This apartment complex overall is pretty nice, the staff is helpful and the matentience requests are answered fairly quickly. We had a problem when we first moved in with cleanliness and bugs but have since had few complaints.

My experience has been really good so far. Everyone has been really nice and helpful! Its also a really safe enviornment to be in and its also very quiet.

We love our apartment! Disappointed about the fact that our gates are still broken. One person who works in the office isn’t always the nicest.

After the the move in day was fixed, we have really enjoyed our experience so far. My grandparents came to visited and really liked the place but really wanted me to find out about the gates working

I’ve been here over a year and I must say that it’s a nice place to live and for a decent price! This is my second year here so obviously it’s a catch.

Neighborhood is loud and actual features of every apartment are unclean and cheap for what we pay but for student housing overall it is not bad.

Nice apartments. Plenty of commodities including a pool, basketball court, exercise gym, and lounge. Large closets and bathrooms. Small amount of wear and tear to furnishings

My resident experience has been great at the Connection these past two years. While sometimes there are some problems with the staff, it is never anything too crazy to worry about. I would say if someone wants reasonable rent with a lot of extra ammenities, this is definitely the way to go!

The maintains is too slow for me. One time our house met serious problem, we book a maintains. But after we solved that problem, the stuff finally come.

My resident experience has been great. I have really enjoyed my time here. The staff is amazing and maintenance is always on time. I’d recommend it to anyone.

I enjoy my stay at the connection. The community is very quiet. The landscape is well maintained. The apartment complex offer free cable, fitness room and a study area.

I enjoy living here a lot, and i would recommend people to stay here! Great for young people getting their first apartment! The staff is great as well!

My experience here has been pretty good so far. Some of the amenities here have been low quality, but for the price we pay, it is a good deal.

so far its been pretty good and the people around us don't bug me so thats good, and the maintenance guys are cool, and my cat likes it a lot as well, he likes all the other animals that are around

I have enjoyed living here for the past three years. I came to Oxford in 2016 and was looking for places to live and this place seemed like a great opportunity and it was pretty affordable also. The amenities are good with new upgrades coming, but some noise problems can be possible and some food places won't deliver here past a certain time at night which sucks, I guess from the neighborhood. All in all not a bad place.

The place is great. Beautiful apartments and very responsive maintenance staff. My only complaint is they should have someone skim the pool once a day as alot of bugs are common and a clean pool is key to getting residences

Great place to live! They attend your needs as soon as you demand them. Compared to the other apartments in oxford they are top notch at the connection with an awesome pool and basketball court.

The connection has been perfect for my college experience. Accommodations with printing, on site gym, and the staff have all been so helpful. I couldn't have asked for a better complex to live at.

I love living at The Connection. The landscape is well kept, the staff is very friendly, and the prices are very reasonable. I have zero complaints.

The Connection is kept very need and clean. The maintenance does their job very well. The buildings are nice and have many great amenities. Just a nice place to live, period.

This is going on my second year here at the connection and it is a lovely place to stay for a affordable price with free parking and we don’t have to share our bathroom with anyone

So far I have had a lovely day experience living at the connection. I had an issue with the cable but the front desk workers were really helpful with the issue.

So far so good. Been here a month and have not had any issues yet. Communication with staff has been good and maintenance is doing a good job.

Great neighbors and friendly. But someone in the building smokes weed and it has my entire apartment smelling just like it. Bigger bedrooms too maybe ?

Great place to live, of course it’s likes and dislikes but an overall place of feeling at home and comfortable. Thy have probably the cheapest price for basically the same as the $800 places, which is an awesome things because as college students we’re just trying a place to be comfortable but feel independent.