I enjoy living at Copper Beech in Bowling Green. Having my own room and bathroom is very nice and the other residents here are great. The staff is very polite and maintenance requests are dealt with in a timely manner. I just wish my apartment had better appliances.

I really enjoy living at copper beech. It is nice being so close to campus, but yet far enough away. The environment is very friendly and the staff is very helpful.

Overall in my month of living here it has been a pleasant experience. People arent too loud which is cool but unfortunately most people dont seem to take the time to know each other which is kind of a shame.

Its been a blast so far. I did wish the wifi would be faster. My thought is how can the school have faster wifi and more students on it than we have here at home? Also i really wish we had a pool like your other competitors had.

Overall, Copper Beech is a good place to live. It's close to campus and the shuttle drops you off close to your classes. Individual bedroom and bathrooms are very nice

My overall experience at Copper Beech has been excellent. The staff are always responsive and maintenance is always prompt. I would definitely live here another year if it wasn't for the fact that i graduate.

Living here was the best choice I have made. The units are really nice and big. You have everything to yourself if you don’t want to share anything. Also everyone here is super nice and always seem to be enjoying the place as well.

So far the maintenance requests have been taken care of. The reason i gave 4 1/2 stars is because the exterior of the buildings need some upkeep on them. For example, the door frames either need repainted or coiled.

Nice big unit. Clean when moved in. Only problem I had was internet was not working for 3 days after I moved in but everything else was pretty good. AC works like a charm, hot water is working perfectly. Furniture in unit was clean and comfortable. The deck out back is nice.

I enjoy living here due to the close quarters not taking away from the individual space of each unit. The view of the field in the back is great.

Copper Beech is a great place to live. The community is relaxed and fun, the staff is friendly, timely, and helpful, and it's been a blast to have lived there so far.

Very easy when we moved in, staff was very friendly and easy to work with. Any issues that we had were handled immediately and without issues.

Copper Beech is very nice and makes you feel at home. The atmosphere is great and the staff is very kind. I think this is a great environment to live in!

I chose to live here because of the spacious rooms, and having my own bathroom. The rooms have big closets and lots of floor space. I also like there there is a dishwasher, and washer/dryer.

I love the community of Copper Beech. It is in the perfect location and the units make college feel like home. There are so many resources availible at this community living center as well and I always enjoy my time here!

So far living here has been amazing! So much space it’s the nicest place I have ever lived in! The only issue I had was prior to move in with all the paperwork being online. However, ever since then it’s been great!

Great apartment and very spacious! Good prices! I just wish they had a swimming pool and/or hot tub. The maintness has been okay, could be better but overall it is a great place to live!

So far, my resident experience has been good. When calling the office, the staff is not always as knowledgable as I would like them to be. The crucial maintenace repair requests were done in a timely manner which the non-crucial ones were done within two weeks which I still believe it pretty good.

The area is very nice and quiet, with little to no noise heard from other apartments. There is a lot of space for how much you pay on the lease.

overall pretty satisfied with the experience so far, did not have too much of a problem moving in, maintenance has been taken care of quickly and the space is great for the price

I like living here. The carpet was whiter than I expected, which was a lovely surprise. My neighbors are not too loud on the weekends, but the police drive around and tell them to hush up.

Copper beech BG is a great place to live! I love the space of the townhomes and they’re very well maintained. Also very reasonable prices. Overall a nice community

Amazing! This place has been so fun to live in. I’ve only been here for a week but I love it. We had a rocky start trying to get everything together but once all the obstacles were past it turned out great!

Living here has been so nice! It’s clean and quiet, just perfect for me and my cat. But maintenance is almost impossible to reach. Just hope you don’t have any major issues or else you’ll be waiting two months to have a working oven light!

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I am moving in one week from today. So far I am having no issues with Copper Beech and I am excited to start this new journey with my friends.

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