Catalyst is a very friendly, clean, and safe environment. The staff is always very kind and responds quickly to various issues. I have lived there almost a year, and will be living there again next year.

Catalyst is overall a pretty good apartment complex. The only complaint I really have is that the wifi is extremely slow, especially late at night.

Excellent apartment building. It's a fun place to live and incredibly enjoyable to have people over. I wish there was 3 more apartments just like catalyst

I love catalyst but I wish that the appliances were more up to date. The dishwasher in my apartment is always breaking. We've called about it countless times and every time maintenance "fixes it" it's broken within a week

I love catalyst!! Its the best apartment complex in Tallahassee. It has the greatest amenities, is always clean, and feels very home-y. Such a great place to live.

I love catalyst. Maintenance is great. It can be noisy sometimes though. I like that it's furnished and easy to get around through all the elevators

I love catalyst! It's my home! Staff is wonderful. If I have any questions they are always there to help. Amazing amenities and view. Great kitchen.

Awesome apartment with great amenities, specifically the pool and tanning area, and the gym. Great and safe area and easy accessibility to and from the parking garage.

Theres many benefits such as the building's great location its a short walk from where ever you want or need to go, room sizes are amazing, and theres so many amenities available.

Catalyst is a great apartment complex! I love the staff, they are so friendly and helpful. Whenever we have a maintenance request, they answer it in a timely manner.

I seriously love living here! The staff is super friendly and helpful when ever I need help with an issue! The location is great too, I walk almost everywhere!

Great apartment complex. The staff is very friendly and helpful. There is nothing that really needs improving on except for maybe the noise level

good service, good amenities, fast response to maintenance requests, helpful and friendly staff with quick response to any questions. good living environment

only pros are the location and the community rewards they have. otherwise it's noisy and overpriced. they don't have many options to solve your conflicts, so most remain unsolved.

Awesome apartment complex! Amazing staff, I love the amenities, and such an awesome location in relation to campus and other events. So much to do so close to where you live! I love it

I love living here at catalyst. Catalyst is the best place to live. The amenities are great. The people are great. Apartments are very nice.

Catalyst is a great place to live. The best thing about it is the maintenance. Whenever I put in a maintenance request there is someone here to fix the problem the next day.

Catalyst is the best apartment complex I have lived in so far! The staff here is so nice and helpful with anything you need. The amenities are amazing and being so close to campus is a plus as well.

This apartment is great. The best part of living here is definitely the location. But the actual living accommodations are also awesome. The rooms are so nice, and having all of the appliances at your disposal whenever you want is definitely an advantage. Sometimes the wifi is spotty, but that's really the only problem I can think of

I haven't even moved in yet but I love the rewards and how the signing process went. I seriously cannot wait to move in this fall with my sister and roomates

I am really enjoying this experience and it helps me earn money that I need to shop and by my things. Fun innovative way to provide residences with a little reward.

This is such a good idea!! I am so very excited to move in next fall with my two roommates juliana and Kendall!! Everyone has been so helpful!

Community rewards sounds pretty cool. Rewards you with gift cards by giving up your personal informs to other advertising agencies. Sounds legit...

catalyst is a very convenient apartment complex. sometimes it's a little dirty but that is easy to look past with all of the benefits. the people are nice and helpful

this website is awesome, i've never had any issues while using it. i just started using it this morning and so far everything is working perfect