I loved every minute at Copper beech. the 4 Br townhomes allow everyone to have their own space and basically have their own apartment within a larger one and have people to spilt bills with.

Easy setup for residency, friendly staff, and very clean and safe atmosphere. Love the living close distance to campus. And also having all the perks of that come with living at this residence.

I enjoyed living in copper beach I have had no problems from the staff and I enjoy the community. Everyone has been really friendly. I like that that they do things such as ice cream in the office and cook outs.

Works great with the students and keeps them up to date on things that change! also allows students to have knowledge of everything that Is offered

It’s a great community to live in here at radford! The maintenance staff is amazing and always incredibly helpful, and they have awesome amenities like the pool!

I haven’t entirely moved in yet, but the staff has been extremely nice to us regarding any complications or changes. I’m excited to move in and hopefully the good will keep coming!

Copper beech has been great so far. The staff and employees are kind and mind their. Haines. I love that they have free food now and then! It’s nice

I just started living at Copper Beech, but it is in a nice area of Radford. The place I rent is clean and in a convenient location to parking.

Great place to live, close to amenities, great friendly staff. Nice pool area. Close to downtown. Close to campus. Roomy apartments, plenty of parking. Lack of visitors parking tho.

Maintenance is on time and friendly. Wish there were more events to get Copper beech community involved, love the Thirsty Thursday’s and the recent cookout. Would enjoy to see another event like that to win prizes like t shirts and cups

Great and friendly people. Awesome to work with, great for students! Nice place! Very homey and spacious. Love being able to join the community.

The staff at Copper Beech has truly made it feel like home. Maintenance is always at my apartment no later than 24 hours after I put in a work order. I love it here at Copper Beech!

Well I haven’t started living there yet but I signed up there because I know people who love it there and they say everyone is really nice. I can’t wait to move in!

Great! Staff is excellent! Anytime I have a problem, they’re right on it! Everything is always super speedy. I love it! My only one complaint is the visitor parking in the back. It’s too few

It's a nice cozy place right next to campus. It's a nice walk to campus and even a pizza place! wow! Anyways, nice staff, and the rooms are very nice.

Resident experience has been great. I have really enjoyed my experience living in Copper Beech. I am very excited to live there for the rest of my time here at Radford University.

Well I haven’t started living there yet but I do know that it’s an amazing place to be at my older brother used to live there and I stayed with him a couple of times it’s across from the Rec had a pool I already feel welcomed

Maintenance was always nice, fast, and usually fixed it first time. The staff is super professional and very kind!! I would definitely stay again.

Copper Beech is a very friendly and clean apartment complex. The staff is so generous and helpful with any and all questions that you may have.

love copper beech. love my room, love my apartment. staff are helpful and get the work orders done. Are AC busted when we first moved in but it was fixed asap

Copper Beech has provided a very good place to live. I have never had any issues with anything, I would definitely recommend someone to live here.

I love the distance from Copper Beech to Campus. I love how spacious the apartment is even with 3 people living there. I also love how close it is to hiking trails.

My experience visiting Copper Beech was amazing very friendly. Why I choose this place to live. The process was simple, easy and time efficient.

I love living at Copper Beech. It's pet friendly, maintenance staff is wonderful, and it's been a positive living experience. Extremely spacious townhouses.

Maintenance is always helpful and come in a timely manner. Staff always keep us informed about things going on in the office (during holidays or resident appreciation week)