressful and the management was unconcerned with making the building safe. I can see that our new management is trying but it’s still a tough experience.

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The apartment seems to have finally found a good management for now. Ammenities are dirty the rooms are dirty and the place isn’t kept up with too well.

The service has been slow on maintenance. Otherwise all the better. I have been here for about four months and I really like the atmosphere. It’s been really fun and energizing to be around other people who are in my position. And I really enjoy being in the area that I live in. I think more people should definitelyCome and see for themselves how great it is here.

It’s was going fine, could look over the minor things wrong with this facility, but when my rent was messed up and I was charged fees I shouldn’t have been that’s when I stoped likening how the place was ran but my apartment and living situation is fine. Just management

I have nothing that bad to say, my experience living there has been fine. I haven’t had any problems living there so far. My apartment is fine.

Campus vue apartments are amazing, they have great customer service and love to help future residents. They’re very efficient and willing to work with you.

Problems I’ve had are just slow/none maintenance request, the elevator being down, excessive trash and bad scents occasionally but not too often. But pretty good overall.

Very convenient location for University of Houston students, apartments are nice and have a good layout. There’s a decent sized dog park and a lovely pool.

I enjoy the community events & maintenance is very prompt. This is also a great location- close to both University of Houston & TSU. I would definitely recommend these apartments.

I really like this place! It has everything I need. Amenities are great, nothing is broken and it is a good distance from campus. Overall a great experience!

Choosing a place to stay can sometimes be intimidating, considering you have to take into account the rate, location, and of course the view. Fortunately Campus Vue surpasses all of these concerns, and makes you feel right at home!

It’s okay. A lot of our maintenance request are ignored, yet we receive emails that our requests have been completed although no one has came to our unit. My roommate is dirty, so the kitchen and appliances are filthy and covered in grease and food. Sometimes there’s even gnats, but management doesn’t seem to care.

Nice nice nice nice nice nice very nice excellent awesome very nice great awesome service and a great place to live nice awesome service and a great place to live

I really like living at Campus Vue. It’s really close to campus which makes it very easy and thereby allows you to avoid any potential traffic. Overall great experience!

I’ve had a pleasure living here, I moved in here Fall 2019 and I’ve enjoyed it so far! Excited for the next semester to live here again, the pool and workout room is a plus as well!

The new management is very awesome! New things have been added to the apartments and they will always find a solution to any problems that you might have. Recommended to everybody to stay at Campus Vue!

The hallways, stair wells, and garage are either always dirty or have bad smells or both. I do like how welcoming the new management seems to be. It looks like they could start to make the place run a little smoother and look better.

After living in the apartments for a few months everything has been great from wifi to parking. The repairs get fixed within a few days and everything is convienent.

This is my first year in campus vue. My experience has been positive. The staff is super helpful and nice. The building is always clean and the apartments are super nice. I love my place.

It is okay. It works but they still haven’t gave me my visa gift card for $400 they promised on the day I moved in .. it’s December now . Always changing management and it’s very unorganized

Campus Vue Apartment are very nice in first impressions. But if you’ve been staying here for a while they have many flaws. However, the price you have to pay for a small bedroom area is way too much, they should think about lowering the price. Besides the pricing, the different views that comes with each apartment is a great view of the city or poolside; which is great!

The staff is a little unprofessional and there’s mold in the rooms but the apartments and the outside scenery looks nice. The work orders sometimes take forever to complete.

with the previous management it wasn’t anything to be happy about . I just wish they would care more about building 2 residences and make sure that the building are completely clean and non smelly