Thank you for this opportunity. Sincerely speaking my stay at this community has not been encouraging at all. They have so many things they need to fix regarding the management of this community. They do not care about the residents as far as I know . So many complaints and yet they do not fix it at the appropriate time. I haven’t been comfortable in my present apartment because of the resident living above me. They stamp their feet on the floor when they walk all the time and with this it’s veru disturbing and affects me whenever I sleep yet they management hasn’t done anything about it after so many complaints. It’s sickening. Thank you

The management office never answers the phone. Office is locked most of the time. No key fobs available for residents. The units need to be maintained better.

Unfortunately, I'm sorry to say to write I have nothing good to say about this place anymore, it takes weeks to get a simple maintenance ticket resolved when you call down the office you can never get anyone to answer the phone, they act as though they are not aware that the weed smokers have taken over the 6th floor of the garage and the building itself, you can't even go to your car without catching a weed contact. When we lost BUZZUTTO WE LOST THIS PLACE..

My rental experience has sucked. I first moved here in July 2016 and this property has progressively gone downhill. There have been at least 3 different management companies in my almost 2 years here. Each time new management tales over, they remove conveniences like being able to pay rent online and make maintenance requests online. They never answer the office phone, probably because there is only one guy running the office. They frequently change staff, the guy there now is basically the last one standing. It's supposed to be a gated community but the gate has been inoperable since before Christmas. The quality of renters in the community has gone down and it's not unusual to hear loud music and all night parties on the weekend. In a word, this place is dump and I cannot wait to move when my lease is up.

We have lived here 9 years! In the beginning there were no pets and no marijuana smells in the hallways and creeping into our apartment. Also there were no pet urine and dog feces on the carpet. Fast-forward 9 years, seems like anyone is allowed to live here - weed heads and anyone who can pay rent, not necessarily pass a background check! There are several pet urine and pet feces stains and droppings on the carpet! deplorable! Anytime day or night you smell stinking marijuana in the hallways and seeping through your apartment. I have COPD and do not smoke. My wife does not smoke and I'm on oxygen! I do not need second hand marijuana smoke seeping into my apartment but that is the current situation!!! I understand marijuana is not allowed to be smoked in these apartments but it is happening!!!!!!!

The leasing office left a note on my door about having my package. When I went to pick it up, I was told by the staff member that she can't find it. Now, there is no reply to my emails about it. All I can think is someone stole it.

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The worst apartment complex I have ever stayed at. You cant call the management office for issues because they never pick up. The intercom doesnt get updated with your information so guess can come and access the apartment. The trash bin is always fill. Customer service is horrible. They lie to your face even if you catch them. They refuse to admit their fault or apologize for the inconvenience.

the property when i moved in, in april was very nice and clean, but over the last few months it is continuing to decline. the gates are not working therefore we no longer have parking because the residents of the townhouse community are taking our parking spaces. the trash rooms are horrible with flys and nets.

The building itself its beautiful but the new property manger ERIKA does not have a nice persona and is very unprofessional. I would not recommend anyone to move here!!!

Since the new management has taken over maintenance has gone downhill. Our water filter has needed changing for over week. UNACCEPTABLE! Gate to parking lot has been broken for weeks. We have lived here over 7 years and this is the WORST maintenance issues have gone unresolved. Anytime anyone asks me about Concord Park I honestly tell them maintenance sucks. Maybe a letter to corporate is called for!

I am not happy with this new management. The staff with gables and the one before were more accommodating and friendly. With this company, it’s seems impossible for a manager to return your call upon request and the assist manager is bot pleasant. How do you charge a resident 5% of the entire rent balance if you have a low balance ranging from 5-50 dollars. When that fee is from the utilities. Why not 5 percent of the utility that was billed. Just another way to rip their residents off. Agreements made by previous management are not honored. The assist manager IVanania is not accommodating and her tone is so unpleasant. I’m sure this new management will make lots of the residents leave. I believe changes should have been communicated with residents. The rent is too high to have such crappy service.

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At this time, our experience here is not great. Front and back gates don't work (GATED) Community. Exterior door locks broken and parking garage lighting is horrible. It seems to take a LONG time for maintenance repairs. When you make inquiries, you get "we're aware and we"re working on it). Seems to be the standard answer for everything. When rent is due, they don't want to hear "I'm working on it", they want their money. In turn, I want the services and amenities we pay for to be working and on point. Thought we'd stay here for at least two years...seriously rethinking.

Not having a great experience with package delivery. The process needs to be fixed. Large packages that don't fit in boxes are not accepted. I was told to have packages sent to Parcel Express at Marketplace. Then i was told that i could give them my number, have them call from downstairs and let them in, which would require me to sit home all day and wait. How's that for customer service. Defeats the purpose of "ordering online" and having the ability to have packages delivered. If i wanted to "pick" up packages, I'd just go to the store in the first place. Took more than a week to get two deliveries, but only after I contacted UPS and made arrangements to meet the driver at the garage. Very painful and time consuming. Please fix.


A new Management Company. Lets see if any improvement will happen. I pray that it does. We need some much improvement around here.many residents I talked to in passing are not happy but we are stuck with a lease saw we can't move. I am quite sure they can see what need to be don't here.

I love the community and the accessibility of local stores and highways. The building ammenities are nice and convenient. My experience with the 4 property management companies in the time I have resided here is a bit of a sore subject. I hope the recent takeover lasts longer than the previous companies and residential communication improves.

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Unfortunately, over the last 2 years the property has not been maintained. There is a need for new carpet, painting, replacement lights in garage, remodeled stairwell, community engagement and consistent secured parking.

I can never get anyone on the phones, my work orders never get completed, my mailbox is always broken, the gate at the front of the community still does not work. It’s always a bunch of noise in the hallways. Why advertise a gated community when it never works. I can’t wait until my lease is up to move

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The new manager isn't professional and the overall product (the community) seems to have gone down to a point where everyone complains about the state of the property

Good experience starts from the leasing office and customer service. Have everything ready for new residents, More knowledge on policies/parking etc, more responsive esp when keys are involved, please consider putting a speed bump where you come out from the back gate towards the park. Too much speeding when kids are near...can't see around corner where kids are parked.

If you have an issue, it is hard to get in contact with staff and then when you do, you get bounced from person to person. Very unorganized. There are a few people in the office that are nice but don't seem to get things done (maybe because of upper management). Other residents very friendly. Gym has a lot of equipment that does not work properly (i.e. inclines on treadmills). Other equipment is extremely outdated. People leave trash on the floor.

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Our apartment is very nice...however outside of the apartment is not so nice. I am constantly picking up others trash, mostly fast food packaging that is discarded in the grassy areas and parking lot. This morning I had the pleasure of finding a deep 12 inch scratch in the paint of my car on the passenger side. The hallways of our apartment are dirty, kids are always running and making noise, people smoke cigarettes in the stairwell. The times we have been in common area outside kids have been climbing in and out of windows of the "great room" and making a ton of noise climbing and jumping on the outdoor furniture as the are unsupervised.... Highly disappointed with the other residents.

We visited the community twice before we decided on moving in. Each time we visited we dealt with Steve. We really appreciate all the time he took with us. Unfortunately Steve was not around when we started our move in process. There was a lack of communication on the actual day we could of move in also we were given three different prices for the prorated month. We was very irritated with the moving process.

The marijuana use is ridiculous. The neighbors below be are noisy and the overall structure of the complex is cheap. I shouldn’t be able to hear the people UNDER me! Can’t wait till my lease is up.

Old management was terrible. Towing practices were horrible. The amenities are nice and new management seems to be much better. They have been very understanding of some tenant situations