Sign in process was easy and effective. These rewards are a fun and easy way to get connected with other residents and get free stuff i love it.

With such a high volume of sorority girls living moving in, it is surprising Catalyst does;t have early move in available. Seems like a problem for everyone except Catalyst.

Catalyst is a really great apartment! A lot of security and pretty good management. Me and my roommates can not wait to live there again next year!

This place is pretty awesome. Love the maintenance crew, always on time and never left me hanging. Parking is nice , safety here is on point.

I am looking forward to moving in an August! I can't wait for what the new semester holds, and to meet several new people! Great customer service !

The building has a great location it's easy to get everywhere and the sizing per room is very generous. The ammenties which the building offers are also good!

I love living at catalyst! Next year will be my third year in this apartment. The staff is friendly and helpful! The locatin and proximity to campus and college town are the best part about living here!

I really like living at the Catalyst. I personally think that it has the best location of all apartments surrounding FSU, and I also think Catalyst has the nicest apartments.

I love catalyst, it's very safe and has updated ammenedies. I love the study rooms and work out rooms. The rooms and building are beautiful.

the location was nice. easy walk to classes. however it was also very noisy. you could hear people walking above you, as well as whenever they used their bathrooms. also just random sounds w/ pipes.

My apartment complex, the catalyst, was very good, the staff was nice But sometimes the halls had trash in them which was no very nice to see

The manager (Cami) and assistant manager (Justin) were very helpful with resetting agreements. Justin was very fast with emails and very good with communicating.

This is such a smart and easy way to earn rewards while helping out this company in simple ways whether liking a social media page or taking a quick survey it is so worth it!

The community is awesome. Everyone is very helpful. I haven't moved in yet, but working with the managers has made everything super easy and quick.

Love the amenities and everything offered here. Apartment feels very upscale and modern looking. Only complaint is that sometimes the front desk will forget about something or lose a form so you have to keep track of everything done with them.

good and quick response to maintenance requests, helpful front desk staff, all questions are always answered promptly and completely, quick responses

Overall, the apartment is great. The location is really the best part. But also, the pool and the private treadmill helps. Service is quick and great, parking is fine, WiFi is a little spotty at nights, and the front office is really nice. Overall, no real complaints.

Catalyst is an amazing student living facility. There are so many perks that come with living here, especially the location. It is in the heart of CollegeTown and minutes away from campus!

Signing at catalyst was the greatest decision i've made in college so far. All of the staff work so hard to meet the needs of the residents, and there's so many perks of catalyst like community rewards!

Great location within walking distance of campus, spacious bedroom with private bath and walk in closet. Stainless steal appliances in kitchen with lots of storage cabinets. Washer and dryer in unit. Wifi and cable provided.

Catalyst is a great place to live because it's so safe. None of the doors have been left unlocked in a long time. The only thing I would say is add some more weight machines in the gym. Other than that the pool is perfect (cold) and it stays pretty clean in the hallways.

so far without even living here yet I have felt so welcome and appreciated. The staff is incredibly helpful and efficient, along with being incredibly friendly!

This makes it easy to get involved and talk about the experience at catalyst. Great community and amenities with great friends. It's clean and well kept on a good side of town

I really like the experience and the page is well put together, I got an email from catalyst which made me try this out and I am really glad I did.

This app is very easy to use. Whoever had th idea for this app, should now it was a great idea to have this app. I'm glad i got the email and decided to do it.