Thus far, working with copper beech's staff I have had a wonderful experience. They are friendly and extremely helpful. Copper beech offers amazing deals for signing with them which is ultimately what finalized my decision.

The space is great and the office is super friendly and helpful. I love the bus stop. Expect to put in at least 3 maintenance orders before serious problems are fixed.

Very nice people that I am living around. Very clean environment apartments are very clean. The staff helps me when I need in a speedy manner and always have a answer.

Copper beech is great because it is not too far from campus! It’s also really nice to have all the amenities like a washer/dryer, dishwasher, private bathrooms, and the large beds!!

The staff are nice and friendly, helping with problems when I need. The maintenance team is somewhat slow but gets jobs done at some point. Washer and dryer don’t work

I joined and got an amazing deal of $80 off every month of my lease. The rooms are big and nice. The porch is also spacious and good for laying out. I love how affordable but nice the place is.

I love Copper Beech Allendale's set up. The way the whole lot is set up allows for comfortably and is very ease to find your way through. 10/10 would recommend.

It was great. I really enjoyed living here at copper beech and love the community it provided. I look forward to living here again next year!

The utility rates are way higher than others but other than that, the housing situation is great. The rooms are huge and everything is very clean!

Great place to live at. websites hard to go through but easy once you get used to it. Highly recommend to anyone. great place to stay, lots of room and nice staff

What a fantastic place to live. The website is a little confusing to get through, but once you're used to it, it's easy as pie. Highly recommend to everyone

apartments are beautiful, office is very clean and office staff are helpful. when given the tour they offered us snacks and drinks, answered all our questions, and helped us sign our lease then and there

Copper Beech has been a great place to live for the past 3 years. The living space, amenities, and affordable price has kept me coming back each year.

The utilities are a little high and I think you guys kinda rip people off sometimes. But i love copper and the atmosphere and i can't wait to move in

Great amenities for the community. The front desk assistants are calm and always know the answers to my questions and the apartment itself is gorgeous. I love separate bathrooms

Apartments are very nice and open. In the winter the driveways are almost always plowed and maintenance requests are executed as soon as possible. The community is very nice and friendly. I haven't had a huge problem all year other than glass being on the road for over a week without it being picked up. Overall very good experience here and I would recommend it to anyone.

So far I have just signed my lease and have taken a tour and I am SO excited to move in in August! I have a lot of friends moving in next fall as well, and we cannot wait to make Copper our home for the year.

very nice living and spaces with plenty of room without being so expensive! It is a great place for family and friends to come together and have fun as well as feel at home

Very homey just high heating and terrible visitor parking. Sometimes there are a lot of parties and it can be very nosiy. But the place is very comfortable.

Copper is a great to live. The only complaints I have is maintenance always takes a long time to fulfill any work orders we put in. besides that everything is good

Everybody is so nice and it is a great community. Great place near campus and place is really nice. I am for sure living there every year until I get my bachelors degree.

It is a very nice apartment. The amenities are great and the spacing throughout the apartment is very nice. I love the single bedrooms and all the bathrooms

Great! Love how big the apartment is, good location, good service, nice gym and accommodations. Will definitely be living here next year!!!!

Decent apartment, Other then the electric bill its not a bad place to live. The community is great and the staff are friendly. The amenities are very useful and up to date.

The apartments are sort of shoddy quality for the price, even though the layout and size is very nice. I wish there were more things to do like a community lounge with things to do, free coffee (like in trio), maybe a fire pit or pool.