The staff is very nice and helpful. I enjoy the walk from my apartment to blinn, it's quick and easy and very helpful when I am running late

Its pretty great. Live within walking distance from school and the office people are kind. There were a few issues and the workers came and fixed them in less than a day.

I really love living at College edge! I really like how they really work on bringing the community together and giving us options to meet our neighbors.

Maintenance or workers need to pick up and clean up trash in and outside the clubhouse on the regular. Also the pool needs cleaning as well.

The apartments are really cool and the people are friendly. And the place here is really convenient for the residents to walk to school from their house

I got the email this morning about this and I already love it! I love that my apartment can help me get repeated for sound simple things! Definitely recommended!

Cool app really has me earning money for things on amazon I love it I already got $5 and I just started I want to earn as much as I can so I can win more

a few extremely minor complaints with the condition of the apartment but other than that an excellent community with great location for blinn students

College edge has been a nice place to stay, Blinn college is very close. The staff and management always do everything they can to make your stay better. I've seen a lot of bad reviews about break ins and was nervous but so far my stay has been good, overall there is some places they need improvements but every apartment does!

Not a bad place to live. The location is super convenient if you are taking classes at Blinn. The staff is great. They seem to know the answer to any question👍🏼

Doing great. Place is awesome love it very much, great place to make friends and meet new people also like being able to wake up late and walk to class

The staff is really friendly and very attentive to ones financial problems, they do whatever they can to help, alothogh they need to be more specific with the whole financial aid system. But overll is a great environment but people dont clean after themselves in the clubhouse they just leave their mess and the pool is cool but theirs alot of leaves but that just might be from hurricane harvey that just passed by. I love it here!

I love living at the Bryan Texas college edge apartments. They are nice and offer a lot of different things to do like pool, basketball, volleyball, gym etc.

Love the apartment complex and the small community vibe it gives, being so close to the college is also a great advantage! The gym and game room are very nice and gives you a chance to get to know your neighbors

Staff is always helpful with questions and concerns, they always greet you with a smile when you walk in. the maintenance workers fix things in a good amount of time

Great community with lots of ways to earn rewards and incentives. Close to school and other community places. Like the fact that it is an apartment that is also broken down like a dorm as far as cost goes.

I love the atmosphere here,and the multiple activities they host.The 10 second walk to Blinn, leaving no parking fees doesn't hurt either :P

The office staff are pretty good at answering my questions, maintenance gets things done in a timely manner, and I'm close to campus, which is a huge plus.

I like it here y'all are doing a great job great staff maintenance could be a little better but other than that everything is pretty good except the printer

Nicest staff I've ever met :) ! The only thing is I wish the maintenance crew would've done a walk-through and fix some of the broken stuff before we moved in :( stuff is still breaking

I love it here ! I have not had any problems so far ! Everything is is awesome . When I arrived they just gave me the keys and my apartment seemed brand new .

Nice place to live for a low price, easy walk to campus no longer than 10 minutes. Cooperative employees always wanting help. Good quality service

Had trouble with the keys my first days living here but other than that its a nice place to live and is close to blinn and not too far from A&M

This complex is great! I really enjoy the people and the community. As soon as I came to school I knew this was the place for me after touring many apartments!

this website is so awesome I just can’t wait to get my free rewards for hours doing absolutely nothing it’s so great thank you so much and holy cow I’m so thankful