Great place to stay for the price! Some times the shuttle will be down but other than that I would recommend It to a friend. Maintenance could be more efficient but the community activities, sign on bonus, price, and proximity to Wegmans and other stores are great

Very quiet and peaceful place. Environment is pretty good. No trash on the ground. All the staff in office are very accommodating. However, there are some problems in room, such as no electricity in socket.

I've really enjoyed living here. I especially like the option for coed housing, which was not an option on grounds at the University of Virginia.

It's an ok place I love ms aretha everybody else is ok. Don't like the regional manager he can kick rocks. Maintenance is ok still waiting on a part for our heater.

It’s pretty dope here. The people are nice and friendly. I loved to play pool living here. The gym is pretty cool too. I’m had some pretty crazy roommates but it was worth it.

Amenities are great. Community is swell. Rent is the best price. More activities and free things for the residents would be great. I enjoy living here.

I like how inexpensive it is to live here. I can focus on saving while going to school. I do not like that the bedroom doors are so easy to break into, that the air vents are so inefficient and dirty, and that maintenance plays it cool and loose when entering our apartment (which is an issue every other place I've stayed as well)

my experience has been okay. Everything in my room (besides the bathroom) was in good condition. Common areas are not well taken care of however...

Everything is decent for the most part I guess. There were a couple of blaring issues from the get go that are going to eventually get resolved, but management does kind of drag its heels to address certain issues. For example, when we moved in, belongings of a former tenant were still in the apartment. We told management about this, and it took them about a month to get to it. Outside of that, Its not too bad here. Looking forwards to the interior upgrades.

Its cool I guess. Its affordable so I can't complain. I just needed a roof over my head. Charlottesville is way to expensive and cavalier crossing was there for me

This place is great! Quiet and nice! The staff is awesome and it's a very very very very very very very very very very very nice place to live.

I like cavalier crossings alot... The only thing I dislike is how the electricity bill is handled! I do like all of the items that my furnished room came with and I feel safe

The community is great but there needs to be some repairs here and there. The walls are really thin. Staff is pretty nice. All the amenities are great.

This complex has an amazing staff and great events/deals for releasing. They care about their residents and the price I pay is well worth the amount of amenities.

It's a nice place to live. It's quiet and the area is safe. It's inexpensive and not too far of a drive to UVA grounds. The rooms are spacious

I enjoy living at Cavalier Crossing. The community is nice and makes me feel safe. The staff are helpful to me whenever I have a question. I like having my own bathroom.

This apartment complex is a great value for the price you pay. I️ have good roommates and love having my own bathroom and bedroom. I️ can’t wait for the new updates

Need to bring back tanning bed & more cable channels. Also bring back the copier & install adobe pdf on computers. Otherwise i like it here except for rent increases.

My living experience has been fine so far. All my benefits and utilities are as expected. The parking lot has a lot of potholes which can get preeety annoying at times.

Nice amenities, private bedroom and bathroom, shuttle to grounds, nice office staff. Only disadvantage is the shuttle breaking down often and outdated washer and dryers/dishwasher, etc. - which will be updated by the next lease term

Living at Cavlier Crossing has been great thus far. It is a very quiet neighborhood. I like the location because it is near the interstate and close to a very nice shopping center

Great place to live, quiet, clean, rent is cheap. Had a work order that was never followed up on. The shuttle is nice but the schedule could be more optimal.

It is a great place for students to live in. Great pricing and the roommates are also wonderful! I really enjoy the 24 hour gym hours and I also appreciate maintenance.

Move in since August, don't have any problem so far. It's relatively cheap. Leasing office is friendly. Well, the building is kinda old but it's fine.

the people are nice and the facilities are fine but we have had numerous issues with things breaking and not working. They had clearly not cleaned our apartment before move in and we had to scrub down everything. Half of us had broke toilets upon moving in and my entire bathroom needed fixed.