Copper Beech has been an amazing place to live. It’s perfect for those wanting a nice, quiet area while also being super close to everything. And did I mention FREE PARKING!!

The spacing is great. The staffing is okay. I like that it comes furnished and has 3 floors. The community area is cool if you want to go grill out or go to the hot tubs.

It’s very nice to live here. It would be much better if there was a fenced in area for animals. They could easily put in a fence right when you turn into the community on the left. Behind the bus stop.

Copper beech is a very nice community. Although, I lived in a four bedroom and it was not cleaned throughly upon move in. I also think that copper beech need’s better or more maintenance.

I like the gym. It’s really clean. I wish the hot tubs were a little bit hotter. They care about the residents and try to make activities for everyone.

Great value for the size of the unit, but maintenance often takes weeks to months to fix simple issues. I also wish we had more community events with free food.

It’s really nice and i feel very safe. i like the rooming options, the free parking and guest parking, the hot tub, and the way the rooms are set up.

My Apartment is nice and the abundance of space is great. I used to live in an old house in Sunnyside so it’s nice to actually have closets now. However, it is hard to make friends with your neighbors here (never see them) and the people in the office always act so friendly and helpful but don’t help at all. I’ve had so many issues living here that I didn’t even have with my random landlords when I lived in Sunnyside.

I know many friends that live in copper beech and have Sid it is a nice place to live. After touring the houses in an very excited to move in next school year.

I absolutely love living here. This year is my 3rd year living at CB and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I plan on staying here throughout grad school as well.

Copper Beech is a great place to live. I've had excellent experiences with the staff. Tommy has always been so helpful and pleasant! 10/10 would recommend

I love the size of the townhomes and the very spacious closets! It is a friendly community with lots of doggo friends! There are lots of rewards and events hosted by the office.

Took awhile to get my stove fix (2 months) and my apartment wasn’t cleaned before I moved it along with a bevy of other issues now resolved. Even still, it’s a nice place to live.

The best thing is that the apartment is big. The gym is good but missing a squat rack. The water in the shower is not hot in winter for some reason, that's the only issue I faced.

It’s been great! The staff has been helpful and the grounds are well maintained . The portal to pay the rent is awesome and convenient . I like my personal parking place and the convenience to classes

Spacious but maintenance is awful. Oven has been broken since June & we have submitted multiple maintenance requests and they still have not fixed it

I love it here. It feels like home and the spacious townhouse is without a doubt awesome. I love the amenities and everyone around us seems frequently

My experience at Copper Beech has been amazing. The maintenance staff is always quick and the office staff helps with any problems I have. I would recommend it to my friends.

The housing overall is nice and the bus runs pretty consistently. But the staff is awful about responding to things you need like work orders. They just don’t care that much.

Not a lot to complain about. We had to clean the entire apartment when we moved in and maintenance is slow but we’ve lived her for three years and never had to move stuff around. It’s peaceful for the most part.

Good pricing for the location and sizes of the town house/apartments. Management isn’t very helpful when issues arrive and only one front desk employee truly resolves my issues.

Overall the community is not bad, just some minor changes could be made like assuring a running shuttle service is available. Some improved cleanliness like better maintenance of the outside of the buildings could happen as well. Overall noise is fairly decent, worse on weekend nights. Is there still a security person who goes around weekend nights? If so, I haven't seen him hardly at all. The homes are nice and the quality is definitely there. Like I said, just small changes could be made to improve the community, especially in areas we pay for with fees like the shuttle.

Great living space, affordable, and nice Community atmosphere. You really feel as if you’re home. Would highly recommend others to live here!

Apartments are fine just a little old needs a little update staff are alright they don’t always get to what you need help with right away but eventually they get back to you on an issue. Gym’s not bad for an apartment complex gym though. Neighbors are awful they’re super loud most night specially when you’re trying to study or sleep.

I enjoy the cozy and affordable townhouse. I just wish the quality of some of the house could be better, as well as more guest parking. Overall I give it a 4 out of 5