I love my neighbors and living right next to school. The people who live around me are all very sweet. And I love all the activities the office puts on for us to interact with each other.

College edge is a fun place to live, the people are always nice and helpful! Oh what a college student will do for a free Starbucks card! I have to meet the word limit for 2000 more points so I'll continue to type! Idk who will see this cause it's pretty awkward lol!

The commons area is really nice, also the events that the staff organizes are pretty fun. It is also very convenient because they are right next to Blinn.

My first impression was great, but then I moved in. Things have gotten better since then, but it was a huge impact on my view of the complex.

I like living here because its right next to Blinn so I don't have to use gas getting to school, I can just walk. Most of people in the office are really nice too.

Ok I love living here because it's so close to campus and I love my apartment! So much space and it's so livable! Trust me you should live here! Sign with college edge apartments!

Well.. ive lived here at college edge for a while now. And i have not seen a single employee who isnt nice. The community is quite and friendly and Im proly gonna renew my contract

I like the proximity to campus, and maintenance is very quick an responsive. Not having to deal with Blinn parking is good, but my vehicle isn't safe at night in the apartment parking lot because of the crimes occurring.

The location is ideal. It's close to Blinn, near a grocery store, restaurants and a hospital. They are very involved with their residents. So far, I'm enjoying my stay at college edge.

Its great to be able to wake up 15 min before an 8:00 class and get to class on time. :) Not only that, but the rooms are big enough to have room to stretch out and personalize, you get your own personal space

It is the perfect place to live for a college student attending Blinn because it is literally five minutes walking to get to any class. Also the included utilities is a major benifit for a college freshman because you only have one big bill instead of a bunch of little bills.

This place is pretty nice. The staff is very polite and will help in any way they can. The club house is nice and clean. They get things done in a timely manner. Overall it is a very well put together apartment complex and is a nice place to live.

Pretty cool place with pretty decent advantages. Has it's ups and downs but in the end, I found it worth it. While the maintenance service isn't the best, the ease of living here is.

So close to campus so you never have to wake up early.. You can walk to class instead of being stuck in traffic and dealing with parking or having to pay for a parking pass!

The people here are all around the same age which makes it easy to meet people. Also the people in the front office are very helpful and nice

This is a really great complex! Management people are truly helpful. Maintenance was always timely when responding to requests. The property is great. The only things that bother me about the apartment room itself is how thin the walls to the outside seem, how and how unevenly the air is distributed throughout the apartment in the 4-bedroom apartment. The back rooms get really cold air and the front rooms get air about 5 or so degrees hotter. Any problems I've had here have been out of management's control. The people here can be loud, but if you call the non-emergency hotline, cops will take care of it. And again that isn't the complex's fault. I would definitely recommend living here. Fair prices, great management, comfortable living space, great amenities.

Living here is a real convenience since blinn is literally our backyard! You can wake up 10 minutes before class and your still early! Not to mention its cheap as well!

Easy access to the school. Saves gas money and is a nice apartment complex. It has a pool, gym, and and area to just hang out and relax or shoot some pool at.

I love living here because all the new people I met who could help me with school and just chill with. And its right next to blinn do it saves gas

I love college edge! I can wake up 10 minutes before class time and still get to class on time. Also they are very helpful in the event of a problem and the maintenance guys are the best!

It's great living so close. I can wake up 10 minutes before my class and still make it on time and you don't have to deal with the crazy parking lot at blinn.

It's good and fun but we need more club parties. Not just food. Actual parties. A deeper pool would also be nice. Also how can people play with their dogs outside in the nice weather if they are to be leashed? I wish you guys had land enough to fence up a dog park or play area

It's convenient and a great place to live. Awesome being able to walk home in between classes instead of sitting in hall. I usually have to wake up 5 mins before class opposed to a hour.

The fare is right in the middle. Not too bad not too good. I hope it can be more affordable, considering there's other places that offer better facility.

I have lived here two years, and staff is friendly and always helpful. Nothing goes wrong. My unit has been wonderful. Just the right size for two people.