The location is amazing! But the best is the apartment layout and style. I love the community pool and heading down there with friends to grill and hangout. Beautiful!

I moved here because my daughter dreamed of living here and I choose to raise my daughter here and I am able to care for many professional and personal and family responsibilities because Casa Mirella makes my living easy and we have stayed for years. I’m

I moved in last month and the experience was so easy from start to finish I am so pleased with the management and staff! We moved from out of town and the dedication they put in to help with our transition will be greatly appreciate for years to come

Great office team! Nice community well kept , neighbors are extremely friendly. The location is great, located near shops and dining options .

It is a very good place to live, neighborhood is great, great school district. However the only downfall is dealing with some request we have submitted and we are still waiting for some things to be fixed.

Overall, I love the community. The location is great for me, the apartment is beautiful, the kids love the pool. The downside is that the walls (ceiling/floors) are so THIN!!! That may simply be the case with any apartment complex, but for what I pay a month, it drives me bonkers that I can hear my upstairs neighbors playing video games at 3am.

Great place to live, super clean and the apartment looks great, the office staff and maintenance are awesome, always willing to help out. Love it.

So far my experience living in my apartment has been very comfortable. the service when I arrived was very welcoming and helpful which made it very easy. All in all I’m looking forward to my time here.

I love the apartment, the staff has been great and super friendly, helping with everything with our out of state moving, hope the experience keep being great.

The staff was extremely friendly and helped ensure a seamless move-in process. The clubhouse, pool area, and fitness center is always clean.

Parking should be assigned. It should be based on how many bedrooms an apartment has. 2 bedrooms = 2 spots reserved. 3 bedrooms= 3 spots etc. Other than that things are pretty good.

New administration can improve in their communication skills and timeframes and keep customers up to date with any maintenance request submitted.

Casa Mirella is GREAT! Little to no issues with the apt. If you do run into something, the maintenance crew is on top of it! Roberto and the office team is terrific as well!

I love living here. It is a very nice community. The residents are friendly and we all look out for each other. The location is perfect! The maintenance team is quick and efficient.

Erika has been amazing from the moment we inquired about moving in, I was a previous resident a few years ago and I think she is way better and more attentive!

The apartment itself is great. Nice, modern, and roomy. Love having the washer and dryer in the apartment. We have an awesome view of the lake from our apartment and the balcony is huge. Clean and well maintained property. All maintenance requests have been handled promptly. We also really love the pool area. We haven't had any issues with parking and we love the daily valet trash pickup. Our biggest issue with the place is that it is constructed very poorly. Our relaxation in our own home is entirely up to our neighbors. We can hear everything through the floors and ceilings. Above us, we have heavy walkers who listen to music and movies with some sort of subwoofer. It literally shakes our apartment daily. I doubt they are trying to walk loudly or that they are watching tv extra loud; I think it's just how the place is built. Neighbors in the next building over, but facing our unit, have dogs that bark until 1:30 in the morning, constantly waking up our 3 year old son. There isn't much that can be done about the noise issues. That is the nature of living in shared spaces; however, I wish the place was built a little more sturdy so you don't have to hear your neighbors' conversations, crying children, etc. Maybe management can send out a reminder about being courteous to your neighbors.

Love the neighborhood. Everyone is friendly. Great neighbors. Great pool. Kinda bummed no more hot tub. Staff is great and maintenance keeps the neighborhood beautiful.

I've only been here a week, but loving it already! I especially had a wonderful experience with Erika in the office, she was so professional yet extremely friendly and helpful to me - even after the what felt like a million times I went in to ask her questions! Thank you Erika.

Me and family moved here 2 months ago and there's nothing I could think of to complain about, very nice and quiet neighborhood, if have kids I strongly recommend casa Mirella luxury apartments.

We moved from Oklahoma to here in February of 2019 and moved in here May. It's a nice place to live havent had the chance to meet a lot of neighbors. Love using our screened-in porch area that is probably my favorite part of the apartment. And the pool area is really nice too I like the zero entry. All in all, it is a nice place to live.

Great place to live! Very quick and effective maintenance team anytime an issue is reported, and the common areas including the gym, pool, etc are always kept very clean.

Its a wonderful place. The pool and deck are fantastic with the on free use bbq. Great gym with good machines. Lovely lake and fountain. Just in general a great place to live.

Were really happy with the neighborhood. Staff is friendly and helpful. Grounds are well maintained and neighbors are very nice. Great place to live.

Neat,Clean and well maintained society. Friendly staff and neighborhood. Nearby market and best part is nearby day care. Big patios. Quick maintenance services.

I’m liking so much to live here.Everything it’s ok It’s a good place to live,there are a lot of things to do here.It’s a Pet Friendly Place,so because this me and My Family is loving here