Staff is super amazing and helpful. The process to move in was very quick and smooth. I have enjoyed my apartment so far. Maintenance is AMAZING!!!

The staff was amazing and very helpful with any questions or concerns! The process was smooth and quite fast! Everything we were looking for! Love it!

Our time living here has been very nice. There has been very little to complain about so far other than the occasional loudness from neighbors and we have had a package or two go missing. The management is great and does a good job at helping when needed and the maintenance responds quickly.

We've enjoyed our two years at Chelsea Place so much! The multiple amenities offered at Chelsea Place are amazing ~ I've lived in several different apartment communities and have never been offered anything close to are amenities offered here! The office staff is friendly, kind and professional; any issues that have arisen with other tenants or the facilities are quickly addressed and resolved. I love that there is a Bark Park and that the grounds are sprawling ~ something you cannot easily find with brand new complexes. The apartment upgrades are very modern and sleek ~ Chelsea Place definitely feels like home!

I love living here! So convenient to everything and I am 5 minutes from work! The grounds are well maintained and the fountain is beautiful. I love being able to sit in the swing and see the pond and all the ducks!

Quick signup and move in. Great and clean living space. Nice people and friendly atmosphere. Close to campus and food. Very close to Kroger whoohoo

The grounds are very neat everybody is so helpful and friendly. To make you feel at home not like you were just an apartment number. The gardens are wonderful to BBQ Pits or properly placed for easy access and safe to use I also like the workout area it's very peaceful calm clean I really enjoy being a resident here

I love the green areas in Chelsea place and that you are surrounded by nature, it looks gorgeous at spring, fall, winter 😍 I love to see the ducks in the lake every morning when I’m going to work

Amazing time living here. No issues on my part , community , environment, and the scenery is beautiful . I want to live here forever 😍😍😍. I would tell the world to move here.

I enjoy living here. It’s conveniently located and the neighbors are very respectful. I have only had to call maintenance once and they promptly resolved the small issue.

My little family has only been here a few days and we went through Leah as a leading consultant and she’s made this a very easy and smooth transition. I had a couple of things that needed to be fixed and Leah and Courtney were on it and Allan the maintenance man i didnt get to meet him but my husband thinks he is awesome So far so good. Cant wait to see whats in store

I have been at Chelsea Place for more than a year and I can definitely say it is the best place I have lived. The value you get for everything they do and have is amazing!

I just moved in from Virginia, but it's been great so far. The apartment is cozy, comfortable, and most importantly, close to so much. I was worried I was going to have to drive 45+ minutes to work, restaurants etc. So it's a huge relief to know that everything I need is right here within 15-20 minutes.

Chelsea place has been my favorite place to live so far. It is a quiet community and it is a nice place to unwind after work. My apartment could not be better.

love it here the management always help me if i need them to. It’s quiet here and if there is a problem they definitely help take care of it. The grounds are well maintained.

I love living at Chelsea Place Apartments. The location is so convenient, and the community living spaces, especially outdoors, are so cute and nice.

Everything is nice. I like the area we are in. All the workers are very nice and professional. I love how they have events and opportunities to win gift cards etc.

The whole complex and everything is great, but the parking is horrible. I think assigned spots are necessary. It would help out a lot. Thank you

I absolutely love it here! The community is quiet which is nice, the apartments are just 10 minutes away from everything we need to get to which is so helpful. I also really enjoy the pond, pool, and other things the complex has to offer.

I truly do love Chelsea Place, the staff, maintenance, and my neighbors. I’ve lived here for a year and I’m about to sign for another. From the amenities ( park, duck pond, beautiful pools, awesome grill areas, bark park, and so much more), the amazing events they plan for us, breakfast on my way to work some morning, to just feeling safe walking my dog at night, anything you could be looking for in a community is here. This is the first place I’ve had on my own and a year later I know I made the right choice.

I love the fact Chelsea Place sponsor activities such as food drives, weenie roasts, and thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings. I also love how understanding they are when you are experiencing hardships.

Great community! It’s evident the staff and management truly care about their residents and the quality of living here at Chelsea Place! The staff is friendly and welcoming.

So far we are completely loving the place. Leah is extremely helpful and nice. Awesome experience all around and our apartment is adorable!!

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I absolutely love it here so far! I moved in about a month and a half ago. I really like how convenient all the amenities are. The only thing I am not too thrilled with is the sound trajectory of the people who live above me. It's incredibly easy to hear them just walking around.

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We just moved in but so far we love it! Nice place with a lot to do. Everyone has been really helpful and we are really glad we chose to live here!

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