The service is terrible managers have attitudes and the maintenance is extremely slow as well as the complex being dirty and not fixe dwhen U move in

I hated living here. It is too far away. And I hated my roommates. I am just filling this out for points to be honest so the rest will be stupid.

This is the worst management out there. If anyone decides to get an apartment here make sure you get every little conversation in writing with a signature from the management.

Don’t live here. When I moved in my room was the only one that didn’t get brand new carpet. And apparently the last residents left me a flea problem. Since I didn’t have any pets for the fleas to attack, the fleas attacked ME! When I tried to tell management about it they claimed I brought the fleas in and told me I’d have to wait another month cause the bug guy only comes once a month and he already came that month. It ruined my first apartment experience. I asked them to replace my carpet, and they said they would get it professionally cleaned but never did. They said it was cleaned before I moved in, but there were no carpet cleaning marks and the carpet was disgusting. They will lie to you and get every penny out of you they can. Ow they’re saying I have to pay for the carpets to get cleaned when I move out because my roommates had a pet. Worst place to live in bg.

Wish i lived somewhere else. Management is rude and not very helpful. Poor insulation in the buildings means I pay way too much to keep my apartment warm.

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Maintenance is terrible. They would never come to fix a major issue, and would never call before entering the apartment even when we specified that they would need to. They always talked down to me like I didnt know what the situation was. Overall they are rude and cant do their job. My problem still did not get fixed and Copper Beech has known about it since December.

The managers are very rude, will lie to you and are unwilling to help. There is only one person who works at the desk the is nice and actually knows what they are doing. The houses are cheaply made. But they finally got new maintenance

Some of the staff wasn't the nicest when I needed help. I would call and either get put on hold for 10 min. or more and I would havr to call back or the person I was speaking to would hang up on me.

Upon arrival my apartment was extremely dirty. Carpet was stained and covered in pet hair, kitchen appliances are gross, door is grimy, light switches are brown instead of white. My roommate is aggressive and has been hosting people over without approval, 10 at a time. I came home one night and my door knob was off, so I assume someone tried to break in. I do not feel safe at this apartment.

Office staff always acts like we as residents are a bother every time we come into the office asking for help for various things. Can never get a straight answer from any of them.

My experience have been decent so far. I have had everything that needed to be completed, as in maintence, completed. Also the events are wonderful!

I tried to sublease my room and they’re trying to charge my subleaser more than what I pay. They’re making them go through the whole process like getting their own rent. Took them a year and a half to fix my deck. Miscommunication in the office everyone says something different about fees. Overall subpar but the places look nice.

Couches are gross. Tack strips are showing In the carpet. Walls in living room have many issues from former residents. I am happy with my own room and bathroom, but common spaces are jank

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The houses themselves are very nice, but my experience at Copper Beech has not been the best. The staff is not very knowledgeable, and because of them I have had to pay a lot more money than I ever anticipated, and I would not have signed the lease knowing this.

Bad temperature control. Maintenance staff do alright work, but have attitude if you talk to them. Office staff are nice and helpful. Like most apartment complexes marketed to college kids the overall business and leasing terms are predatory.

Really nice places aesthetically, but the staff is a little slow and seem uninterested. I also had a flea problem in my room from the people before me and it took them 3 months to take care of it, but they finally did. I was left with a bunch of scars and stress though, and no consideration for that.

Not the greatest experience. Service is not the greatest. Office never responds to issues I have. The property is nice when it's clean. Other than that it's a great community

I wish there were more community events. Also, the level of safety doesn't seem very high. The efficiency of getting issues taken care of is slow and sometimes feels as if the resident doesn't matter to Copper Beech management.

Won't be living here after this year. The temperature control is bad, they make you renew too early, it gets loud, and there is higher crime here than the rest of the city

Went without AC all summer - management took me in circles every time I asked about it. They finally fixed it in AUGUST, when you don't really need AC anymore. I've had multiple work orders this year ignored. Yeah, the apartments and nice and spacious inside, but the installation is poor and I haven't had great experiences with the staff.

The house in itself is alright, the basement level is really cold during the winter. My roommate and I are constantly fighting over household obligations, which makes it hard to want to come home

The apartments are clean and look really nice but were cheaply made, so much can go wrong in time living there. This wouldn't be as much of a problem if maintenance was faster, but it could take weeks or months to get something fixed at your place, and even then it might not be fixed right.

Everything is okay, but maintenance is slow as hell and it's annoying. My internet was out for 3 days and the office didn't even email or anything , nor did they care when I told them about it

The houses are nice. Matinence can take a while at times. They are also messy and sloppy. Insurance they make you pay does not cover any of your personal items. The community is nice. There could be overall matinence done to the whole place.