I like that utilities are included in the rent price. i like the amenities- specifically the gym and guaranteed parking and guest parking. i don't love how far away it is though from campus. im also unhappy with the site being down for payment this month. it's made me very anxious regarding paying bills this month.

Overall this is a good place to live for a college student that’s not too expensive. I do think there are improvements that could be made but I like the upgrades.

I've really enjoyed my time here! Everyone in the office is super responsive, maintenance requests are completed quickly, and we're very close to 3 major bus routes.

I never received updated furniture and I wish the grounds were kept cleaner around my doorstep. The office staff have been helpful whenever I need assistance. For the most part, I've enjoyed living here.

The price is good for what we get. There's been some security issues lately that have concerned me. Also, I think there could be renovations to the inside of the apartment to make living better.

I have had a great experience with living here, and the staff is great. I also love that there's only one bill - the utilities are included in the rent, making it so much easier. However, I do think that the furniture could be updated in rooms and the appliances need to be updated.

Chapel Ridge has decent apartments available for a lower price than most, however, most of the staff seem to be part-time college students who don't know all that much about the apartments and their tenants, and most of the apartments are outdated compared to places such as Millcreek.

Lease Documents on website are broken, can't view them. 4/5 would fail at website design again. Very good job. Much great work, guys. Very nice, much HTML, such CSS, non-functional Javascript.

Awesome stay, great location, good people. I enjoy the pet friendliness and the warm environment of the whole complex. It really is a fun place to hangout. The fire pit is an awesome addition and so is the pool. Having the gas grill next to the pool is so nice on hot days, too.

Apartments are good, some of the furniture and carpets are a little worn. Maintainance has generally responded in a timely manner. I wish there was more of a security presence to keep people who don't live here from coming onto the complex.

There is literally mold in our air vents which the office and maintenance staff have failed to address accurately. Their proposed solution was to spray the outside cover of the vent with bleach. Meanwhile, Granville Student Housing is completely replacing their air filtration system after finding mold. Why is Chapel Ridge complacent with putting the health and safety of its residents in jeopardy?

Largely excellent; the location is good, the rent is extremely reasonable given all it pays for, the apartments are in good shape, and the staff are very helpful. The only complaints I've had have been with bureaucratic issues - difficulty with renewal forms, miscommunications about deadlines, the occasional misfiled payment or form, etc.

It’s been good. Staff is friendly and amenities are well kept. When a maintenance request is posted, they get on it in a reasonable time, which is great.

Convenient, lots of amenities and really nice staff. Some small issues with the apartment were all cleared up by maintenance in a timely manner.

I have always had good experiences whenever I need help with things! The staff are friendly, I get notified about packages on time, and all my orders have been filled within 24 hours. My only criticism is that there could be some improvements to the rooms themselves. My wooden floor is lumpy/uneven even though it was just put in the day I moved in last year. The appliances are also very old and two of them completely died on me. Fortunately, they were replaced or fixed within 48 hours, but it would've been nice to have moved in with newer appliances that weren't on their last leg.

It is a wonderful community! All of the amenities are well-maintained and the staff is more than willing to help you out when you are having issues. Maintenance is very thorough when completing work orders and they make sure the work order is done right.

I love the ease of paying for everything at once every month. The staff is friendly, helpful, and very inviting during events. I have lived here for three years now and I regret none.

It has been good! The apartments need some upgrading such as carpet and washer and dryer. Also, they need to paint and clean air vents. I cannot really complain, though since the rent is sorta cheap. I wish the residents would not be so noisy.

It’s been nice living here but there are definitely things that could be improved. Things seem to fall apart pretty easy in our apartment and we have to call maintenance a lot. We’ve had a lot of issues with our air conditioning etc..

I have lived here since junior year and it’s been a good experience. While it’s a little further from campus than I had originally planned to live, the community itself is pretty nice and I don’t mind the commute. The bus routes are conveniently placed right outside our street, which is a plus. However, I do think that our apartments could be in a little better shape; for example, my faucet has been broken a couple times and the shower pressure is always a little off. However, in general everything has been good.

My experience at CR has been good for the past 2 years. I am glad that I have my own room and bathroom and that it is pet friendly. The amenities are awesome

Where is the shuttle bus? We were told that our rent was going up last year when we renewed due to the acquisition of a shuttle bus. We also have mold in our apartment that has not been taken care of.

Very college student friendly and convenient because rent is all-inclusive. Management is friendly and helpful and I love my huge sliding mirrors

Great place to live and unbeatable price. The WiFi and internet speed is great. Also the bus lines are very reliable for transportation campus.

I have been living here for almost three years, and I've enjoyed the experiences. The couple of times I've had maintenance problems, management takes care of it quickly!