college edge apartments are doing really good! whenever I have a problem or something that needs to get fixed it always does. even tho I'm not living here next year, it wasnt horrible.

Y'all are doing fine it would just be good if y'all could get to problems faster. So I would say that as of now y'all rating is a seven to a seven and a half. 7

Maintenance or workers need to pick up and clean up trash in and outside the clubhouse on the regular. Also the pool needs cleaning as well.

Have had some technical difficulties (like roommate matching, cable hook-up, and getting my key to work on my mailbox), but overall the staff here is very helpful in getting those types of things fixed!

I love the people here, and living so close to college is super convenient! over all nice place, for the price we pay. The roommate matching however is quite awful. I don't think they even read the info we put about ourselves and the type of roommate.

It's been I would say okay so far. The entire complex should be kept up more with. The pool and all around the complex has not been well kept up with.

I love living at the Bryan Texas college edge apartments. They are nice and offer a lot of different things to do like pool, basketball, volleyball, gym etc.

Its fine so far, would like tanning beds and for our doorbell to be fixed but other than that its ok...enjoy being so close to blinn.....we have had a few problems with fridge but the maintenance team has always been quick to come help.

Nice pool area and grill space. The front office has been updated and has many activities. The apartments are still mediocre condition with a few problems here and there, especially with pests.

Maintenance requests are really slow unless u call several times. Treadmills don't work except one and this weekend the pool was green and filfthy. But other than that it's been great.

Since move in day I haven't had any problem. The staff is great, and the resources we are supplied with is well. I would like to see more events happen.

Yall respond well to maintenance and have really fun events. The main reason why yall aren't getting 5 stars is because the neighbors are keeping their area poorly kept and it affects my apartment. I found dog poop at my doorstep. A full bag of it and dog poop still next to my door. There needs to be consequences for dog owners

Some things I think can be better like the roommate matching program and the condition of the apartments were not what I was expecting but other than that it's okay

I have had a pretty decent time at college edge. The location is what really makes it worth while, not needing a parking pass is amazing! The apartments are pretty sloppily put together, floors are scratched, baseboards are tore up, paint in applied sloppily. However, if you take care of it the apartments can clean up pretty nice!

Other than maintenance issues; very small ones at that, everything else has been smooth sailing. I rated the apartments a three out of five only because had it been a one to ten scale I would've rated them a five. So don't get too excited and think that that 3 is a high 3 because it's not... It's a low 3, a very, low, 3. Long story short, whoooolee lotta maintenance issues.

I love the atmosphere here,and the multiple activities they host.The 10 second walk to Blinn, leaving no parking fees doesn't hurt either :P

I like college edge because it is close to the college which is really nice because you don't have to deal with the blinn parking lot. I have resigned because I like living here.

Friendly staff. Maintenance is quick when you out in a request. People are very friendly that live here and you make a lot of new friends! Very convienant if you goto blinn because you can sleep in late and just walk to class!

Nicest staff I've ever met :) ! The only thing is I wish the maintenance crew would've done a walk-through and fix some of the broken stuff before we moved in :( stuff is still breaking

Apartment is whatbypu pay for cheap, condiment, and afordable. Very, very close to the blinn campus in Bryan and most people/residence are friendly. Staff is unhelpful thpugh.

Everything is good, maintainer comes on time, but the appliances are falling apart way to easily! The apartments just need new some new appliances

Lots of stuff in my apartment were broken when I moved in and have yet to be fixed. Wood floors have paint footprint stains, staff is pretty friendly however.

Apartments are decent quality for the price. Amenities are OK. They could add more and/or get better ones. (For example, pool is constantly dirty, and is closed. Location is great; right next to Blinn. Neighborhood is safe enough; it's not a sanctuary, but it's not Compton either. Staff is alright. Maintenance is fast, but they leave messes a lot

Well I was given the haunted apartment but the management was great about giving me a new apartment with the hardwood floors I wanted but mantinece always has to come due to the apartments not been look through well enough

It's great living so close. I can wake up 10 minutes before my class and still make it on time and you don't have to deal with the crazy parking lot at blinn.