I love the beech! Sometimes I wish the community got together more and could communicate, but it’s a great place to live for the right price!

Copper Beech is very spacious and I love decorating my apartment so that it feels super homey. I also love having my own bathroom and a full-sized bed.

The place I nice but sometimes the management is terrible. We have a parking lot light out that I to Makes the area outside my apartment really dark and I told them about it in September and it is now December and it is still out. Also if they don’t want our bikes under our decks then there needs to be bike racks.

Really good housing and fun living experience. The homes are pretty big so if you ever need your own space it is possible to be by yourself in your room with no distractions. The kitchen has plenty of storage and having 3 other roommates makes the experience fun.

Great customer service, maintenance, and wonderful living spaces! The staff is always helpful and accommodating and the community is quiet with tons of parking.

This is a decent place to live space and amenity wide, but it has some definite issues. If you have a bedroom on the bottom of the unit, your room will be like the Arctic tundra in the winter. It is horrible. The floor is also super creaky and the walls thin, which can make it hard to sleep if someone is upstairs. The appliances are very outdated and don't work very well. Specifically the dishwasher.

Great and friendly staff, fun prizes and giveaways in the clubhouse, clean apartment grounds, and great maintenance that comes soon after filing work orders!

Love the location! Nice and quiet every night and still close to downtown! Really spacious rooms and large kitchen for a very affordable price!

I haven't had a chance to live here yet. However, the process for signing my lease was easy, fast, and overall not so stressful. I'm looking forward to living here next fall!

Living at Copper Beech in Bowling Green has been a blast! The community is great, the staff members are nice, and the maintenance staff is very helpful. The rooms are spacious and the private bathrooms are a blessing. Would highly recommend living at Copper Beech!

Copper Beech is very nice. The people in the office are also very helpful and resourceful. It is a great community at Cooper Beech. It is much cheaper than living on campus.

I love living at Copper Beech! I love having a big apartment and my own bathroom. The only thing I would suggest is routine maintenance on the workout equipment; I noticed the belts on the treadmills were loose which makes it difficult to walk/jog

Amazing place to live. Very good price for the space and amenities. The spacious bedrooms and individual bathrooms are the best part. Lastly, the closet space is next to none.

Copper Beech is a nice little place to live because of the space but there are could be some improvements to each of the units. In addition to the that I think the community amenities need to be upgraded.

The staff member that I talked to in regard to moving in early was very nice and helpful in answering all the questions I had about moving in. She didn't disregard any of my questions no matter how stupid they were.

I have had a great experience at cooper beech! I love how big the bedrooms are and how big the kitchen and living rooms are!! Having individual bathrooms is also amazing.

I enjoy living at cooper beech! I enjoy the spacious area, and being able to live on my own. The people that work at copper beech are really helpful and they are super nice.

The staff is quick and friendly and the spaces are the best you’ll find for your money in Bowling Green! I love living here. I love the shuttle, and the option for to take the green shuttle if I have a later class. I also love the security I have with my mail.

It’s very homey and has a lot of space so you don’t feel on top of your roommate. The community is amazing and everyone is extremely friendly. I just love that I choose them

It is a nice place to live with plenty of room! The staff is nice and always greet residents with a smile. Only thing is I wish appliances would be updated, but they work so can’t complain!

Great community with friendly staff. The units are spacious and kept up to date. Maintenance is normally pretty on top of things. Overall a pleasant experience.

It been more than a year since I have been living at Copper Beech Townhomes. It's really homely feeling with great amenities and staff group.

Copper Beech is a great place to live! Staff and maintenance are amazing! Would recommend to anyone wanting to live off campus or just looking for an apartment in general! So much space!

It’s been alright overall, a few major bumps in the road but that’s always to be expected. I wish it was handled differently but things happen. I like living here, just got put in a bad position.

A very clean apartment that I share with my best friends! There is so much privacy and very well maintained homes! Maintenance is a little slow but hey they get the job done!