It’s pretty cheap. It’s got a lot of space. Plenty of parking when the neighbors actually park correctly. But the bus is not consistent and the actual housing is beat up.

Really enjoy living here! It doesn’t feel like an apartment feels more like a home! It’s super quiet and when there’s a problem it’s generally fixed pretty quickly! Highly recommend living here. The rent is fairly cheaper than a lot of places.

I have had a great experience so far at copper beech and have had help with all the problems or questions I have had, such at maintenance or general questions.

The people have been great and the space is amazing! The buildings aren’t the newest but management is always quick to respond to service requests and always happy to help!

Really laid back here and the people around seem to be awesome. I think that it would be a great addition to get cameras on the property that are running at all times. Know there were some issues with stuff getting stolen last year. As I know that happens every year but I think that would help deter people from stealing here.

Spacious units with reasonable prices. The management there is very helpful.The manager and staff are great people. They were very accommodating, and friendly.

I love living at Copper Beech! The employees are always helpful and the environment is nice . I love how close the apartments are to campus and that the townhomes are three stories tall . There is also so much room for such a low price!

Great place to live. Spacious near-modern style townhomes with your own washroom and large kitchen, beautiful back patio. Great variety of fitness center gear. Not far from resourceful shopping areas

It is very unorganized to live there and the staff is not prepared correctly. The maintenance requests I have submitted have somehow gotten lost in translation multiple times even though the matter was of utmost importance.

I've had a considerable deal of issues at copper beech, and I know others who have too. I only give two stars instead of one because I've renewed my lease knowing that any other complex could be as bad or worse.

All of the staff has been very helpful and informative! they are always available and if they do not know an answer to your questions they reach out in a timely manner with the information you need

I enjoyed living at CB for my first year in Columbia. Lots of space, and I loved the townhouse feel (compared to a standard 1-floor apartment. I wish the furniture and appliances were nicer, but I suppose they were congruent with the price of rent. Gym had everything I needed, and I appreciated the convenience of the shuttle to campus and the location.

love love love the office staff. everyone is always extremely helpful anytime i have any issues. absolutely love my place. only thing that could make this place better would be a pool.

It's been great ! Been here since February and just signed lease for a whole year. Look.forward looking forward tomshuttle.being back.

The apartments are affordable and spacious, the management is great, and the shuttle is reliable. Also, Maintenance requests are always completed in a timely fashion. I just wish there were more amenities (pool, larger gym area, etc.)

Living in Copperbelt has been a wonderful experience. Staff is polite and friendly. I only request that the pot holes get patched up in the back.

havent moved in yet but management has been terrible so far so it’s kinda made me a little less excited of moving in. Promised early move in and after I signed my lease they told me they wouldn’t do it anymore. Also told I’d be put on a waitlist for early move in and that I’d be called often with updates, two months later and not a single called received. I called the office and asked if there were empty units and was told yes, but when I asked if I could pay rent to move in early they said no with absolutely no exceptions. I get you guys have rules but many other places in Columbia offer early move in or are at least willing to work with their tenants. This whole experience has been very unprofessional compared to the other apartments I’ve lived at. Still eager to move in just wish I could place a little more trust in the people running everything.

Problems with communication so far. I told them I wanted to sublease from a friend, but they ended up sending me a regular lease. Now they said there is no easy way to fix it?

It has been a good experience. I wish the apartments were more updated. Compared to those around us, they are definitely lacking in that department. It would also be nice if the one bed rooms didn't have the tiny air conditioners and had air throughout the apartments.

great place to stay. very quiet neighborhood. nice place for pets to stay. Very spacious housing and very nice. i love the front desk staff they are very helpful.


I really like my apartment, but I do wish things happened a bit quicker around here. It took months of asking to get cleaning supplies restocked in the gym.

Copper beech was a great experience for me. It's spacious, well maintained living. The location is is perfect for someone who is always on the go with grocery stores, fast food, and shopping nearby. I can't wait to move back in.

Management seems constantly out of the loop with information, and my apartment was dirty when I first moved in, as well as multiple things broken. Other than that, a very nice community and spacious rooms

Place is fine. Mostly I like it because the apartment size and the nearby field. Furniture and appliances could be better. Walls and floors could have been cleaned before I moved in.