Good place to live in my opinion. No big complaints at this point. Planning on living here next year too. Enjoy the area and easy to get places from

My roommate still hasn’t gotten the bottom of her sink that she requested in the beginning of the year. Otherwise it’s really nice living here, and one of my roommates and I already resigned.

Love the quiet community and the large and spacious townhomes! Also all the cool prizes and rewards that are offered, just an extra added bonus!

even though i haven’t moved in yet, when visiting the experience was very delightful and automatically made me want to sign a lease with copper beach. everyone was so friendly and helpful.

i Love Copper Beech. Great price, and plenty of extra space. The only thing i can complain about is maintenance. it takes a long time for anyone to even show up after you place a work order. i have been dealing with a problem since September and it has yet to be fixed.

I enjoy the apartment and the amount of space. I have had issues with maintance though, and there haven’t been many encounters. There has also been issues with communication to the office, and management.

Cheap, safe, lots of living space. Could be a little quieter and the parking could be more reasonable. I hate walking half a mile to make it back inside of my apartment.

The apartment life has been a rough adjustment. Especially seeing that my apartment was in shambles upon move in and I have yet to receive my 50$ reimbursement for cleaning supplies and other materials needed for move in.

The apartments are extremely nice very well priced. The lodge is very well up kept and the staff is always helpful. Probably the best place to live for college students.

Living here was a great experience. very spacious units and lots of cool amenities. the kitchen is super spacious and the sit feature washing machines in then

i absolutely love living here! whenever a friend asks where they should live, i always say copper beech. this is easily the best value for your money, and it doesn’t even feel like student housing!

I am looking to live here next year and from what I can see it's a wonderful community with lots of amenities to offer, spacious bedrooms, and huge kitchens.

I love Copper Beech! Maintenance is very nice and very quick to respond. The free printing and the gym are very nice and so are the staff, who greet you every time you pass them. Definitely renewing my lease for next year!

Great place with a lot of space. Some issues with AC & washer. You pay for what you get. I overall really like it here. Would recommend to others.

I love copper beech and its set up. I dislike barberry and arrowood due to placement by the gravel road which causes extreme dust and no privacy. I feel a privacy fence is needed.

Copper Beech is a great place to live. The community is clean and well kept, the staff are friendly and helpful, and it's cheap for everything that it comes with. My main complaint was the poor condition of the carpet when we moved in.

I love living here. It's a nice atmosphere with amenities that are readily accessible. The apartments are spacious and the location is superb.

Great place to live spacious and quiet. Good price with cable and internet. Close to campus and has a shuttle. Wish I found this place when I first moved here

Everyone was so helpful when it came to signing a lease! I will definitely recommend to my friends and I can’t wait to live here next year!!

O smooth the size of the housing. The shuttle to class is nice but could be better if they ran two vans not one. The hot tubs and gym are okay

The places are big and spacious! Each room has there own bathroom (where else in college can you live and have your own bathroom). The rooms are huge not to mention, if you're a girl.. the closet space is to die for!!! Nice big kitchens and living room and you even have a back porch! Why would you want to live in a rundown old house downtown where you have to share one bathroom with 5 people..?!

Staff nice but not knowledgeable. Hot tub was broken for months. At move in was not provided information about how to set up mailbox or cable.

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Staff is nice but not knowledgeable about the apartments. My tour guide told me a lot of incorrect information about what my single bedroom would look like. Also, hot tubs were broken for months.

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Nice place to live, has its ups and downs like any other place though. I would like to enjoy the hot tubs and use the gym. This is a nice place to have pets as well.

Copper beech is one of the amazing housing in morgantown, and they provide one of the best services compared to other hosing in morgantown. I am really enjoying my stay at the copper beech housing.