Living here has been awesome! No complaints at all! Maintenance is quick and reliable. Amenities are nice and convenient! Staff is always punctual and willing to help!

I honestly Love it here!! The gym access is so convenient and the apartment is super spacious!! Just renewed my lease so super excited to be living here for another year!!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed living here during my time in college. The amenities are perfect for the price, the staff is so kind and knowledgeable and the upkeep of the complex is exceedingly great. I would definitely recommend living here while at college! It’s the perfect distance from campus and I feel safe living here.

It’s a clean community with a lot of way me to interact with friends. It also is a easy access to traveling to Auburn University. There are many places that surrounds it to go get something to eat. Highly recommend if you are near this area.

It’s been amazing so far. I’ve had a outstanding time. The swimming pool is always clean and the staff is always so nice and generous to help you.

I love the community. I would definitely recommend my friends to move here. Though my neighbors gets a bit loud sometimes but other than that it’s a pretty cool place to stay.

My experience has been good from a having fun standpoint. Not the nicest place but it’ll do. I wish the appliances were nicer and they would’ve cleaned the darn windows.

Living at Copper Beech has been one of the best experiences I could have asked for. The community itself is great, the apartment that I’m currently in has been everything I could have hoped for, and the amenities provided are some of the top at Auburn.

Great atmosphere to be around especially when first starting college. Helpful office staff, great amenities and great area. Best place to live in Auburn.

Prices for the quality of the house is too much. House was not clean when I moved in because one roommate was occupying and it’s apparently his job to clean when I’m paying Copper Beech to do it. However the pool and hot tub along with the gym is nice.

I am so excited to move in! every interaction i have had with the staff has been so helpful and the complex is so pretty. i can’t wait to use the gym!

Copper beech has been good to me. There have been little complaints and comparing it to any other apartments I have seen, it truly is one of the best. The rent is a fair price. The location is pristine. The parking is wonderful. The amenities are outstanding. The room size and quality is stellar. The staff is always friendly. It's been a joy being here. The only complaint I have is what is with all of this black mold that grows everywhere the water touches. It's a little concerning. But other than that everything has been splendid and I enjoy showing off the place to the many visitors and guests. It's been a joy.

Living here is going great so far enjoy my roommate and it feels good just having your own. Community is great and so are the neighbors. I would recommend this to all of my friends.

Very good living environment with great facilities. Love the kindness and efficiency of the staffs. one thing makes me annoying is my neighbor is too noisy during the nights

It’s been a great experience! There aren’t really any loud people around or party’s that go on. Everyone who works here seems to be pretty nice and is willing to work with you.

Overall the built environment is good. Copper may be one of the safest community in Auburn. I would like to share the experience that the rooms are big. Also, the layout of the room provides sufficient privacy.

I honestly love living here, almost no complaints. Maintenance is timely, all staff is friendly, very spacious areas, and pet friendly. Haven’t had an issue yet that wasn’t promptly solved

super spacious unit for me and my two cats. they have plenty of room to run around and play. decent sized rooms and exceptional storage room.

Living at Copper Beech has been a very great experience! Being able to utilize the gym and pool as well as the great privacy of my home. I do wish Copper Beech would try to include events for the community by throwing parties or events. I have already signed my lease for the 2020 year! Not even to mention the great maintenance who work hard fixing things around Copper Beech!

Copper Beech Auburn is amazing! The staff is wonderful and does a really good job of making sure that everything runs smoothly. I’ve been here for two years now and plan to stay another.

I love Copper Beech! It’s a great place to live with fantastic staff and a community feel! My roommates and I have lived here for three years and have had a great time. Highly recommend.

Lovely amenities and I’ve very pleased with the size of the apartments. Not sure how to use the TVs in the gym and my key card won’t work for some reason but those have been the only downsides to my stay

I’m excited about the remodeling of the units. The space and rates for the units were already great so updating the units will make copper beech 10x better.

I wish the floors were thicker so I wouldn't have to hear my roommates walk around at all times in the day. It gets really hard to sleep and concentrate on work. :\

I am planning on staying at copper beech in 2020/2021! I am very excited about the move. The staff here has been very helpful with all my questions, comments, and concerns!