I have been very happy at Concord Park thus far. I appreciate that the parking lot was salted during the previous snowstorm. Building and grounds are kept clean. The only gripe I have has been the number of times our apartment has been inspected in the past few weeks (fire alarm, appliances, etc). I stay at home during the day and am just on edge during the day as I have no idea what time people will be needing to enter my apartment.

Being a resident at Concord Park at Russett has been a great and enjoyable experience. We have been here for many years and have enjoyed the community and staff.

I love living here. The staff is great. Very friendly. I’ve been living here for over a year and I’ve had no issues. Nice area to live in. Great walking areas.

Unfortunately, over the last 2 years the property has not been maintained. There is a need for new carpet, painting, replacement lights in garage, remodeled stairwell, community engagement and consistent secured parking.

I have enjoyed my almost 4 year stay here at Concord Park. The amenities are great and the property is well maintained. The only issues we've had are with parking, package delivery, and noise at times. The updated package delivery system has been great now and some of the noise makers have moved. Only issue has been finding parking at nights and on weekends.

Great staff and great location very nice apartments at a great price only thing that would be better is more activities to get the whole community invovled

My 1st 5yrs here was great but things are really starting to go down hill. We use to be able to have access to the theater room during the week and watch football games on the weekends, which was eliminated without notice. Management use to have multiple social meet & greet events in which that has become little or none.

Friendly, accommodating community. I instantly felt at home when learning about and signing our lease. The neighbors say hello in the hallway

my apartment is beautiful and I have never once had a maintenance issue that wasnt fixed in less than hours. My kids love the pool area during the summer time and they love the library and theatre all year round. Staff has always been easy to work with and pleasant.

I love everything about Concord Park and the management company running it, the are always very prompt and very respectful, they are also very knowledgable.

It’s a great place to live hoping to be here for quite a while. Staff is very responsive to the needs of the residents that is all I want to say right now

We have only lived here for a few months, but so far it’s been one of the best renting experiences we’ve had. We were a little nervous when they told us there would be new management (we have had bad experiences in the past with this), but we’ll see how it goes and we’re hoping for the best!

Great place to live. Much bigger than other luxury Apts in the area. Nice amenities. Great staff. The residents are great for the most part.

I love my apartment, it’s very quite and peaceful. The rental office staff and als the residents are so kind. The only issue I have is that when calling the rental office no one ever answers the phone.

My experience as a residence at concord park as been great so far. I've being living there since September 2017, and the staffs are very respectful and welcoming.

The size of the apartments are great and I love my fireplace feature. I do love how secure the building feels and the amenities are very nice. Like how many apartment complex has a move theater!

I love concord apartment,living there feels very homee,it's safe,comfortable and my kids love the complex,they say it feels like living in a villa.I feel like I am on a vacation each time I come home.

I moved in a few months ago and so far I am very happy living here!! Love my apartment. Everyone in the office is always so helpful and friendly. So far so good !!

As we continue our stay at concord it seems that the things that brought us at concord are no longer offered due to new management decisions

The best place i lived so far . Nice enviroment . The people who works here is nice and help you with anything you need. It is something i look forward to staying in

So far everything has been good at the apartment complex and best experience I had since moving to MD. Few things that can change in future, but I look forward to being here.

So easy to get points and then get a reward!!! Great options to choose from as well..i couldn’t decide between amazon and target. Can’t wait to see all that this reward program has to offer!

My rental experience has sucked. I first moved here in July 2016 and this property has progressively gone downhill. There have been at least 3 different management companies in my almost 2 years here. Each time new management tales over, they remove conveniences like being able to pay rent online and make maintenance requests online. They never answer the office phone, probably because there is only one guy running the office. They frequently change staff, the guy there now is basically the last one standing. It's supposed to be a gated community but the gate has been inoperable since before Christmas. The quality of renters in the community has gone down and it's not unusual to hear loud music and all night parties on the weekend. In a word, this place is dump and I cannot wait to move when my lease is up.

It's a safe and secure community, neighbors and staffs are friendly. Will be nice if more can be done for package delivery and trash pick up over the weekend.

I love living here. Apts are spacious, bathrooms and closets are large, work orders are filled quickly, common areas are clean, front office is very responsive.