I love Copperbeach's layouts and floor plans. They have so much space and it feels very homey. However, the maintenance here is lacking way too much for me to be able to give it more than 2 stars. The shuttle bus route is horrible for students that have most of their classes on Evansdale campus like myself. The schedule is also more inconvenient than it is convenient. I come from living at the Domain and Copperbeach has the potential to be SO much better than the Domain ( and cheaper), but they really need to work out their logistical perks.

Great so fare, staff is amazing and always on top of things. When I have a issue they help resolve it ASAP! Kyle is a great guy to get things done

Everyone is really nice and helpful. Everyone who lives around us is nice and all the employees are nice. Maintenance is quick to deal with problems.

pretty good. plenty of space for the price. the dishwasher doesn’t work though. maintenance also comes pretty slow but that’s what they do. wish there was more parking

I enjoy living at copper beech, the neighborhood is nice with great people living all around. The staff are nice and friendly and always willing to help.

I love my roommates and neighbors, also the convenience of the Copper Beech bus. Having a parking space/ large lot is also nice. I think the city bus should slow down some when driving on the parking lot, they drive way to fast! It would be nice if management would have the carpets shampooed for returning renters, not only for empty apartments. Over all I have enjoyed my time at CB.

We really like the size of the apartment but there are some challenging aspects as well. Amenities are often not functional, and there is sometimes trash everywhere from other residents

I have loved living at copper beech! it is an awesome place with great amenities! (especially the gym). have never had an issue here. everything was brand new when we moved in which was nice also!

The office staff are very helpful and good looking. There are plenty of fun community events, and the prizes are very fulfilling. In conclusion, the office has very handsome fellows and WOW

This is been a complete joke! Management is a udder joke and incompetent! I would never recommend this place to anyone! Maintenance is also a joke! And beyond rude!

The absolute worst place I’ve ever lived! No one ever returns your phone calls, nothing ever gets fixed, and you just hope and pray if you move units, it will be cleaned like they say. Twice now I’ve walked into filth. I wouldn’t have stayed the second time if they hadn’t promised me it was under new management and things would be different. They most definitely aren’t different! Also they promise you incentives if you resign but I still have yet to receive my $600 I was promised. Every time we call they just say they don’t know when it’s coming in that corporate keeps pushing it back when they will give us our money.

Love this community great amenities and even has ability to have great residents that will remain friends for a lifetime However due to the number of units maintenance isn't always as fast at responding to request

My experience here has been amazing, i get a very homey feeling from this place and it is a very welcoming community. Easy access to everything. Great place

this is a great establishment. I really appreciate the shuttle. I also love the gym. I wish management was a little more on top of things. other than that I appreciate the experience.

Love the complex! Amenities are great and I love our townhome! The only complaint I have is that it takes a little bit to get ahold of people in the office/get maintenance requests actually fixed. Other than that it’s great!

Awesome place to live, maintenance is terrible but everything else is awesome! I would recommend to any one looking for a place to live and call home

I would give this place I higher rating but since we moved in we have been having issues with maintenance. We moved in on august 17th. when we moved in my toilet does not flush, my roommate's toilet does not flush either, he needs a new shower curtain pole, our dryer is broken. we reported this issues on august 17th, it is now September 24th and we have yet to someone come in to get our things fixed. I am completely dissatisfied with their maintenance team and management does not care for their residents because I've been to the office multiple times and do not care.

Over all I like Copperbeech but your staff is very unresponsive most times. I'm also tired of people running stop signs and almost hitting me everyday I come home...

The overall community is great. I did have problems with maintenance responding to requests. I requested 2 times about my toilet and ended up having to fix it myself. Still haven’t heard from them. Also our internet is very slow, almost unable to open pages at times.

I love the amount of space and all the amenities! Love having our own bathrooms and a large kitchen. My only complaint is the maintenance response time.

I wish move in was more organized. My apartment was filthy upon move-in. I also wish the amenities were more reliable (printers worked, shuttle ran, etc) Not the worst experience but could be better.

The experience hasn’t been bad here this year, but it could be better. I am pleased with my apartment because it is more clean than last year. But the shuttle is not reliable this year.

The apartment complex is okay. Management isn’t the best. When a concern is brought to them they either dismiss it or tale a month to get back to you. In the winter they have a big problems with rats at the dumpsters

They moved me into an unfurnished apartment when I signed a furnished lease. My carpet was stained and my house smelled like pee. My oven, AC, and water pressure system were broken just to start

The community and neighbors are a positive experience, but as far as facilities, and our apartment, it is a negative experience. I feel as if Copper Beech doesn’t do well at maintaining our properties and the outside landscape and buildings look very rundown. Also our deck is rotted but maintenance only replaced two boards when the whole deck needs replaced. It’s a safety issue to even go out onto the deck. The apartments were very filthy when we moved in and our ac unit doesn’t work for the upstairs of our 3 bedroom so it’s always hot upstairs.