The ping pong table need to be changed. The club house system doors do not work for most of the people. The gym equipments are old and most of them need to be changed.

The community is very well kept and modern. The units I have seen are spacious and updated, the large amount of floor space is my favorite!!

Everything great but there are some issues need to be improved since it's kind of old place but overall its good place to be live on let's go mountaineers

Good location and good apartment but office staff needs some work. Hopefully they get better soon with their communication with each other!!

Love the community, not a fan of maintenance & how absolutely nothing is fixed and when I moved in nothing was cleaned at all. It was gross. Most stressful move in process I've ever had.

Great program ran by a great company. I use it a lot to try to get as many points as I can, I'm still not at the points I need for the first reward

When I arrived for move in, the room was furnished, but I wanted unfinished. My contract said unfurnished, but was charged for furnished. Also, the furniture is still in my house...

Love living here. The houses are a nice size, I never feel like I'm cramped up. My fan was broken when I first got here & maintenance fixed it with ease. It's nice

Moved in with many damages (broken showers, toliet, leaking AC) and unit was not cleaned. Seems to be a good place to stay once all problems with move in are solved.

Although Copper Beech totally dropped the ball for me while I was trying to move in I do like the spacious living environment and the reasonable price we pay for rent. Any higher and they may want to consider paying for all utilities. But the move in process was utterly unorganized. It took me 3 days AFTER my lease start date to obtain my key because it simply wasn't made yet and no one knew why. Then when I finally do obtain the key and access to my apartment, my room had fried chicken crumbs and so much dog hair on the floor that you could comb your hand over the carpet and grab lumps of white Huskey fur. I love dogs but could you not at least run the vacuum? The furniture was tossed in the room in a giant pile and the shower curtain rod wasn't even installed. It was laying in the tub. I had 3 lights out in my room alone and like 5 throughout the entire apartment, the kitchen light didn't even have a cover on it. I don't have any smoke detectors, pretty sure that's against fire code..the list goes on. Get your act together Copper Beech.

Move in was super smooth, office is always willing to help. Although our house was definitely not cleaned prior to move in.. carpets were super dingy and gross

I love living here! Copper Beech Townhouses has a great atmosphere and even better people. I have been a resident here for almost a month and I have had a great experience so far!

I absolutely love it here at copper beech. It's a nice and quite complex. It is also very close to downtown and the grocery store. Guest parking is also a plus.

Copper Beech is a great place for college Students that like a social atmosphere. It's in a great location, it's right across from Suuncrest Town Centre. So only a 2 minute drive to stores and restaurants.

I just moved in and I am enjoying the space of the townhome and the community. I also really like all of the giveaways and the opportunities CopperBeech provide.

Apartment is good but our "unfurnished" apartment was full of furniture. The WiFi is adequate and the carpet is good. The walls are painted well.

Copper beech is a great place to live! It's very spacious for a really good price. It is close to campus, but is also close to good food and shopping.

Great staff and nice apartments. Seemless move in process and the on-site employees are helpful and effective. Id recommend everyone check out Copper Beech.

Awesome , amazing free app for me and I just got a new house and y you didn’t have a car and I just left the car I was going out and then I’m leaving

The apartment is very nice. We encountered some difficulties with moving in including there being furniture left in my apartment. The apartments are very big which is nice.

I am very pleased with the way the complex is run! I do think my unit could really use some TLC from the powers that be. Like new carpets. But it's a great price for great stuff! So happy!

Low shower pressure, extremely spacious, significantly nicer than the slums downtown. Distance is kind of far from downtown, so either have a car or rely on the shuttle. The shuttle doesn't drive to the campus I have to go to, and the mountain line bus rarely runs.

Loving it so far! Very easy process! Everyone was nice through the moving in process! Looking forward to the rest of my college years at copperbeach & wvu!!

I love my new place! There is plenty of space and it feels like home. The amentities are great, especially the gym! I definitely recommend living at Copper Beech Townhomes!

The community is great and the apartments are nice. When moving in the apartment was not clean though carpet was dirty and oven was very dirty. But the apartments are still very nice.