It’s a disgusting atmosphere. The workers were beyond disrespectful, they never get anything done on time and give me attitude. The apartment is falling apart. It’s just a waste of money for me to live here it’s nothing like what they tour to show you.

Trashy complex, filled with trashy people. High crime rate and trash everywhere. Management is terrible! Do yourself a favor and live somewhere else.

Maintenance comes and goes as they please at all hours without warning even if you have not filed a report. Unfriendly management constantly changing Birds nest were found in our and our neighbors dryer tubings. Which were found because we found a dead bird in our apartment as well as a morning with a live one flying around. There was also chirping from the laundry room for months before it was looked at. There are bugs in the complex ranging from gnats and mosquitoes to water bugs. The events held by the complex are most often cancelled. Air conditioning went out 4 times in the year I lived there.

This place sucks and I’m scared to be in my apartment alone, my neighbors are loud as hell every night, nothing for fixed for over a month, will not be renewing my lease

i have tried 2 times to submit a review but it seem i can not express my real feeling about this place because it marks my review as spam but y'all as for feedback maybe allow us to do that

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college edge is not a good apartment complex. they don't fit the requirements that you need. they have a good study area and hang out area but that's about it

This is the worst place to live I wouldn't even want my worst enemy to live here. With that being said everything breaks the management is so ignorant and rude I CAN NOT WAIT TO MOVE!!!!

I love that they have community rewards but I do not like the apartment. The office manager is rude and unhelpful while maintenance staff does not do a good job of fixing everything in a timely manner.

It is manageable right now but when we first moved in it was horrible. The rooms weren't clean and it was just a overall mess. Very unorganized.

It’s not that good and the people here are rude and mean. They don’t treat us with respect and they put people that we have problems with down the road from where we live

I came into this apartment thinking it was going to be much nicer than it actually was. As soon as I unlocked the door I saw that everything in the apartment was dirty. Every-time I have an issue with something in the apartment it takes a good few days for someone to come lol at it.

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Being right across from Blinn is the only good part about this place. Horrible management and horrible apartments. Lots of problems with the area/people too.

This apartment complex sucks. There’s no fun activities. Rent is way too high for the things we get. There’s damages and holes and the wall. Maintaince takes forever they’re a joke. You get fine for having trash out for like a day, $25 a bag. Your incentives your suppose to get for moving in you don’t get when your suppose to. The manager of the office is rude and bitchy! Do NOT move here.

Pricing is good but the amount of unorganized stuff is annoying. Incentives were not giving at a proper time or to the amount that was promised. Things were not explained well and questions were never answered.

The apartment probably would not meet minimum government low income housing standards. There is long standing damages throughout the complex and a complete renovation is needed.

Honestly, i am super displeased with the service here. Many things have broken and they have not been fixed within sufficient time. The show room was completely different than what we actually got. The only thing i like about this place is the convenience for going to blinn and the amenities. 10/10 would not rent again.

i've had a terrible experience w college edge, the living arrangements for the apartments are absolutely terrible, however the people in the office are nice.

Awful, I got ants everywhere my roommate is longer here because she hates it so much my rent is way to high to get the service I'm getting and you have two weeks to pay second month after you pay the first month it sucks

I think that the apartment was not all what I thought it would be. They had showed us much nicer apartments when we took a tour and they are a lot less “nice” than we were expecting.

Doing alright. Maintenance isn't very helpful they constantly run over the yard leaving muddy tire marks instead of using the sidewalk. The pool has been dirty for weeks. The ping pong table is broke as well and the couch in the lobby.

Well half of the staff is very nice and professional while the other half is not. Put in work orders and they never get done quickly. Got charged fees for things we didn’t know about due to no warning or community letter explaining anything. If you’ve have a grace period you should bring that to the residents attention. Multiple break ins so quite scared to actually leave my house for any breaks. The 24/7 club house and computer room is very nice along with the pool. I just feel that these apartments are managed kinda lazy. Always trash sitting around outside in grass or the parking yet are “so concerned” with they way peoples patios look. Nice place to live if your the type that really doesnt care too much

It hasn’t been the best in the world and I have had numerous problems, but I do like waking up and walking to class. I would really have rather not have been charged an extra 50 bucks per month.

The apartments themselves are decent but the maintenance sucks!! I’ve had the same problems since I moved in. I’ve also experienced what it’s like for them to not answer your maintenance call. My tub still leaks, the vent in the restroom still doesn’t work, and my toilet still wobbles. Also the circulation in my room isn’t that great. Other than that the staff is decent and the property is average most of the time.

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It's okay just need to work efficiency. Sometimes have hard Time contacting office or finding someone available at the office. Some have attitudes

The area it’s self, most residents feel unsafe,then the place should have better roommate matching also! I also recommend getting or building a dog park for the “furry residents” Also maybe upgrade the whole place it’s self since prices are going up.