Campus Vue is a student housing place for students that go to the school It is located right next to the University of houston, which is in Texas

Almost nothing, really wish it was how it was before i moved in everything seemed perfect now that I’m here nothing works in my apartment maintenance sucks.

This community is horrible. They came off as amazing at first but that all changes. Despite the roach and rat issue these apartments aren’t bad when your stuff isn’t filled with rat dropping.

Campus Vue is located in Houston, Texas. Campus Vue is an apartment complex that leases their apartments to students. Campus Vue is by the University.

The gym and the study rooms are pretty nice. The study rooms are usually never busy so it's perfect since the library is always busy and may be a walk or dangerous at night.

Nothing gets done right. Everything always has a twist to it. The staff will tell you one thing and tell your parents another and then do what they want to do anyway.

Campus Vue is an apartment complex that houses students. It is located in Houston near the University of Houston in which students can stay and live in.

My favorite thing about living at the campus vue was the location to campus. It allowed me to save money on gas because I could walk where I needed to be.

The location is the best part about this place. Management is rude and lies a lot and they constantly are working on everything so it still doesn't feel like home.

Campus vue is an apartment complex that leases apartments to students who go to school in Houston. Campus due is located near the University of Houston.

There's nothing good about this place. The management doesn't care about the students living here. They promised me an incentive the first 30 days of moving here and its been like 60 days and I still haven't gotten it. There is throw up in the hallway and the power goes out randomly which I have learned to fix because their emergency night maintenance doesn't exist. Pizza is good though.

This place is poorly run. They will take your money for parking and then not enforce it. They will allow deadbeats who don't pay rent to live here, and not evict them. They will allow you to smoke pot despite their "zero tolerance" drug policy.

It's close to school. That's about all. The architecture isn't so great. If you drive and live in the first building it's so inconvenient and there are no visitor parking spots. The tow man comes and does what he do. Are cars have been broke into numerous times.

Campus Vue is a student housing apartment complex where students can live at. It is located near the University of Houston where students can live.

Least favorite is management. Especially Xavier. We need better service in the office and far less rudimentary and uncivilized behavior from office management. Xavier shows minimal care and simple lack of civil morality

this place sucks and the people are rude. maintenance is nice but can't fix shit. they over charge like CRAZZZZZZZYYYYYY. so keep your wallets wide open

Campus vue are student apartments that have fully furnished rooms. Campus Vue has rooms with either 4 bedrooms and baths, 2 bedrooms and baths or 1.

Campus vue is very close to campus, which is why I am here in the first place. Other than that I dont think the amount of money I payfor rent is worth living here at all.

Campus Vue is an apartment complex that is designed for students to live in. In is near the University of Houston. There is a parking garage.

Awful service and awful timing. This is a joke of an organization and if you ask me I would never recommend you guys to anyone. You guys play with people

bad administration and always smells like marijuana. the one good part is its close to university of houston. but there's only one study lounge for the entire building.

Campus Vue has nice apartments. Their apartments are fully furnished. Campus Vue has a twenty four hour gym and has a study area. It also has a lounge

Nothing. It's on campus and that's literally about it. The complex is poorly ran and it's more stress than satisfaction living here. The management team legitimately does not exist, it consists of about one person and he can't do it all. Work orders take no less than one week but that makes sense because it's a one man team.

I like the printers but there are a lot of bad things. My apartment is too small for what I pay and there isn’t much storage space. The furniture is also a really ugly color.

apartment was filthy when I moved in. Maintenance and staff are polite, but slow to respond to requests. I like the included amenities, however for the price of rent I would have expected better.