I'm moving in this fall and i'm excited to live here! the club house looks cool because of the pool, all the different rooms, and mostly the gym because my friend and I lift.

I haven’t moved in yet though the staff has been extremely helpful in filling me in on what I must do. I’m extremely excited to move in this Saturday

Overall nice community for college students to live with a nice neighborhood! Accessibility and price is nice but the houses are cheaply built and often need maintenance that is slow.

i haven’t moved in yet, but the place looks nice. i’m going to school in fairmont so i’m familiar with the area, hopefully it’s as nice as everyone says it is.

The staff and maintenance are always amazing and so helpful! Whenever i have an issue, the office staff take some care of it right away. If something needs fixed in the apartment, maintenance is always quick and efficient.

Staff is friendly but say they’ll do something for you and it’ll be weeks until it happens. Can be noisy on weekends whenever students are in town.

Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Me and my roommate are so glad we picked this as our apartment of choice through college. We both highly recommend.

AMAZING !! The only thing is that the people who repair stuff were rude and didn’t know a how to use their manner a manners. OTHER than that I wasn’t THAN THAT I WAs very pleased

Great and cool and fun and fun and funny and I really enjoy it. What’s more fibbing than anything in the world. I’m a five year old and I love it

I wish I could say better things about my experience here burn unfortunately I cannot i cannot. The staff have not been helpfulness or friendly. And the previous manager refused to speak with us when we hadn’t an issue. The parking isn’t also not enforced. Anyone can park here and I always have to park far away and walk to my apartment

I am moving in this year but have been around Copper Beach for 2 years. I couldn’t think of a better place to move to. I am excited for the year.

I have only lived here a few weeks but nothing has been done that i was told would get done. My walls never got painted and the floors never got finished. I gave up and unpacked my things after two weeks of not unpacking because I was waiting for these things to be done.

I love living are Copper Beech! The people are friendly and the amenities are great. I would recommend this housing development to anyone who wants to be a short drive from school but not be around all the downtown noise.

Staff was helpful On letting us move in early. They changed all the carpets in the home so now we have new clean carpets throughout the house.

I haven’t moved in yet but so far the staff has been very polite and helpful when I take comes to my questions and it looks like they are making move in as easy as possible

I think the place inside is very nice, especially if you keep it clean. I appreciate the huge kitchen and automatic access to cable and internet in case we need it. My concern is with the upkeep of the town home inside and out. I have been here for about 3 years now and would appreciate it if at the end of the year, we could get the carpet cleaned as a part of the routine upkeep, not at my expense. Ultimately, it is keeping the place nice by making this investment. I had to go out and rent a shampooer and it was a bit cumbersome if a process to do. Secondly, I am very concerned about the lack of upkeep to the copper beech property itself. We have a a whole summer with wild weeds and overgrown tree branches all over the property. Once they were removed or cut down, the foundation, soul, or grassy areas were left in disarray with brown hay/grass, low weeds and debris. It looks very, very bad. I had guest who dropped me off one day and commented about how horrible, abandoned and “ghetto” the property looked. This is not a good feeling to have when pulling up to a place that has so much potential. There needs to be a landscaping company to come in and til the land, lay some fresh dirt, sod, grass growth treatment and plant some flowers or small bushes that can be maintained. There are too many pot holes in the streets as well.

Everything has gone very smoothly. The location is very nice and the amenities are great. The gym is very spacious. The apartment is in good condition and has a lot of room.

I had a question about my sons apartment. They got back to me in record time. Thanks I really appreciate it! It’s nice to know I can call on you for help!

I love the space that copper beech has! Although, I do think that there needs to be updates to the apartments. The maintenance are either a hit or a miss and management is somewhat poor. I’ve lived here for 3 years now and this was not what I originally moved into. Also, when I moved in, it was not properly cleaned and trash was even left from the last residents. There are both pros and cons to living here

There’s rats every where. Also the apartments are a little out dated. The toilet doesn’t flush well and the sink gets clogged. Also mum shower head makes so much noise

So far things have been good the only issue I have had had been some ants and it took a while between the office and maintenance to get it fixed. A lot of constant hounding and visiting the office before anything was done.

Very good residence home. People are nice and houses are roomy and awesome. Close to downtown and 10 minutes from Evans dale. I recommend this place!

Its a really great location! But the maintenance people aren’t always the nicest and blame the residents when things go wrong. It also takes forever for anyone to come and fix something. There is also one hot tub that never ends up working. But overall my experience has been great besides these few complaints.

Can’t wait to move in!! Me and my roommates have been so excited to move into Copper beech. I’m so happy we finally made the decision to sign!

I love the amentities and how friendly everyone is. I picked this community for the size of the inside and how at home you feel inside rather than being in a college apartments