living at copper beech oak hill in state college pennsylvania usa north america planet earth milky way galaxy the universe is fun. most of the units could used a good amount of updating and were way over charged for rent but living with friends is fun

Great place overall! Everyone here is to the most part nice and friendly. Services could be improved upon though. The space in each apartment is just right.

Overall, I like living at Copper Beech Oak Hill. I love having a private bathroom along with spacious closet. I’m also getting along with my roommates.

Nice neighborhood and surrounding. The parking space is a little bit limited though. The maintenance service is quick and good every time. Pretty good place to live.

I love it here so far. The neighborhood is quite relaxing. Decided to renew my lease as early as possible. I’d recommend this place for anyone to consider.

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Upon move in I really have gotten a feel for how this place is. Living here compared to my last place is by far an improvement. I love the building and community, it gives a very warm welcoming feel. I feel like I am at home living here.

Copper Beech Oak Hill provides spacious living areas and decent furniture. Individual bedrooms with individual bathrooms allow for as much privacy as desired. The bus pass is a definite plus as well.

I lived in Copper Beach Oak Hill. Overall the environment is good. The house is in ok condition. It's really convenient. There are two buses nearby.

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Overall the Northbrook Greens property is a great choice for location and value. While the units are a little older, the amenities included in comparison to other properties in the area are a great inclusion.

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Aside from the spacious living facilities and amenities, Copper Beech is very attentive to maintenance service around the apartment community as well as in response to internal service requests.

I love the pleasant community of Copper Beech Homes. I was just outside and there were kids playing with the cutest little dogs. This is a great place.

i think that the size of the living space is more then adequate for everyone and love the fact that there is a back porch for grilling and things like that

I love copper beech. It has eased my transition into state college since it provided all the necessities and privacy i was looking for. Also, for its amenities and location the price is unbeatable!

I'm happy to see management trying new things and getting the community involved with different contest/challenges. Management has really turned around recently!

very happy with the space and neighborhood. some neighbors noisy just with their cars. clearing after snow could be faster. enjoy the layout of the apartment a lot; a good amount of personal space for the cost of rent. office is generally responsive to maintenance concerns in a timely fashion but could be more friendly at times about resolving billing mistakes. overall happy with my decision to renew!

large space and good furniture which is great. wish there was more visitor parking. maintenance is often very slow and you have to call multiple times to get help

I really enjoy the staff that works in the leasing office. They were nice and very helpful while I was getting set up. Also appreciated their call about a cat.

Good quality housing and quick maintenance request response this year. Two small downsides is that there is a considerable amount of dog poop on both the grass areas and the sidewalk, and also that two vehicles continually park in the visitors section but are most likely residents as they are there almost daily

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Staff is very friendly and helpful ever since I moved in. I've put in two maintenance orders now and they were completed in a timely manner.

The community fee doesn't necessarily provide any community activities besides the bus pass, so I believe they should try and host more community events. Other than that it's been an overall good experience.

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Great group of people working in the leasing office. They're extremely helpful and willing to help with any situation. Definitely live at copper beech

I haven’t actually become a resident yet but i am super impressed with the people to work with us in getting our lease signed with us. They were super helpful in us figuring everything out.

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