Management has gotten a lot better since the first year I lived here! I am much happier and enjoy living here a lot more. I also like conserve because it now allows me to see exactly how much I owe in overages vs having to call or go into the office

So far so good ,only issue I have is with my toilet. I would would give CopperBeech 4 stars if maintenance would come sooner,but I feel like I've been waiting forever. Other than maintenance taking forever to fix things everything else seems pretty much worth it.

Maintenance is slow to respond to work orders. Front desk is good at helping out. Could work on security. Also, did pool parties earlier this year that would be fun to have again.

My apartment is quite nice compared to what else Columbia has to offer in the area. The floorplans are very generous with a large bedroom and a large walk in closet. The bathroom is also huge compared to other apartment complexes that I looked at. My only complaint is that my AC unit spits out black dust every once in a while, but it is easy enough to vacuum it up.

Overall an okay experience my first year living here how ever I do feel that the Maintenance requests should be handled more efficiently sometimes.

Overall I think this is a very nice and affordable place to live. However I would like you to Fix the leg press machine, get 35lb Dumbbells, and figure out how systems like the PS4 can work on the wifi

New management is really working towards making copper beech a better place. I've enjoyed the free watermelon and hot dogs because I'm a broke college student. I love that they are doing this rewards thing. Resigned my lease for sure.

Your are the best and I like your a lot your get things done like u suppose too. So I hope everyone in the office keep it up and do there job

Copper Beech has been a great place to live! I have only lived here a short amount of time, but I love the atmosphere. The staff is always polite and helpful!

Workers working on the problems in thr apartments could be better! Alot of bugs!!! But over all everything else is ok. Very quiet, calm and peaceful!

Love all the amenities and repairs are done quickly! Wish there were more "pet friendly" apartments though! Overall, for the price, it's a good apartment complex!

Fun environment. Great services. Great price. Friendly staff. Problemless neighbors. Clean facilities. On time shuttle service. Fun community events.

I never had any issues. Everything was clean when I got there when I need something fixed it is fixed. T the next day and I enjoy the people I live with

Copper Beech isn't a bad place to stay at all, I lived here before as an undergrad (Sophomore) and now I'm back as a 2 year grad student. :)

Management switches too often for me. There are also times that the customer service is horrible. I was told to hold for a while and then told they would call me back and never received a call back.

The neighborhood tends to be somewhat loud, and copper beech security does little to nothing to stop parties or people being loud and walking around, even late at night.

Living in Copper Beech has been an interesting experience. The occasional surrounding gunshots and the fact that you have to constantly bug maintenance to get anything done can be more than a little frustrating. However, the apartment is decent. The space is great for the price. The parking is plentiful. Overall, it could be worse.

Management team is terrible. They do the help you. They act like know it alls. The pool sucks. The basketball court sucks. Takes them forever to fix issues in apartment. But they consist on thinking they are right

i have been debating on if i should renew my lease here at copper beech for another year. This year i've had several issues with maintenance ( i still don't have a working ice machine and just got my laundry machine fixed). overall the space at this cheap cost is a hard deal to pass up. In short if you can deal with slow office workers/ a change in management almost twice a year then this is the place for you.

Some things can be fixed. Especially communication from management to the tenant, for example most people who live there don't have time to stop by the office to get information. If something is late or past due notify the tenant prior to building up outstanding late fees. I mean technically that's their responsibility as a property manager.

I have an ok time at Copper Beech. I had one big incident but I won't say exactly what it was. Its not bad living here.. just need better secruity. If we need something fixed we have gotten it fixed. The staff is nice every time I go in.

The service is somewhat good but the service is becoming a lot better now. Maintenance is always on time. The management should do more the entire year to get people involved, not just holidays.

Copper Beech has been a good place to live over the last two years while I finished up my program at USC. I would recommend it to students attending USC or young professionals.

Customer service is usually very good when it comes to the basic office tasks (e.g. paying rent, signing leases, etc.). The follow-up with package delivery & utility bills can certainly be improved. There needs to be better and more consistent communication between staff in the office, as well as with the residents.

I'm a new tenant and living here is great. It's quiet, spacious and makes me feel right at home BUT there are huge bugs. If those were taken care of, then I'd have no complaints.