I’m enjoying my apartment! I really like the ability to pay for only my share of the apartment and not have to look for a roommate (and I have a great roommate!).

The apartments themselves are nice, and the people who work there. The laundry room smells really bad (presumably bc the trash shoot is there, so I get it) and the hallways/stairwells kinda smell moldy. But again my room/apartment is nice and the people in the office have been very nice so far.

Affordable for students with ALL bills included. It is near Weis as well as Rite aid, so you can walk to shop. It is also near the shuttle. The maintenance is good and fast. Laundries are on each floor, and also trash disposal is in the laundry which saves your life.

The apartment is nice. It’s really big was pretty clean when I moved in. The only issue with cleanliness was the bathroom. The hallways and shared spaces aren’t taken care of very well.

I moved in early in August. Its been great so far in almost every respect. Peaceful community overall, great for Graduates in particular. Would highly recommend.

Parkway Plaza has been a good experience so far. The people who live here are quite polite and friendly. The lease here is one of the cheapest in the market and I think living here is worth it. Most of the time the attention of administrative people in the office is courteous and efficient and they are always in touch with the community by email. The buildings have functional elevators and basic appliances, such as the laundry room and a living room on the first floor with sofas, computers and food dispensers for public use. However, the buildings are a bit old and somehow neglected; I think that carpets can be cleaned more frequently, some walls can be painted and periodic fumigation is necessary to keep some incepts away. In addition, some public areas, such as the pool, must be suitable for the recreation of people.

Apartments are nice but building maintenance/renovation definitely not up to date. I really like the management and how they deal with things.

Not bad .... some old pieces of ceiling fall off which is gross but it's not too bad because the rooms are spacious and have nice furniture.

The staff at leasing office are super nice! However maintenance is quite slw.o maintanance stafff are nice though . We are enjoying weather here.

It seems like the staff doesn't care about the condition of the apartments at the end of the lease term, and don't fix or clean the place before the new renters move in.

I like the community rewards. The facility needs more lighting near the parking lot and towards the buildings. It gets pretty dark in the evening.

Besides the roaches that appear once in a while, it's been pretty good. Sometimes the wifi may come and go, but that's probably due to the service provider.

I think the staff is great. My comments on the property. Need trash cans outside of entrances. Some exterior work on buildings may be warranted. For my room, heating A/C units need to be cleaned. I worry about moldy air.

It's worth it so far. It takes about 20 minutes to walk from school and as early as 7 minutes by bus. All charges are included and the price is also lower than that of surrounding apartments.

It's been great so far, I enjoy living in this area. It very convenient since the bus stop is under 5 mins walk and you have everything you need since there is a big grocery store and pharmacy.

Very informative when it comes to maintenance of tenants. Repairs are made in a timely manner a emails are also responded to as well. Front office staff is kind, knowledgeable, professional, and are there to help for any issues or questions needs to be handled or answered. The rooms are of great size and so are the other living spaces.

The overall experience was not that bad. The apartments are old, smells a bit, but there are cleaner rooms that are still somewhat decent. Could recommend other places nearby

Public areas are not regularly cleaned, and cockroach problem remains after the extermination (though it has improved). Hope the property can be cleaned more frequently and more restrictions can be put on residents who throw trash in the laundry room.

Parkway Plaza apartment is pretty much affordable and one of the most reasonable apartments in State College. They hand out free bus card for a year.

It is okay, the building needs to be renovated. The managers have refused to get someone to clean my air conditioner that has cakes of dust which was never cleaned when I moved in. And it has been a year. Other than that my experience has been mostly mediocre and below average at some points.

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Great staff, location and price but the appartment cleaning was really uneven: the carpets were freshly cleaned but the bathroom and kitchen were not.

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If the amenities weren't so out of date, this apartment would be pretty nice. But it feels like it's trapped in the 70s and is slowly crumbling. Also, the maintenance staff is too understaffed to meet the demands resulting in painstakingly low response time.

I enjoy my apartment. It looks a lot like the one you showed me when I came to visit. I love the balcony view, it’s probably my favorite part.

Maintenance is not coming at the proper time. And sometimes the rats are coming out of my house. However, the office answers the phone very quickly. I guess if you want to live alone, it's not too bad to live here, because it's close to school.

The cockroach problem in these buildings is absolutely terrible. And washer and dryer do not always work. Other than that this place has a really great potential and its not too bad.

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