So far cooper beech has been a good to me. Im excited to move in. The gym is great and definitely the best apartment gym ive seen. The staff is friendly as well.

Great experience all in all. Great amenities specially the hot tubs and lineant when paying late by a few days. Staff is nice and there’s some form of give away monthly

The community looks good. I wish I could’ve a garage for my car. I’m really excited to move in! I can’t wait to prepare myself for the fall semester

Haven’t moved in yet, but I love the community aspect of it. The staff was really helpful with the move in process! I also appreciate that you offer both furnished and unfurnished apartments

I love copper beech with all my heart. They always go the extra mile to make the residents happy. I couldn’t be more happy with my experience with you all. Love you bunches and keep up the good work.

The staff is extremely friendly. The staff responds quickly to any issues that are occurring throughout our apartment. Safe area, not too loud.

I always have and always will love Copper Beech! Whenever ANYONE is looking for a place to live, I recommend Copper Beech. It’s a little far from campus, but it’s still the best housing complex in Morgantown!

I’m moving in August, but so far the experience has been great. Everyone is super friendly, helpful, and ready to answer questions, and whereas I am coming from out of state, that has been much needed.

I think the townhouses themselves we made cheaply. I had many many issues with my unit even prior to moving in and it went down hill from their. Maintenance is slow and management couldn’t care less about their residents!

Very spacious place to live compared to all the other places to live in Morgantown. The staff is very nice. Great parking compared to any other place in Morgantown as well.

Pretty Great! The main office staff is always helpful and make sure they handle anything I may need. Overall the place is fairly close to WVU and you can’t beat the price!

Clean place and a friendly environment. I have stayed there on and off the past year, and I haven't had any issues other than the "leasing manager" as she claims herself to be is not a personable person. She thinks it's her way or the highway.

Great community. The house was dirty on our move in day and we had to clean the entire house top to bottom but we have had a good experience since then.

I haven’t moved in yet, but I’m anxiously waiting. Mountain Valley’s signing process was awful and the workers at Copper Beech were perfect. I even got to know one of the workers personally. It has been great so far and can’t wait to move in

Very clean and friendly. Staff is wonderful. Really enjoy living here at Copper Beech. My roommates and I really enjoy the hot tub and tanning areas, and also like the gym a lot.

havent moved there yet... 10/10 tho..... oh it said i need 140 characters... umm looks like a cool place i guess.. idk.. um i wish i had my own porch..

I don’t live there yet, but I move in August and everyone has been so kind and helpful. When I toured and signed my lease all my questions were answered and it was a quick and easy process. I am very excited!

Copper beech is a very safe community and is pet friendly witch is much needed in a college town. The hot tubs are the best after a stressful day at school you can come home and relax with a ton of friends if you like there is plenty of room haha.

I love the spacious rooms you guys provide and it’s not that expensive. These are the only town houses in Morgantown that I’ll live in. My whole team is going to move to these town houses next fall!

It is a great location and a lot is offered on the property. Hot tub and gym. Great apartments with a lot of space. Looking forward to living here next year.

The application process has gone well! I am so excited to live here! I really like the townhomes and I think i am really going to like living at copper beech

I think that the amount of space that we receive in each house is very nice. The closets are very nice and big and more than enough room for all my stuff

I like the location and the amenities offered. The staff is always friendly and deals with any issues we have had quickly. The club house and workout center are convenient and easy to access.

Love it here. Such a great apartment and community for students. Everyone in the office is so helpful and friendly and make living experience awesome

this is very nice this is very cool this is fun great place to live I love it here everyone should live here. I love my house and everything