I really enjoy cityscape at lakeshore, it has been a wonderful community to be a part of. The grounds are clean and the management is always very helpful.

The community is extremely clean the people that work here are soo nice and caring. But unfortunately their isn't enough free parking that's a big down fall.

I’ve just moved in. So far everyone has been very kind and helpful. There are several repairs needing to be made and it was not real clean upon move in.

The community is very quiet and relaxing. Theres always up and downs no matter where life takes you. The new office is beautiful as well and the new mailboxes are much better than the old ones.

Cityscape at Lakeshore was very welcome and accommodating with our move in! The apartment is perfect for our little family. Love this place already!!

City Skape has made moving one of the easiest things possible. Made the payments very easy, Yvette was very thorough and helpful. City Skape is a diamond in the rough

Over all a very wonderful process applying and moving in. The staff is great! Only negative is that I wish that some simple repairs were done before move in.

Getting here was an easy experience and they work with us very well . This is my frist apartment and first time moving out . I hard all these stories about it being hard but city scape made it so easy.

So far so good! Waiting to figure out parking. Excited for the renovated fitness center and clubhouse! Location is great and move in was a breeze.

A great place to live , going through a few " growing pains" but the people are friendly , it's quiet and the pool is beautiful when it's not got algae growing in it .

The pool is great and fun, especially at night the colorful display of lights is lovely. The layout of the apartment is nice. The regular bedroom closets are kinda small but the master bedroom has good space.

It has been lovely living here the only downside to this complex is the thin walls but other than that I’ve had no problem with living here. The management get to your problems quickly and they help with whatever is necessary.

I just wanna go ahead and say that you are the best thing that ever happened in my mind and I wanna go home with my family for the day and then we will have a good time

I’ve really annoyed living at Cityscape at Lakeshore. The management team is excitement nice and accommodating even when they are busy and can’t get to serviced right away.

The location is great, with lots of nearby shopping and restaurants. I love being a minute off of the Superstition Freeway. The pool and poolside BBQs are a nice touch. Once the Fitness Center remodel is finished and back open I can't wait to use it. The mature trees and palms are a nice touch too!

Cityscape at Lakeshore has a beautiful community with great neighbors. The only issue i have is when we first came in they told us the pool was heated. We asked a month later and they said they are not going to fix that until maybe next year. Also they started construction on the gum and the off in May. They send out an email say it will all be done on July 1st. It's almost September and is still under construction. The main reason we loved this complex is for their gym. But for half out lease we won't have a gym.

I enjoy living at Cityscape at Lakeshore, and management has been very knowledgeable and understanding with our situation. It is close to all the food places as well as grocery stores. The location is a huge plus. Thank you!

My wife and i love it here. We have been here for over 5 years now. Great location and good amenities but rent hasn’t been getting rather expensive since we first moved in. Our rent has gone up almost $500 in the last few years. We really wish there’s was some sort of incentive to resign leases(i.e. very little or no rental increase) and stay in the community, especially when never paying rent late or get any complaints since we’ve lived here.

It has been great living here. The apartment and amenities are nice, and the staff have been very helpful. The only downside is that the rent is more expensive than other similar apartment complexes, and there is a continued cigarette smell in the bathroom which is unpleasant. This complaint has been brought up multiple times with the staff, but nothing has ever been done about it.

Living here has been wonderful! The community is full of life, but not to the point of it being loud or unwelcoming. Extremely pet friendly.

My husband and I are pretty disappointed about the gym and office not being done on time. We have had to pay out of pocket for a gym when that was a main reason for choosing an apartment over a house. It seems we are missing out on a lot of the amenities that were promised when we signed a lease. At this rate we will probably not extend our lease unless things change significantly with the amenities. While the windows are nice the insulation does not seem very good for our apartment. We had an electric bill over $220 last month and we keep our ac at 80 degrees. I know other complexes that offer a flat rate for electricity with the rent. That seems a little more appealing than high electric bills in the summer and still being hot.

So far this place looks promising! I really dig the fact that we get a lot of shade throughout the complex from trees! My roommates and I will be looking forward to having a comfortable stay at cityscape.

It’s been great so far while living here, the only thing I would change is maybe more cameras or a gate to make it a gated community. It’s such a nice complex and we pay a good amount we all deserve a little more protection for this nice place

Great customer service. Maintenance could improve with timing. Other than that my experience with the leasing has improved. Security could be more involved with the community

I've lived here for over 10 years. Seen quite a bit. The current management team has made a positive, noticeable difference. A couple things I think could be improved upon: - Water quality of the pool. Several days a couple weeks ago the water was literally green. Green. - The clubhouse was supposed to re-open July 1. Then it was delayed to August 4, I think. August 4 comes and goes and it still isn't open. An email explaining why with an updated opening day would be appropriate.