Parkway is not that quite place to live but it is great place to live myself. I would like to recommand to frineds who want to live themselves.

It was good. The location is close to campus and the staffs in the office always send out reminders of the upcoming events. It is a great option to live there if you don't like living in a loud area.

The community is nice however sometimes the cleanliness of the community is questionable. Great location with everything close by. Good bus service.

Great leasing office, the maintenance workers do quick work, the location provides a short walk to downtown or campus. Some of the appliances are old.

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This is a great community to live in. Everyone is so much help whenever you need it. They also had so many good deas when we signed our lease.

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The price is very affordable for what you get. The utilities are included in addition to internet and cable which is a huge plus. Although outdated the space is substantial.

Good value, cheap, big and spacious rooms. Rooms don't have door locks so you should get it to install in the future to increase security and safety for the resident

The best place to stay, I love how friendly everybody is. I love the weight room and I also love our tour that we got of the building. Strongly recommend.

Great Job lately been seeing more cleaning and activities through the time I have been here. Keep it up everyone. Ready to kick 2019 butt!!!

still no real major problem with this place. its still reasonable for everything if you really compare al the features you get and if you work near by

Overall great apartment. It is very close to the bus stop, wise market and downtown. It is a little old building but is affordable when it comes to the monthly rental.

I live at Plaza Drive since July 2017. I like the gems that live there. I am 1 mille from downtown . I have bus stop accros the street and weis .

decent not bad i didnt expect a lot when i first moved in but it was much better than i thought the house to be. there were some problems at the beginning but its ok

I love Parkway Plaza, my room is big, everything is convenient for me! Parking lot is big, you don’t have to worry bout looking for a parking lot!

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Great place to live! Many things available, like a gym and pool. As well as fun random events in the leasing office. Great location, surrounded by wonderful landscaping and close to many stores as well as just being down the road from Penn State campus. The buildings are tucked away in a great spot, but not too far from anything and each building has it's own uniqueness. It's quiet, and there's multiple places around for transportation if needed.

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Quiet neighborhood overall. The office always holds events to warm the residents. However, it could be better if the office can take maintenance requests sooner and make some renovations of old furnitures.

Most of the staff are very helpful and understanding. Some of the students in the apartment can get very loud on the weekends but I have learnt to block out the noise.

Parkway Plaza is not too bad place to live. I am having a comfortable stay here. The management is good and helping. The maintenance crew could be better.

Apartment are lovely with all the amenities included whatever I wanted. Community is well kept , peaceful and better located. I am loving to live over here. A great place to call it home.

Apartment was clean upon move in, the leasing office has been very friendly with the entire process. Neighbors are quiet and I'm only a block away from work.

Its a calm and peaceful place to live. There is also a gym you can go to and work work which is so helpful. Because its opposite of Westernly p Plaza, we have access to grocceries and domino's and so on. The high school is also so close that you can walk.

The best part about Parkway Plaza is the cheap rent, which includes all the extra fees such as trash, electric, internet and wifi. The leasing office is extremely helpful and full of energy which makes anyone’s day that much better.

i am a forein student. what i need is convinience convinience and convinience. parkway plaza locates very near to the PSU. catabus.supermarket resterant... best of all the rent including everything this really helps a lot

Not a bad place to live. Having all utilities included is definitely nice. The one thing I think that isn’t fair is no animals allowed but I imagine at one point they were and it probably became more of a problem than it was worth. Anyway, thanks for the time shared and tacos😉

I have been living here since August 2016 and I am really impressed and in support of the new managing system since this August. Maintenance services has been great and my overall experience has been pleasant living here.

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