The community is great! Employees in the clubhouse are friendly and smiling every time I go to the office. They are great about package pickup and keeping your belongings safe. Maintenance is always very helpful and willing to figure with any problems. Only critique is I wish there was better insulation on the windows and doors. In the winter time you can feel cold air seeping through and our front door seems to have a slight gap in it. Kind of wish they had a pool as well!

The community is great. The homes are large and nice. The rooms are huge and the staff is nice. The shuttles to campus are also convenient and a nice feature.

Although I don't live in copper beech until next semester, I stay here with friends a lot and I absolutely love it. Everyone is friendly and I feel safe living here.

My resident experience has been incredible. I love living at Copper Beech. The whole town home is very spacious and comfortable. I feel like it's a real home not just a living space.

Friendly employees who are always helpful. Nice apartments that come with many amenities. Great community with great people all around. Great experience.

Copper Beech has been an amazing place to stay! It is a great price for the space you get! There is also a shuttle which is very convenient for students.

It’s really worth the money living here. The amount of space you get and the extra things you have access too really make it nice! I really enjoy it here!

I really like the room and having my own bathroom is amazing. A big kitchen is a must for me because of how much I cook and my friends come over all of the time to hang out.

Quiet during the week. Loud during weekends... if you don’t like pets don’t live here. Staff is okay. Maintenance is great and very responsive

I love living at Copper Beech! Staff is so nice and personable! Maintenance always gets things done quickly! Very impressed and the prices are great!

I have had the chance to experience the living situation at Copper Beech, and I am incredibly impressed by the insanely good value of a lease in terms of abundance of amenities and positive things. Thank you so much!

I enjoy the community! Many different people live there, and it’s a great time in the clubhouse! Love the workers they are nice and caring! I enjoy living there!

Love living here at Copper Beech! The staff is amazing and the events are wonderful. I love having a sense of privacy but still live with my friends. 10/10 would recommend to everyone! Prices are great too!

I recently signed my lease with Copper Beech because I was looking for something near campus that was big and clean, unlike most of the other properties near campus. I found Copper Beech and knew it was the right choice as soon as I toured. And the staff were SO helpful!!!

living here is nice it’s very spacious clean and having your own bathroom is extremely convenient. there has been some issues here and there but most renters do

The apartment community is very nice. The neighborhood is friendly and welcoming. There is not a lot of noise. The apartment itself is very nice with many amenities.

Very spacious apartments and a really good deal for what is offered. The only thing I would recommend is to check that everything is properly cleaned when the previous resident moves out. Overall, I love copper beech

It has been very good. The rooms are much larger than the last apartment I was in and the fact that there’s a real kitchen table is very nice.

Copper Beech is a very pretty community and easy on the eyes. It looks super clean and it is very quiet. The gym and the basketball and volleyball courts are very convenient.

It is so amazing. I currently live in the university apartments right now and I love it. But I’m beyond excited to see what Copper Beach has to offer me next year

The Copper Beech community is so friendly and SO well taken care of. I was always so jealous when I heard other people were living at CB, so now I am too!

apartment was very dirty and had lots of things broken when I first move in but maintenance is speedy and staff is very friendly and helpful

Very enjoyable. Staff is nice and takes care of you. During the cold weather an email was sent out to tell everyone that they will have maintenance ready if heaters go out.

Great! Love it! The quality of the units is amazing! The staff is so friendly, maintenance comes in a timely fashion. It’s so easy to pay rent online!

I reall enjoy living at Copper Beech due to the amazing amenities and the apartment itself. There is some room for improvement for the windows, the infrastructure and such but it's an overall alright place to live!