Friendly staff and great maintenance. Safe and quiet community. I would like to see the gym expand in size and add stair masters. A jacuzzi would be great as well!

Great spacious apartments! Love that I have a balcony that is big enough to actually use. Also that there is a guest bathroom so friends don’t have to go through my room to use the restroom!

Amazing place to live. Roommate situation can be awful if you get a bad roommate. Needs more options to get out of a bad roommate situation. Besides that it’s an awesome place. Lots of events, giveaways, always on top of anything that gets broken and a super friendly staff.

Friendly staff, helpful and efficient maintenance team. Short commute to Fresno State and very convenient method of transportation with the shuttle.

Great place to live at! Extremely spacious and you have your on bathrooms. The apartment itself is phenomenal along with the community. The staff are very nice.

Good location. Nice apartments! The rooms are nice and spacious as well as the common living areas. Office is well managed and maintenance responds within a reasonable amount of time.

So far, it has been a great experience living here. Staff are super nice, maintenance always gets things done, and the environment is nice, quiet, and calm. There are always great events going on to keep the spirits of students up year round!

I love living here. Everyone has been so kind and helpful. Maintenance always fixes things promptly and the staff always greet my dog and I on our daily walks!

I love living here and I'm thankful for the friendly staff. I'm super happy that there is a gym here so I can get my workouts in, and I'm glad that the community has events for residents which are very helpful

This apartment has been very nice and have had no problems , love it here 😊. We have not had any issues at all and if anything does come up maintenance is quick to help .

Great community. Super clean and quiet environment. I have been living here for 2 years and love it! The room are so spacious and you have your own private bathroom.

I love living at Cooper Beech! Every maintenance request has been filled quickly! The staff are super friendly and they know my name. There is always community activities to go to!

For the most part I love Copper Beech! I will say that there is always something wrong and I always have to put in work orders. On top of that, the maintenance workers take up to a week to fix the problem. It’s very spacious and the people in the office are super nice!

Soo to say the very least I’m not really enjoying my stay here. When I first moved in I could tell that my room was not prepared for my stay, the carpets were very dirty and there was this awful smell throughout my whole apartment (mothballs) I went to address this problem to the office and had they told me that there was basically nothing they could do to help the out with problem. I then asked if I could transfer to a different apartment and was told that I could do this but I would have to pay for both the new apartment rent and the one I was going to move out of, I agreed and told them I would be back tomorrow because I had to leave to work and asked Cynthia in the office if she could reserve this for me and which I was told yes that she could do that for me. Next day I walked in and asked if I could then start the process to transfer apartments and Cynthia told me someone else got the apartment. I have now been on a waiting list since August of this year still with the same smell in my apartment, so my stay has really been horrible.

I like the 24-hour security guards. The neighborhood is pretty much always quiet. The office staff is always nice and willing to help with any problems or questions.

The living environment is comfortable and the rent is affordable however I've had quite a bit of issues with appliances in the apartment. Although they fix the issues quickly, why are there these issues to begin with? It's almost as if there is no annual maintenance in these buildings at all. For example, the air vent in my room is damaged and doesn't allow any air flow into the room. I've known the people who have lived in that room before, and they've informed me that it's been like that for a while.

Its been good so far, few hiccups along the way but nothing too terrible. The housing is nice in that it doesn't feel like an apartment like other student living does and being able to have pets is an added bonus!

Copper has been a great place to love for my roomies and I. We are on year three and haven’t had any real issues with anything. Great amenities And such an amazing space we have!

Very safe, big rooms, nice staff, they have a shuttle which is very comfortable, good parking and amenities are nice. It is a drive from state but not that far and their prices are a bit high

I enjoy the many perks of living at copper beech. I like the amenities, space, and shuttle to Fresno state. I wish however, that the maintenance crew and office staff were a little more organized so that things could get done in a more timely manner.

So far so good. Few maintenance problems that were fixed in a decent length of time and no major issues with anything else. The amenities and spacious apartments are very nice.

I love it here!!! For me personally I was placed in a great apartment with great roommates. I was a little scared to move away from home but I am very happy I did. My roommates have not only become my roommates they are also my best friends who I am very thankful for 😊

It's kept pretty clean and responses to maintenance requests are very punctual. Staff can be extremely friendly, and are good about answering concerns about noise complaints or anything else.

It's a very nice place to live, the amenities are great, the staff are extremely helpful, the grounds are well maintained and issues are solved quite quickly. The only downside is the noise. Because it is student housing, many of the residents are not very conscious about how much noise they make. Otherwise it's a great place to live.

Great community to live in, best student living in the Fresno/Clovis area. Very friendly and also pet friendly! Would highly recommend if looking for somewhere to live.