Good living place, Has okay amenities and isn't as damaged as other apartments. it's right next to the college and bus stop which makes it easy to commute around bryan and cstat.

It has been okay living here. At first it was terrible because everything that was promised to me was extremely late getting here. Now that I have settled in it has been easier. I don’t like that the prices increased after I was told it wouldn’t.

No problems so far! Enjoy being so close to campus and having a gym to go to! People are always nice and helpful, seems like a great environment

Nice environment I enjoy staying at college edge no violence at all very close to blinn college. I mean literally right across the street from my apartment

It’s honestly really lit I’m just chilling all the time even though it boring cause no one is here rn so I’m just chilling by myself always working

College edge is s good place to live, it’s full of nice people and the radius from the school is outstanding. The one thing they can improve is the time it takes maintenance to fix a problem and the breaking and entering that would be a problem

It’s been really great. I love it here in College Edge. I’m glad I made the decision to live here than any other place. The environment is great. Being close to Blinn and having the bus to A&M there is such a help. Honestly couldn’t find a better place.

Honestly it’s not the best place but it surely could be a hell of a lot worse. I would say the price you pay is definitely what you get. But hey, at least it’s cheap and super close and convinient to the school.

this place is amazing! best apartments to live at if you attend or go to Blinn College. It's close to campus, affordable, high quality, and good maintenance complex.

I actually like college edge because nobody really bother me and the gym 24hrs so I'm cooling and close to campus. They give away a lot of gifts.

College edge is a very good and wholesome community. It helps that the complex is right outside blinn and the staff is amazing. The basketball courts are spectacular and the residents are like family.

Wish it was cleaner. I was expecting a clean apartment when i moved it, but my roommate had been living here over the summer. Price is good and convenient right next to the school.

There very old apartments with many occurring problems but maintenance is very nice and so is the office. I love being 5 min away from the school!

The apartments are nice, but it takes maintenance forever to respond to anything, and our neighbors are very loud, we told the people up front 3 times and they didn’t even tell them anything or even write anything down to show that we complained.

So far its been good maintenance responds fast the neighborhood is quiet Rent is cheap staff is friendly apartments events are pretty fun. Other than my keys not working igot no complaints

I chose college edge because it was really convenient for me since i go go blinn college. Now i dont have to waste my money on gas, i just walk to class. I can sleep late and still make it on time. I mean college edge has everything i need like a pool, a gym, a game room and a computer lab. I'm really enjoying my time in here. The people and staff are really nice.

Great Apartment for Blinn College students, plenty of activities and events. The office staff is friendly and do job quickly and efficiently.

Staff is friendly and try to be as helpful as possible. However, the grounds is very criminally active, and the neighbors are loud. Often not enough parking around your building. Maintenance takes a decent amount of time fixing your requests. Overall, about a 2-2.5.

College edge is a nice place to being it’s by blinn campus and is very convenient for me. The employees are very sweet and helpful. I️ Love I‎t here

Not a bad place to live at all. The community interaction is pretty cool. Although it may not be perfect, I’m grateful for the 24 hour gym. Management/staff are very helpful with every concern.

Living next to blinn is the easiest benefit of living at college edge. other than location the amenities are average with average living accommodations.

I love college edge apartments! I really like the homey feeling when you first walk in. I feel I have made the right choice in picking to lease here at college edge.

SO far living at college edge it's been okay , a few things were messed up but got fixed , the maintenance are very nice . The only thing I don't like about these appartments would be the drug dealing and sketchy people !

Good experience, had maintenance problems and yet office still hasn’t sent maintenance to fix them. Nice people and neighbors. On campus living.

Within personal experience, residents are respectful, listen to each others needs and thoughts. Office workers are always thoughtful, and listen carefully to demands and needs of residents.