Okay place, not sure the overall state of the apartment is worth the monthly price. The complex looks nice on the surface, but after a few weeks it becomes apparent that the place is a bit run down. The sliding patio door was an issue at the time of the walkthrough and is continuing to be an ongoing problem. The upstairs full bath is nicer than the master bath, but has a MASSIVE gap between the door and frame. It's almost not worth shutting the door it's so bad. The neighbors are excessively noisy. We get 3-4 hours of their subwoofer a night and they seem to not understand the need for leashes when "walking" their dogs out back. The rent pay app, which is pushed heavily charges an extra fee to process credit cards. A big selling point for us was the ability to pay our rent in two separate payments (roommates paying from separate accounts), that seems to have been a bald faced lie as we've been denied the ability to do that on both the app and the website. I'm assuming it may be possible to do that in person via check, but none of us have used ir had checks in well over a decade. Those things aside, management is nice and very helpful and maintenance is quick to act when something goes wrong.

I have an interesting experience here and, I suggest for anyone who wants to be comfortable to come to Colony House apartments. People who live here are very nice.

This place has the most friendly staff. They go out of their way to help you with whatever you may need. The houses are beautiful and the outdoor centers are great. Wonderful place to stay.

Love it here! The management is so caring and helpful! Matt is our favorite! Any problem we have he fixes it right away. Couldnt ask for a better place to live!

I love it at Colony House. It's an amazing place to live. The neighborhood is very quiet and everyone is very friendly. I highly recommend it to anyone.

The staff was very pleasant and attentive. They were able to answer all the questions that I had about the property. The tour was very detailed and informative.

We have been loving it here in our new home. Although, our first week here someone did break into our vehicle and stole all my bowling equipment! Sad day. At the end of the day, it’s just bowling equipment. I would definitely not blame it on the community. Our neighbors have been so wonderful! A quiet but active community. We are loving colony house!

Its been awesome so far! I've never been in a community that feels so close and connected before. It makes me proud to live at colony house.

Just moved here jan and so for love it great place for families we love schools the pool and park we also enjoy dog park for our puppys very pleased also enjoy family nights spa and egg hunt coming up

I like it at colony house they have really nice apartments and really nice staff the will work with you. I would highly recommend it to someone.

Love it here. A lot. A lot a lot, and I hope rent goes down so I can continue to live here. Since this has to be 140 characters, I just want to say I love living here.

So far so good. Office and neighbors are really nice. Not happy my patio doors haven't been updated like I was told. Also my cabinets arent upgrade just painted over

The management team has been real friendly and maintenance is on the ball they have taken care of things when need things done the only down fall so far is having a back gate but other then that it has been great

Very nice community love the neighbors and families that live here as well . Wish I would’ve found this place a long time ago! Can’t wait to move into something bigger!

It is great so far. Waiting for warmer weather to enjoy the pool and sand volleyball. Just wish the pool was a little bit bigger and could have more than two pool guests

Nice ,Clean ,quiet ,management is very polite and helpful Beautiful neighborhood I would recommend Colony House Apartments to anyone looking for a place to call home

People are so warm, and also the installations are very clean! This is a very quit and save place to live! People are very friendly my daughter love the pool

Awesome place to stay friendly environment recommend this place to my friends and anyone else looking for a place to stay. Near everything dont have to travel far

The management staff is AMAZING! Very helpful! Can’t imagine living anywhere else. Everyone is so friendly. Can’t wait for the pool to open!

The best staff ever friendly, helpful,and they made my moving process allot less complicated and possible and for that me and my family are thankful.

I just started moving into a my new place and I love it already. It's so spacious and the community is quiet which is an extra plus. And I'm so much closer to every place I usually need to go to.

I have lived here for 12 days and so far it is awesome! On my first night of living here there was a small clog in the sewage pipes. The Maintenance man came almost immediately and didn’t leave until the issue was fixed. This was very refreshing especially because in the last apartment complex I lived, there was no assistance at all!

Colony House has been a great experience so far. I had to move into an apartment due to certain life changes recently. I was worried about the noise since I was coming from a home. I have been pleasantly surprised how quiet the community is and how accommodating the staff is. The maintenance requests have been handled quickly and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I love how pet friendly the community is too! We are so close to an area to walk our dog and right down the way from the dog park. Can’t wait for the rain to slow down or stop to get to play with him more.

So far so good! Still getting settled. Maintenance came very quickly when washer was being installed. We look forward to enjoying our patio in the spring.

So far so good! Matt and Britt are amazing! I can hear my neighbors tho which I’m not picky about it. Love hearing the little boy run around ❤️ -L6